5 Fabulous (& Free!) 5 Times Table Worksheets!

Looking for some fabulous and free 5 times table worksheets?

Focusing in on one set of facts is really the best way to learn the multiplication table. The child can work on mastering each one before piling on more.

This post contains a 5 page printable packet that focuses on just the 5 x tables. You will find a coloring page, cut-and-paste puzzle, matching, a maze, and more!

You can print it out a paper copy and reuse it as many times as needed.

At the bottom of the page, you will find simple directions for downloading and printing the following worksheets in PDF format. No personal data, google forms, or email address is required.

Be sure to look through all of the teaching notes and suggestions below to get as much out of the printables as you can!

Check Out Your Times 5 Multiplication Worksheets!

5 Times Table Worksheet - 1

This first 5 times tables worksheet is an outside-the-box way to practice math!

Have the student complete the sheet with a pencil first. Check it for correct answers and incorrect responses before moving on to coloring 

 I would suggest using erasable colored pencils for a stress-free coloring experience.

The colored pencil allows for a cleaner, more precise finish, and the erasable aspect is nice if your child accidentally grabs the wrong color.

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5 Times Table Worksheet - 2

This second page is a printable worksheet that features a multiplication wheel.

The wheel gives students an opportunity to see the progression of the multiplication facts as they work their way around the circle.

If the child knows how to skip count by 5’s then this will probably be pretty easy.

If the child doesn’t know how to skip count (or they’re a bit rusty), I would recommend going over this before filling the wheel out. 

I usually have my kids stand up and I stomp my foot with each number – going from one foot to the other. Children really respond to getting out of their chairs and doing something physical.

It helps them to internalize the information, find the counting rhythm, and have fun!

5 Times Table Worksheet - 3

This practice sheet will have your child working on their math facts with a maze!

If these types of math problems are still new to your student (this isn’t a review), start by going over some helpful learning points.

Ask your student what they notice about the last digits in all the numbers as they count by 5s.

When you count by 5s, all the numbers end in 0 or 5!

Can they cross out some answers in the maze that don’t make any sense?

Have the child color their way through the maze to the finish line of 60. Instead of using an answer key, have the student skip count by 5 through their answers to see if what they colored lines up correctly.

5 Times Table Worksheet - 4

This simple matching sheet is a great way to practice the times 5 maths facts.

It has a similar level of difficulty to the color by number, the maze, and the below puzzle because the answers are already on the sheet. 

This helps children build confidence and speed as they work towards memorization!

****Sometimes it can be hard to check a matching worksheet because all the lines seem to jumble together. If this has been a problem in the past, have your student use a different colored pencil for each match so you can easily follow the line to their answer.

5 Times Table Worksheet - 5

This last sheet is so fun and a favorite for me!

Have your student carefully cut out the colorful puzzle pieces. 

Place each of the puzzle pieces on the appropriate math problem – revealing an underwater image!

For an extra challenge, time your student and see how fast they can put the puzzle together.

This is one I would consider laminating and saving in a plastic bag for review.

5 Fast Tips For Learning the 5 Multiplication Facts!

1. High-Five Frenzy

When you’re multiplying numbers by 5, think of it as a high-five frenzy! Every time you multiply a number by 5, the answer will always end in 5 or 0.

So, if you’re multiplying 5 by 4, imagine giving a high-five four times, and the answer will be 20! It’s a fun and simple way to remember that pattern.

Your wiggly kids will love acting this out – doing multiple high-fives for each problem!

2. Skip-Counting Fingers

Another effective technique is skip-counting. Start with 5 and then keep adding 5 each time. For example: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and so on. Practice skip-counting by 5 regularly, and it will help you quickly recall the times 5 facts.

Taking this a step further, you could have the student skip count on their fingers. For example, they could count 7 fingers – counting by 5s and not 1s. That would give the student the answer that 7 x5 is 35!

The student will eventually memorize the answer, but for now, this strategy can help build their confidence.

3. Visual Representations

Visual aids are your friends! Draw arrays or groups of objects to represent multiplication problems.

For instance, if you’re multiplying 5 by 3, draw three sets of five objects each. Count the total objects to find the answer, which is 15. Creating visual representations helps you visualize and understand multiplication in a tangible way.

4. Real-World Examples

Relate the Times 5 Facts to real-life situations. Look for instances where multiplication by 5 occurs naturally.

For instance, if you have 5 fingers on one hand and you have 2 hands, how many fingers do you have in total? The answer, of course, is 10. By connecting multiplication to everyday scenarios, you’ll reinforce your understanding of the Times 5 Facts.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

The key to mastering any multiplication fact is practice. Use flashcards games, online games (we love Reflex Math), or worksheets (link for the worksheets is below!)to practice the Times 5 Facts regularly.

Set aside a few minutes each day for focused practice, and over time, your kid will become a Times 5 expert!

6. Bonus Tip: Look At The Clock

Most kids at this age have already learned how to tell analog time

Show the child that the 5 multiplication problems are right on the clock! Remind them that when the minute hand is pointed at the 3, 15 minutes is actually what you would read. 

When it’s pointed at the 6, it is really 30 minutes. 

That’s because 5 x 3 is 15 and 5 x 6 is 30!

If they can visualize counting around a clock face, they can do the 5 multiplication tables!

Click Here to Download Your 5 Times Table Worksheet Packet!

5 Times Table Worksheet Pin

Please click the above text link and/or image link to download your 5 Times Table Worksheets PDF. When you click, a new window will open, and you can download/print today.

Terms of Use: These free printables are for homeschool, co-op, classroom, educational setting, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never for commercial use. Please see the privacy policy link at the top of the post for more details. 

I hope that you and your student get a lot out of this teaching tool!

With time and practice, your student will sharpen their multiplication skills and be ready for bigger things.

Befor you know it, your student will be ready to move on to bigger multiplication problems, word problems, factoring, etc. 

But only if you take the time to lay a solid fountation in multiplication. 

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