Very Best Times Table Test Printables: Individual and Mixed Quizzes!

Are you looking for the perfect times tables test printable?

Have no fear!

This post contains a quick multiplication facts quiz for the times tables 2-12 and three mixed tables quizzes! The easiest multiplication tables all the way to the elusive 12 times table. And some mixed all together!

They are perfect for your 2nd grade and 3rd grade students as they work to nail down these essential multiplication skills.

They could also serve as fantastic math worksheets for 4th grade students (or even older students) who need a healthy review. 

I was careful to place only 24 questions on each quiz.

This is the perfect amount because it is enough to test their understanding of multiplication…but not so many questions that it is anxiety-inducing.

****To download your free worksheets, look at the bottom of this post to find *very simple directions* to print them today! No need to give your email address either!

But First, Why Should We Bother With Quizzing Kids On Multiplication Problems? 

Times Table 2-12 Mock Up

I understand this question and the frustration behind it. 

Kids (and parents!) can be tempted to throw in the math towel altogether as they wade through a swamp of multiplication worksheets that are supposed to “help.”

But the struggle is worth it!

1. Building Blocks for Math: Times tables are like the basic tools in a math toolbox. They help kids understand multiplication, which is used in everyday situations like sharing things with friends or calculating time and distance.

2. Memory and Practice: Regular testing of times tables reinforces memory. Just like practicing an instrument, repetition makes these facts stick in their minds, making math easier as they go along.

3. Foundation for Advanced Math: Knowing times tables well sets the stage for tackling more advanced math topics like division, fractions, and algebra. It’s like mastering the basics before taking on bigger challenges.

4. Boosting Confidence: Succeeding in times tables tests boosts kids’ confidence. The feeling of accomplishment motivates them to keep learning and approaching math with a positive attitude.

5. Mental Math Skills: Strong times tables knowledge improves mental math skills, which are handy for real-life situations like shopping, cooking, and planning. Quick calculations become second nature.

I have watched my own daughter come out the other side of math fact memorization – and it has been more than worth it!

Check Out Your Free Times Tables Practice Tests! (Full Disclosure: This Packet is Huge!)

2 Times Table Test Printable

So let’s dive into these multiplication printables.

Here you have an example of what the 2 Times Table practice sheet looks like. 

****I did not include separate x0 or the x1 quizzes because those particular facts were easy to braid into all the worksheets. 

The student can easily record their name, date, and score after finishing. I always recommend providing the student with the answer keys so they can grade and correct themselves.

You might also point out to young learners that the x2 table will always give them an even number answer.

That’s a good thing to look for and self-check their work!

3 Times Table Test Printable

A great way to improve your child’s scores is to have them circle each problem they missed. Then have them write the correct answer in marker over the answer they originally wrote. 

****Consider using this printable multiplication times table chart to help the child find the answer to the fact they missed. 

Play some multiplication games or flash card games to get in some focused extra practice on those math facts.

4 Times Table Test Printable

You may notice that I also didn’t include the x11 or x12 facts in any of these tests – well, not until the student begins the x11 and x12 table quizzes.

And it was intentional. Many kids learn the facts up to 10 and then they learn 11 and 12 the following year.

But if your kid is ready to take on the higher math tables, be assured that those are included in this printable packet!

5 Times Table Printable Test

One of the best ways to help children become fluent in multiplication facts is to work on speed drills.

Consider doing one printable test a day and keeping track of the time it takes the student to complete (and the accuracy of course).

Encourage the student to beat their own times and see how blazing fast they can go!

6 Times Table Printable Test

Other kids may freak out a little about being timed – and really resist that method for memorization.

These kids will learn to have instant recall by continued practice and other fun ways of memorizing.

They may enjoy finding a fun multiplication song on YouTube, multiplication bingo sheets, or other outside-the-box ideas!

Keep scrolling to find my go-to multiplication supplements!

7 Times Table Printable Test

The x7s can be a pretty tricky table for some kids. 

Consider grabbing a deck of cards and removing all the face cards.

Split the cards between you and your kid. Each of you place a card on the table and multiply the number by 7.

Whoever has the highest number gets to keep both cards. Whoever has the most cards after going through the deck wins!

8 Times Table Printable Test

9 Times Table Printable Test

10 Times Table Printable Test

11 times Table Printable Test

12 Times Table Printable Test

Mixed Times Table Printable Test 1

Okay, so now you’ve seen all the individual times table tests, and here is your first mixed times table test.

This is a pretty random mix of problems. I tried to pull a little from all the times tables from 0-9 to make a less challenging quiz.

If you think your child would breeze through this – check out the next one!

Mixed Times Table Printable Test 2

This test features a few x10, x 11, and x12 questions, and it also throws in some other facts that weren’t in the previous mixed quiz.

Mixed Times Table Printable Test 3

This last test still has a few of the easier problems but plenty of the harder x12 problems. 

I would encourage you to rotate through all three of these mixed multiplication table tests until your student can fly through them with confidence.

It will only take a few minutes a day, but the effort will go a long way.

If your child is slogging through the work, I would strongly consider looking into the below multiplication resource. 

It has proven to work with two of my children and several of my friends!

Click Here To Download Your Times Table Test Printable Packet Today!

Times Table Test Printable Pin A

Click the above text link/image link to download your multiplication table worksheets. A new window will open and the sheets will be in PDF format for easy download and print.

Terms of Use: These printable times table sheets are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never for commercial use. Thank you! 

Giving your kid a solid foundation in multiplication is really the “key to the kingdom” when it comes to math skills – well, in my opinion anyway.

When your student develops instant, confident recall they will have invaluable tools to help them conquer much bigger math problems down the road.

They will eventually be working with negative numbers, fractions, factoring, long division, etc.

If they really understand their times table chart, they will feel so much more comfortable working with and manipulating these types of numbers at a higher level.

So the good news, is that all your work is going to pay off in spades! Keep practicing and your kid will be ready for big things in the future!

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Definitely check back soon, because there are more printables on the way!

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