Mastering Your Vs. You’re: Free Worksheets!

Your and you’re are two of the most confused words in the English language. 

One must only spend a few minutes on social media to confirm that fact.

Some of us cringe when we see things like:

Your my best friend!

And others of us see nothing wrong with it at all. 

If you (or your kids) are in the “nothing wrong camp,” then this post and the following worksheets are for you!

I will have you whipped up into proper grammar shape in no time! 

Check out the below Your vs. You’re vocabulary worksheets to get in some great practice – and confidence!

****Don’t stress! At the bottom of this post, there are *very simple* instructions to download and print your worksheets. No need to open your email box either!

Check Out Your Free Your Vs. You’re Homophones Worksheet Packet!

Your You're Worksheet 1

Your kiddo may have learned the word “your” on their sight words list and then later learned “you’re” in a language arts lesson on contractions.

And they may not have even realized there was a difference – or understood the correct usage of each word.

In the above worksheet, you can remind your student that “you’re” indicates a contraction of “you are.”

Have the student write the contraction on each blank. Then have him read the sentence twice – once with the contraction and once saying “you are” instead of the contraction.

Your You're Worksheet 2

This worksheet will reinforce “your” as a possessive pronoun. 

Tell the student that this version of the word indicates that a singular person owns something (their indicates more than one person owns something.)

****Need help with there-their-they’re? check out this There-Their-They’re Worksheet Packet!

Have the student fill in each blank with “your.”

Lastly, have your student circle what the person owns.

Teaching your child to look for (and confirm) ownership will be very helpful in knowing the correct word to choose.

Your You're Worksheet 3

Now that your kiddo has worked through the different meanings of “Your and You’re,” they can apply that knowledge!

This printable has a mix of both types of sentences.

The student will need to apply her new skills to help her select the correct form of the word. 

As an added challenge (that will actually help them complete the worksheet correctly), the student must circle what is owned whenever they use “your.”

Your You're Worksheet 4

And practice makes perfect!

Here is a second worksheet that allows the student to choose the correct homophone for each sentence.

This is perfect as a second chance for students who struggled through the first mixed worksheet.

It can also serve as a review worksheet for later in the week.

Click Here to Download Your Vs. You’re Worksheets!

Your You're Worksheet Pin

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I hope that you and your students really get a lot out of these worksheets.

Solidly knowing the difference between these words will help kids to build confidence as they write their own sentences. 

Whether they are for a school assignment, college essay, or social media post – they will know they are not making a grammar flub.

To ensure this skill is maintained, brush up on it every year.

So your 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade student, and beyond can absolutely get something out of this grammar exercise!

If you are looking for more grammar fun, be sure to check out the below post on a very similar topic.

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