Free (& FUN!) 4 Times Table Worksheet Packet: Easy Print

Looking for some super fun 4 Times Table Worksheets for your 3rd grade student? Or do you need some review help for your 4th or 5th grader?

Learning the multiplication facts can be a real challenge. For many kids, learning the times table chart will be the first major challenge they’ve had in their education. 

And the 4 facts can be particularly challenging for some.

But the following math worksheets offer a great way (and a fun way!) to get in extra practice and build multiplication confidence!

Each of the practice sheets includes teaching notes and tips to get the most out of the packet.

To download your free worksheets: You will find simple instructions at the bottom of this blog post to get the sheets in PDF format. No email address or other personal data is required!

Check Out Your 4 Times Table Printable Worksheet Packet!

4 Times Table Worksheet - 1

Learning the multiplication times tables doesn’t have to be boring.

In my personal experience, the best way to master multiplication problems is to make it fun for kids. 

That’s why this sheet is spilling over with math fun! 

Have your student answer each of the problems with a pencil.

Remind the child that the answers are actually at the top of the page. They don’t have to pull the answers out of “thin air.”

I encourage you to check the answers before the child starts coloring. As an alternative, you can provide answer sheets as a teaching tool for the child to check themselves.

Have the student correct any incorrect responses and then let them color!

4 Times Table Worksheet - 2

This multiplication wheel is super simple.

Children just have to follow it around starting with 4 x 1 till they get to 4 x 12.

This exercise is a perfect way to see the 4 facts all in one progression. It is also a great resource to look back on for help/review later – a lot more interesting to look at than traditional multiplication charts.

I would recommend laminating this or putting it in a sheet protector.  Use dry-erase markers to fill it out for continual practice.

For more of a challenge, use a timer for a speed challenge. Record the results and see how much faster your student gets every week with their facts!

4 Times Table Worksheet - 3

This is another super fun worksheet to work on the 4 x table facts!

Have your student start a the beginning and work through the maze by coloring the answers for each multiplication table fact.

Start with 4 x 1 (coloring in 4) and ending at 4 x 12 (coloring in 48 at the finish sign). 

The student should color in 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 42, 44, 48. 

If the child struggles with this activity, help them with some mental maths strategies.

Show the student that they are just adding 4 to get to each new answer. So if they can’t remember what comes after 4×5 (20), remind them that they just have to add 4!

4 Times Table Worksheet - 4

This matching worksheet is a fantastic way to build confidence with multiplication skills.


Because all the answers are on the sheet!

This is very low-stress as far as multiplication worksheets go because they don’t have to pull the answer out of their brain. 

Have the child start with 4 x1 and work their way through the matching exercise.

If you think the child will get tripped up with certain facts, have some blocks ready to go.

Show the child what 4 groups of 4 or 4 groups of 8 look like. Show them what the multiplication symbol actually means. Maybe you’ve already done the classic egg carton exercises (or similar activity) with them, but the student needs a refresher on what this whole multiplication thing means.

4 Times Table Worksheet - 5

This last worksheet is by far my favorite of all these 4 multiplication table worksheets!

It is such a super fun way for kids to work on facts – and it has a similar level of difficulty as the previous printable.

First, have your child cut out the squares at the bottom of the page. Be very careful not to lose any of them!

Have the student match the facts at the top of the page with the numbers on the puzzle pieces.

Once the puzzle is complete, it will reveal a fun picture!

This is another great sheet to laminate for reuse. See how fast your students can put it together – the easiest way to work on 4 facts and skip counting by 4!

What If My Child Needs More Help With Learning Multiplication?

Some kids are going to go through these types of worksheets and be able to learn their facts, but some might need much more help. 

****A good indication of whether they will struggle is how well they did with addition and subtraction in 1st and 2nd grade.

Multiplication is a massive building block in education that lends itself to real life problem soloving and many future math skills. Learning the entire multiplication table solidly will go a long way to help with future math success.

For example, my kids learned their multiplication facts so well that I didn’t really have to teach division facts. They were just able to recognize the number families and what was “missing.” That was a huge time and sanity saver for all of us.

If you think your child is going to need extra support, I have a few recommendations that I have used with my own children over the years.

Fact fluency comes with regular practice, so look into math games that involve multiplication and fun flash card games.

I also recommend looking into Times Tales, Multiplication Facts that Stick, and Reflex Math. All three of those programs are very high quality and have been well worth the time and money investment. 

Even if you have a top-notch homeschool math program (or if your child is in the school system), I would still look into these programs as supplements. They have a fantastic way of making math facts fun and approachable for kids.

I just had a family come back to me recently and say that the games in Multiplication Facts that Stick were so fun that their 4th-grade child wanted to play them over and over again with family members.

He ended up picking up division very quickly as a result, and he aced his standardized testing this year in math. As I said, well worth the extra time. 

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4 Times Table Worksheet Pin

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I hope that you and your student enjoy these x 4 multiplication sheets, and they really help you focus in on these facts.

They are perfect for introducing the 4 facts, reviewing them, or memory work!

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Be sure to check back soon for my next set of multiplication worksheets – the 5 Facts!

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