6 Shiny SH Digraph Worksheets: Free & Fun!

Are you looking for some sharp, shiny, shnazzy SH digraph worksheets for your young learners?

You are in the right place!

In this post, you will find six free phonics worksheets that will take your child through all the SH digraph things. 

You will see tracing, coloring, sorting, writing, and even some cut & paste fun!

At the bottom of the post, you will find simple instructions to download and print your digraph worksheet packet today.

But Real Quick, What Is A SH Digraph? How Is It Different Than Blends?

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If you are new to teaching early readers, I just want to clarify what a digraph is – so we’re all on the same page about what we’re teaching.

A digraph is when two letters – consonants or vowels – come together to make one sound.

Some examples of consonant digraphs (two consonants that come together to make one sound) would be the digraphs wh, th, ck, ph, and ch.

Digraph sounds can come at the beginning of the word or the end of the word. 

You might be thinking, “So digraphs are essentially the same things as consonant blends like bl, gl, and st.”


The tricky blends are still two sounds that a child has to learn to say together. For example, the blend /sp/ in the word spot still has two distinct sounds that a child has to read and say. Whereas the SH sound is just one sound by itself – its own unique sound. 

Some more common digraphs would be ng, qu, ay, ai, oy, and ee. 

Check Out Your SH Digraph Free Printable Packet!

SH Diagraph Worksheet 1

This is the first of the printable worksheets, and it is a fun way to get hands-on with learning about SH!

To the right of the sheet, there are pictures of SH words that the child needs to cut out along the dotted lines carefully. 

If this is your student’s first lesson on SH, have the child color the pictures first and talk about the common sound all the words have. 

****If your first graders cannot identify a picture, use the words above the boxes as a word bank to help them.

The child must then place the correct pictures in the boxes underneath the correct word. 

Lastly, the student will copy the different words on the handwriting lines below. 

To help your child complete this activity, ask them if they hear the digraph sounds at the beginning of the word or the end. That will help narrow down which row to place the picture.

****For the best experience, wait to hand the child a glue stick until you have checked their work. 

SH Diagraph Worksheet 2

This worksheet includes two different fun activities.

The first section has a sh word list for your student to practice tracing. Most of the words are short vowels to make it easier to sound them out.

The second half of the worksheet will have your student coloring the pictures of SH sound words. To make it easier and less confusing for your kids, all the words have the beginning sound of SH.

The only image they should not color is the word /socks/.

SH Diagraph Worksheet 3

This is a wonderful worksheet to help students distinguish between the SH and CH digraphs. 

Start by having the child think of a word that includes the SH sound. You may prompt them with some silly riddles like:

I use this to untangle my hair…a brush!

I can’t be barefoot, so I better wear…shoes!

In the middle of the picture, have your child color and identify each of the pictures. Ask them if they start with the SH or CH digraph sounds. Have the child draw a line to the correct digraph or color the appropriate digraph.

****If they struggle with hearing the correct sounds, point to the image at the top of the sheet. Remind them that /SH/ sounds like a shushing noise.

At the bottom of the worksheet, have the student come up with a silly sentence with as many SH words as they can. Second grade students will likely be able to do this independently, but younger 1st grade students may need help.

SH Diagraph Worksheet 4

This printable is great extra practice as you continue through your SH lesson plans!

Help the student sound out each of the words. Place an X over each of the SH words that “fell” out of the popcorn bag.

SH Diagraph Worksheet 5

Here is a simple version of picture sorts – that doesn’t require scissors or little pieces of paper falling under the table 🙂

Go through the images with your child and have them color each one that includes the special sound – SH – at the beginning or end of words.

They should color the shark, shirt, shorts, ship, shell, and shot. If they color the rocket and say it’s a spaceship, that’s fine. 

SH Diagraph Worksheet 6

This is the last free printable worksheet. It features missing letters at the beginning and end of words. 

The child must fill in the letters to reveal all the SH digraph words!

Click Here To Download Your SH Consonant Digraphs Worksheets!

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I hope you and your student really enjoy these worksheets.

They are a great way to supplement your current curriculum or mix up your morning work.

Classrooms will find they’re a great fit for working in small groups, literacy centers, or even early finishers!

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and more!

You can also search for your desired topic in the above search bar.

Thanks for coming by and happy teaching!

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