Terrific 2 Times Table Worksheet Packet: Easy Print!

Looking for some tremendous 2 Times Table Worksheets???

If you are at the beginning of teaching multiplication, you might be a bit intimidated by what lies before you.

I have taught multiplication to my own three kids, and I have to tell you that it’s probably not as bad as you are imagining.

With the right tools and resources (and plenty of patience), your child will nail down the 2 facts and be on their way to the next!

The worksheets below all have different methods of walking you and your child to math fact confidence! 

Whether you’re a homeschooling parent looking for extra practice, a parent who wants to support their child’s learning at home, or a dedicated teacher in search of valuable classroom resources, these worksheets are your ticket to multiplication mastery.

So, grab your pencils, fire up your printer, and get ready to master the 2 times table!

****Don’t stress. You can download your multiplication table worksheets in PDF format and print a paper copy today! There are *very simple* directions at the bottom of the page for you to follow. No email address or other personal data is required!

Check Out Your Free 2 Times Table Math Worksheets!

2 Times Table Worksheet - 1

This first printable worksheet features dice with dots. 

The dots are intended to help kids who are just being introduced to the idea of multiplication and working out multiplication facts. 

Have your student count the dots in each square to help them understand what each problem is.

For the first one, they should count out 2 x 3. 

That would be two “groups of” three. 

If the student needs help figuring out the correct answer, you could draw 2 groups of 3 for them to count, use manipulatives to make 2 groups of 3, or you could have them count the “3” dice twice.

Try different things to see what clicks for your child.

2 Times Table Worksheet - 2

This second page is light on problems, but perfect for sharpening multiplication skills!

Have the student look at each problem and color, X or circle the correct answer.

When the child is done, ask them if they notice anything interesting about the answer to each of the multiplication problems.

Are they all odd numbers or even numbers?

Show your child that a great way to check their 2 times table answers is to make sure their answer is an even number. 

Use manipulatives to show your child that no matter if they double an odd or even number – it turns out even!

2 Times Table Worksheet - 3

This is one of the classic times tables worksheets – and perfect for throwing into your bag of teaching tools!

To complete, have the child start at the petal marked “1.” Ask him what 2 x 1 is, and then have him write the answer at the end of the petal.

Work your way around the petals until the entire flower is filled in.

This type of multiplication table sheet is also a great way show children the pattern of skip counting that the 2 facts follow.

Have the child go around the flower again and ask what they notice about the pattern. 

2 Times Table Worksheet - 4

This short worksheet is intended to help your student get comfortable with seeing multiplication facts in a vertical format. 

They are likely used to seeing the vertical format in addition and subtraction facts, but it might take some getting used to.

Point out the multiplication symbol and remind her that it is the guide for what to do in the problem.

You might also point out that the numbers can be in any order (commutative property) and you would still get the same answer. 

If your child has a hard time understanding this, pull out some blocks again.

Work through a problem together and demonstrate that 2 x 7 and 7 x 2 will end in the same answer. 

2 Times Table Worksheet - 5

This last 2 Fact Worksheet is a great confidence builder for young mathematicians!

To complete, the student must match each 2 fact to the answer on the right side of the paper. 

Notice that the facts are not in order, which might be a little challenging. But the answers are on the page – the student doesn’t need to pull an answer from their head. 

This will help to build confidence as he learns the table. 

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2 Times Table Worksheet Pin

Click the above text link/image link to grab your 2 Times Table Worksheets PDF file. A new webpage will open and you can easily download and print – no email address or other personal data is needed.

Terms of Use: These multiplication worksheets are for educational setting and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler free printables are never for commercial use. Please see the privacy policy for more information.

I hope that you and your child really enjoy using these free multiplication worksheets!

Whether you need them for a student new to multiplication or just for extra practice, your kids will enjoy the different activities as they soar to multiplication success!

Today they’re multiplying whole numbers, but one day it will be fractions, money, and decimals!

One more suggestion I would provide is to print extra copies and make answer sheets for your child.

When she finishes a worksheet, give her the answer key and allow her to check herself and make corrections for incorrect responses.

My own kids personally love checking their own work, and it really motivates them to do their best and earn that check mark!  

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