Hilarious Free “What Is Your Leprechaun Name?” Printable!

Ah, March 17th is quick approaching – St. Patrick’s Day!

The time of year when Irish culture, four-leaf clovers, and pots of gold at the end of rainbows steal the spotlight.

It’s not a federal holiday, so school will still be rolling ahead as usual. But kids are going to be hyped up on all the green clothes, green food, and Irish charm!

Are you a teacher or homeschooler looking to add some of that festive charm to your lessons?

Or a parent on the hunt for a fun activity to engage the whole family?

I’ve got just the thing for you: “Find Your Leprechaun Name Printable!”

You can use it to find your lucky leprechaun names and have lots of fun during your school lessons, St. Patrick’s Day party, or any celebration!

****Don’t worry, you will find a download link at the bottom of this post for the pdf file of your printable selection.  You won’t need any gold coins or even your email address to get it! 🙂

Check Out Your Free Printable Leprechaun Name Generator!

What Is Your Leprechaun Name Printable

As you can see, this brightly colored St. Patrick’s Day party game is going to be a hit with your kiddos!

The overflowing pot of gold and the leprechaun gleefully sliding down a rainbow will grab any kid’s attention.

How It Works:

To find a good leprechaun name, you won’t need an ounce of classic Irish luck – just follow these simple directions.

Help your kid find the first letter of their first name on the left side of the printable. 

That’s their first leprechaun name!

Then help them find their birth month on the right side of the printable.

Here Are Some Silly Leprechaun Name Examples That You Might End Up With:

  • Dandy Tiddlywink
  • Charm McLuck
  • Clover McTwinkle
  • Clover O’Clever
  • Paddy Shamrock
  • Ginger Fancypants
  • Pipping O’Rainbow
  • Tricky Shenanigan
  • Paddy Fiddlesticks
  • Tumble O’Dazzlefoot

As you can see, there are a ton of fun variations. 

For best results, consider using color ink for your printable St. Patrick’s Day game. But if you can only do black & white, that will work just fine too.

But What If My Kid Doesn’t Like Their Generated Leprechaun Name?

Rainbow shamrock hat and name generator printable

I hear that.

Kids scan the printable game and get all excited about the possibilities…but what they actually get might not be the humorous name they were hoping for. 

No problem!

This is supposed to be a fun game, so be sure to offer more ways to generate a name:

  • Use last names
  • Middle names
  • Pet’s name
  • Use the last letter of your name
  • Your favorite month of the year
  • Month that has your favorite holiday
  • Month that starts with the first letter of your last name
  • Whatever else you can think of!

Try a bunch of different options and see which one lets your kid’s inner leprechaun shine!

10 Ways To Use Your Leprechaun Name In Your Homeschool or Classroom

Pot of gold and name generator sheet

1. Leprechaun Introductions:

  • A great idea for kicking off the day is to have each of your kids introduce themselves using their leprechaun name. They are great icebreakers, set a festive tone, and will definitely get a laugh!

2. Leprechaun Stories:

  • Kick off the learning in a fun way! Encourage your kiddos to create short stories, journal entries, or poems with the unique twist of using their new leprechaun characters. They can describe adventures, magical encounters, or even share tales of their pots of gold.

3. Leprechaun Art:

  • Get creative with an art project. Have students draw or paint their leprechaun characters, complete with outfits and personality traits that match their names.

4. Leprechaun Name Tags:

  • Create name tags with their leprechaun names. They can wear these throughout the day to maintain the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. As an added challenge, have everyone refer to each other by their leprechaun name. Have a prize of chocolate gold coins at the end of the day for those who didn’t slip up.

5. Leprechaun Treasure Hunt:

  • Organize a mini treasure hunt in your house, yard, or classroom. Hide small “pots of gold” (chocolate coins or other treats) and create clues that incorporate their leprechaun names.

6. Leprechaun Song or Jig:

  • Work together to create a St. Patrick’s Day song or dance routine using their leprechaun names as inspiration. This can be a great way to get active and celebrate leprechauns and Irish culture!

7. Leprechaun Crafts:

  • Engage in St. Patrick’s Day-themed easy crafts, such as creating a paper leprechaun hat, shamrock decorations, or even tiny leprechaun figurines to represent their characters. For an easier day, consider some leprechaun coloring pages.

8. Leprechaun Riddles:

  • Leprechauns are famous for their tricky riddles. Challenge students to come up with riddles or jokes related to leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day. Here is a great list of riddles if you need some inspiration!

9. Leprechaun Snack Time:

  • What Saint Pat’s Day celebration could be complete without green food? Think green treats, rainbow-colored fruit skewers, or even a “pot of gold” pudding.

10. Leprechaun History:

  • Dive into the history of St. Patrick’s Day and leprechaun folklore. Have students research and share interesting facts about the holiday. Consider having books from the library ready for them to flip through.

Bonus Activity: Create A Leprechaun Trap!

  • Using simple legos or other building items, have your kids create their own leprechaun traps. 

Click Here To Download Your Find Your Leprechaun Name Printable!

Find Your Leprechaun Name Printable Pin

Click the above text link/image link to download your digital files of this fun activity. No email address, additional cost, or other user data is needed!

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Incorporating your free St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun name generator into your celebration is a win-win situation!

It combines learning with fun, creativity, and laughter!

Plus, it’s the perfect way to introduce children to the magic of Irish folklore and the enchanting world of leprechauns.

So, embrace your inner leprechaun, share your newly found names with a twinkle in your eye, and make this St Patricks Day one to remember.

If you are looking for even more activities to round out your day, be sure to check out the below STEM activity!

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