Mastering There, Their, and They’re: Free Worksheet Packet!

I don’t care what age you are – knowing the correct use of there, their, and they’re is a mandatory grammar skill.

I would even say it should be a requirement to make signs, write memes, or even post on social media.

Whether you like it or not, you and your kids will be judged by how you use these short words.

I’ve even told my own kids that it’s not fair – but it’s the facts of life. People may doubt your intelligence and educational background based on this tiny thing. 

But that isn’t the reason we should learn to use them correctly. We should learn the different meanings so we can write with confidence!

No unease or anxiety before sealing an envelope or hitting send.

Let’s Dive Into This Free There-Their-They’re Grammar Worksheet Packet for a Little Practice!

Their Worksheet

Their is the possessive form of the word.

It means that a group of people own something. 

Example: Their family is going on vacation.

As your kids go through the above worksheet, encourage them to circle the thing that is owned. 

Ask them: What do they own?

They're Worksheet

They’re is the contraction form of this word and it means “they are.”

Example: They’re going to have so much fun!

Ask your student to fill in the blanks above with the contraction. Lastly, tell the sentence to read each original sentence with “they are” instead of “they’re.” 

This will give them a method to check themselves. 

Ask them: Does the sentence make sense if you say “they are?”

There Worksheet

This is the last form of this homophone and it is definitely much more ambiguous. 

My favorite example sentence: The toys are over there.

There in early grammar sentences usually refers to a location, but it can be used in other ways.

If the child becomes confused or unsure, I tell them to use the rule-out method. 

Say, “Is something owned in the sentence by more than one person? Does the contraction they’re fit in the sentence?”

If the answer to both of those questions is no, then it is safe to use there.

There Their They're Worksheet - 1

This There, Their, and They’re homophones worksheet will be much more challenging for your student.

Tell them to use the skills they’ve learned with the previous worksheets to choose the correct word for each sentence.

If the student struggles, consider keeping a little cheat sheet next to them that has each word and their job.

Their: Possessive pronoun – What do they own?

They’re: Contraction – Does “they are” fit in the sentence?

There: Is a location indicated?

There Their They're Worksheet - 2

This last worksheet is the most challenging because it has two blanks in each sentence.

Encourage your student to carefully read and select the correct homophones of there, their, and they’re for each blank.

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I hope that you are your students enjoy using the worksheets and they give you the confidence to quickly choose which there-their-they’re the sentence calls for.

That is a skill that will be useful in 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade….and well forever!

The best way to keep this new skill sharp is to revisit the concept yearly. It’s always good to brush up on grammar skills that are used so often. 

Stay tuned for my next free grammar packet – Your vs You’re!

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