10 Free Mixed Addition and Subtraction Color By Number Worksheets

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Looking for some mixed addition and subtraction color-by-number worksheets for your young learners?

I so wish that I had thought to look for math worksheets like this with my 1st grade and 2nd grade children.

When I first started teaching my oldest child simple addition facts, we had to work so hard to learn all of them. When we were finally ready to move on to subtraction skills…I quickly realized that she started getting confused with addition…again.

Was this an addition or subtraction math problem? Which “math trick” am I supposed to use in this situation?

It just started getting all garbled up. Even I was getting confused teaching it!

Reviewing simple addition facts and subtraction facts together would have been such a great way to keep all the math skills straight. It forces the student to pay extra close attention to what they are doing and what kind of problem they are solving.

The below printable math activities do just that! Your kid will be coloring away while also reviewing their facts!

At the bottom of this post, you will find simple directions to download these coloring worksheets today. 

Check out your Color By Number Addition & Subtraction Worksheets!

Addition and Subtraction Color By Number - 1

This first addition and subtraction problems worksheet features a cat with a rainbow in the background.

The top of the page has a space for the student write their name. 

At the bottom of the page, there is a color code. Make sure your student has all the different colors readily available.

Addition and Subtraction Color By Number - 2

Coloring this castle is definitely the fun way to work on subtraction and addition facts!

Make sure that your student has a sharpened pencil and that they answer all the questions before starting to color.

As an added measure, have them ask you to check their answers before they start coloring. That way they know they are using the correct color before they commit.

Addition and Subtraction Color By Number - 3

This airplane zooming through the air is the next worksheet your child has to work on. 

You may notice that the questions are all facts that are 10 and below. They are intended to help support younger children to solidify these facts before moving on to the more challenging 20 and below facts. 

But don’t worry, those facts are included in this packet too!

Addition and Subtraction Color By Number - 4

This Nutcracker worksheet is the perfect way to squeeze in extra practice with math facts over the holidays!

Young children will love finding out what color his uniform is as they solve all the math problems.

Addition and Subtraction Color By Number - 5

Kids of all ages are going to be drawn to this free printable color by number dragon!

Will it be red, blue, green, yellow, or orange? You have to start solving some math equations to find out the right color!

Addition and Subtraction Color By Number - 6

This is the first of the mixed subtraction and addition worksheets to have facts go up to 20.

Older kids will love the challenge and that it’s an alternative to flash cards, drills, or a math game. 

Addition and Subtraction Color By Number - 7

This is one of the color by number sheets that will require a little extra fine motor skills. 

Tell kids that some of the lines on the snake do not have facts on them, so they can color those any way they like.

Addition and Subtraction Color By Number - 8

Whoooo do you think will enjoy solving this free math printable?

This double digit addition and subtraction sheet is perfect for early finishers in the classroom or school days at home that need a change of pace.

Addition and Subtraction Color By Number - 9

This printable has your kids coloring space, planets, moons, and an astronaut!

If your child is struggling through some of these facts, make sure they know that they can solve the fact on a piece of scratch paper. It would be best if they could solve these facts mentally, especially by 3rd grade and 4th grade. But not all kids are ready to do that just yet.

 Addition and Subtraction Color By Number - 10

This last worksheet has an adorable ocean scene with seaweed, a starfish, bubbles, and a jellyfish.

The student may be tempted to color all the water blue, but that would be a mistake. Make sure they solve each fact and follow the color key closely.

My Kid Is Really Struggling With These Basic Operations. What Should I Do?

concerned mom

If these sheets are actually no fun because your child is having a hard time with their facts, there are a few things you can do. 

1. Make It Real

With my own children, I ask them to visualize cookies or cupcakes as their manipulatives for the problem. 

For example, I’ll say, “If you have 7 cookies and your sister ate two of them…how many would you have left?”

This makes the problem real world, and they can “see” it much easier.

2. Go Backwards

My kids understood basic addition problems much faster than subtraction. For that reason, I would often use fact family number sentences to help them find an answer.

So let’s say we were looking at 9-5.

I would ask my child, “Well, if you can subtract one way, you can add the opposite way. That’s how number families work. So, if 9-5= [blank], then [blank] + 4 =9. What plus 4 equals 9?

If their addition facts are strong, that makes the problem much easier.

3. Use Addition Facts That Stick For An Extra Supplement

This phenomenal resource from Kate Snow is my go-to resource for all of my kids. 

It is a brilliant program that uses games to teach facts so they actually stick.

I always tell people that I never really needed to teach subtraction after using this. My kids just knew their fact families so well.

Check out Addition Facts That Stick on Amazon.

Click Here To Download Your Free Color by Number Mixed Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

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The above text link will take you to a new window with the pdf version of these printables. Download and print today, no email address or personal information is required! 

Terms of Use: These printables are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler printables are for non-commercial use only.

I hope that you and your first grade or second grade students really enjoy this fun activity while they learn their math facts!

They are perfect for injecting learning fun into reviewing facts, keeping skills sharp, math centers, morning work, and independent work. 

If you are looking for more free resources for your school, be sure to check out the below post!

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