Easy Print Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets!

Looking for some quality subject verb agreement worksheets?

Need some extra grammar practice?

English curriculum supplement?

Maybe need some grammar review?

Whatever your reasons are, I have two free subject-verb agreement worksheets below that are easy to download and print right now! I also provided an answer key with the correct answers filled in for easy grading.

Keep reading to find out more about how to teach this subject-verb worksheet with your students, or simply scroll to the worksheets you want, click for instant download, and print. 

Why I Like Teaching Subject Verb Agreement Rules

Teaching correct subject-verb agreements is actually one of my favorite lessons to teach. 

I know, Homeschool Mom Nerd over here. 

I enjoy it because it is one of the few grammar rules that comes naturally to most kids. If they grew up speaking reasonably correct English, then they just tend to know the right answer. 

Because of that, kids usually like the subject verb agreement exercise because they see it as an easy confidence booster.

But even if their fluent English helps them get the right answer, it is still important to explain WHY the answer is correct. 

So What Does Subject Verb Agreement Mean In a Nutshell?

When a singular subject is used in a sentence, then a singular verb must also be used. 

****A singular verb usually ends in “s.” Exceptions would be irregular verbs such as was/were, has/have, is/are.

Example: The ball looks new.

When a plural subject, plural noun, or compound subject is used in a sentence, then a plural verb must also be used.

****A plural verb usually does not end in “s.”

Example: The balls look new. The ball and the toy look new. 

That is easy enough to understand, but of course, there are a lot of different scenarios that might trip up your students.

Remember to include in your lesson that collective nouns (i.e. class, family, army) may refer to a group, but they are still considered singular subjects. 

Example: The family is excited.

Sentence subjects that use “I” are also tricky. “I” definitely refers to a singular individual, but plural verbs are still the correct form of the verb to use.

Example: I love my friends.

Alrighty, Here Are Your Free Worksheets:

Please only use them in the homeschool, classroom, or co-op setting.

subject verb agreement worksheet 2 image

Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet 1 answer key

This first grammar worksheet has a puppy theme! 

Students pick the correct verb from the provided options to complete the sentence.

At the bottom of the worksheet, students can get creative and pick appropriate verbs to finish the sentence any way they want!

As I said earlier, there is an answer key for quick grading or even self-grading. 

Just click the worksheet images for an instant download and to print.

subject verb agreement worksheet 1 image

Subject Verb Agreement Worksheet 2 Answer Key

This “soccer-themed” sentence worksheet is a little more of a challenge. 

Sentences were carefully designed to show how verbs change – or don’t change – based on the singular or plural subject being used. 

There is also the added assignment of writing their own sentences using a specific type of subject-verb agreement – singular or plural.

Being able to complete this assignment will show an even better understanding of the material.

Again, just click the worksheet images to download and print. 

Recap Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets

Teaching subject-verb agreement can be a lot of fun for kids as they discover that the right answer is the one that usually “sounds right.”

They intuitively know the right answer!

They may start to overthink things as they go through the lesson and get a little confused – especially as different, more complicated sentences are used.

That is okay! All of these grammar concepts are reviewed year after year and your students will get better with time. 

Consider doing the first worksheet with them, carefully pointing out why the answers are correct (or not correct).

If they seem to understand the material solidly, then let them do the second worksheet the next day independently for more practice and retention.

Enjoy the worksheets!

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