13 Cute Counting Objects Worksheets 1-10: Easy Print

Looking for some real objects 1-10 counting worksheets for your kindergarten students?

As homeschool parents, teachers, or caregivers, you want to ensure that your young learners have a strong foundation in early math skills.

One of the most important of these skills is counting from 1 to 10. This simple skill is the building block for many more complex math concepts, and it’s also a great way to build early number sense in your kindergarteners. 

Many kids though have a hard time grasping number concepts with a number line or tally marks.

With my own kids, I find such a difference when I introduce math manipulatives or even if I just ask them to think about real objects. I could be doing a subtraction worksheet with my 1st grader and working through 5-3. I will ask her to imagine she has 5 cookies…and then her sisters ate three of them. How many does she have left? She can visualize the answer right away!

Using real objects is such an easy way to make math and counting skills more concrete. The following printable activities are a great addition to your counting lesson plans! 

At the bottom of the page, you will find simple instructions for getting your free downloads of this printable pack!

Check Out Your Counting Objects 1-10 Free Worksheets!

The first five worksheets will focus on counting from 1-5, the next set will focus on counting from 6-10, and the last couple of sheets will be a blend for review or extra practice.


Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 1

This fun worksheet features small groups of crayons.

It doubles as a number recognition worksheet because your student will have to color in the number that matches the correct number of objects.

If your student is struggling to find the correct answer, try having them place small blocks on each of the items. Then have them pick up each item as they count. 

****These counting bears are always a favorite at this early age!

This extra step in your math lesson will help them see counting in a more concrete way.

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 2

This pdf worksheet continues to focus on 1-5, but with jungle animals. 

Children will have to count objects and color in the corresponding number. 

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 3

This simple worksheet will have kids counting delicious cupcakes and coloring in the matching numbers.

Depending on where the child is at with their counting skills, you may notice that they recognize the amount of sets of objects without actually counting them. 

This is also a crucial skill that will come in handy as the child starts learning addition skills.

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 5

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 4

These are the last of the 1-5 counting worksheets and it involves counting pieces of cute dinosaurs and colorful balloons.

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 6

This is a more challenging worksheet that will have kids not only counting from 6-10, but they will also have to write the appropriate numbers in the box. 

It may be more difficult now to place manipulatives on each of the fruits. Many kids will struggle with counting too fast, double counting things, missing items, etc.

I have found with my own kids that it helps to have them make a mark on each item. This small act causes them to slow down their counting, ensures they don’t double count, and it keeps them from missing an item. 

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 7

This next printable has kids counting groups of colorful blocks.

Encourage your child to count out loud so that you can make sure their counting sequence isn’t dropping any numbers. For example, your child might be counting like this: 1,2,3,5,6…

One of my kids would do that quite often, so I would sit under our classroom table and wait while she would count. If she skipped a number, I would pop out from under the table and pretend to be the missed number. Hands on hips, I would act upset that I had been forgotten and left out from all my other number friends. 

This would get some giggles and help her to be a little more intentional about taking her time with counting.

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 8

Is your student crazy about sweets? They will love counting all of these groups of ice cream cones!

There are all different kids – single scoop, soft serve, multiple scoops, and toppings!

If your child struggles to write the correct number because their fine motor skills are struggling, consider check out these this number writing practice worksheets or number play dough mats.

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 9

Kindergarten kids will be counting sports balls from 6-10 and filling in the missing numbers.

If you haven’t already, it’s never too early to introduce the idea of place value. Show your child on a simple place value chart and what happens when they count past 9.

The 10 ones slide over into the “tens room” and now there are zero ones in the “ones room.” This will help a lot as they start to count double digit numbers.

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 10

This is the last of the 6-10 counting worksheets and it focuses on fall leaves.

Your student will be counting groups of all different kinds and colors of leaves.

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 11

Yep, this packet isn’t all color worksheets – there are black and white printable worksheets too!

The above page is the first one that review counting from 1-10.

To complete, you student will count the objects from 1-10 and fill in the appropriate number bubble among the given numbers.

This worksheet has a theme of art supplies: paint items, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, easels, and pencils.

Continue to reinforce correct counting and counting methods (crossing out items, using objects, etc.).

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 12

Here students will have to count ocean-themed objects and write the number from 1-10.

They will be counting shells turtles, sharks, fish, dolphins, starfish, and jellyfish.

If they struggle to remember how to write the numbers, make sure they have a number line nearby to help them remember which way the number faces.

Over time your child won’t need it anymore. But during this stage, a number line will go a long way to help their writing confidence.

Counting Objects 1-10 Worksheet 13

This is the last of the kindergarten worksheets in this counting packet!

Hopefully, your student is a counting whiz at this point and ready to move on to higher numbers. 

If not, print these worksheets out again and continue to work patiently with your child. Review some of the supplemental options below to help your child reach their potential. 

And as an added bonus, your student will have fun coloring the groups of objects. They are camping themed items: backpacks, flashlights, fire, tents, bears, stores, and trees!

More Fun Ways To Teach Counting Objects 1-10

Counting worksheets on a number background

There are definitely many different ways to teach counting – worksheets are not the only way!
The following are some fun, hands-on things that you can add to your lessons or use as prep practice.

1. Use Playful Examples

Kids love playing and having fun, and this is a great way to teach them counting. Use toys, blocks, or other play objects to help your child count along with you. For example, you could place ten blocks in a row and have your child pick them up one by one while counting each one out loud. You could also have number cards available for your child to hold up after counting!

2. Sing Counting Songs

Music is a powerful tool for helping kids learn, and counting songs are no exception. You can find many counting songs online, or you can make up your own to the tune of familiar nursery rhymes. For example, “One, two, buckle my shoe” is a simple song that can help kids learn to count from 1 to 10.

3. Make Counting a Game

Games are a great way to make learning fun and interactive. You can play counting games with your child such as hide and seek or counting candy or fruits. This way, your child will be learning to count while enjoying a fun activity.

4. Use Numbers in Everyday Life

Incorporating numbers into everyday life is a great way to help kids learn to count. For example, when you’re cooking together, have your child count out the number of eggs or the number of cups of flour you need. You can also have them count the number of steps it takes to get from one room to another or the number of people in a group.

5. Create a Counting Book

Another fun way to help your child learn to count is to create a counting book together. Cut out pictures of different objects, such as animals, toys, or food, and glue them onto a piece of paper. Then, write the number 1 to 10 on each page, and have your child place the corresponding number of objects on each page.

*****Bonus Idea: Have your student practice drawing sets of objects for you to count! Consider giving an incorrect answer and see if they catch it.

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Terms of Use: These counting worksheets are appropriate for homeschool, co-op, personal, and classroom use only. The Simple Homeschooler printables are not authorized for commercial use.

Counting from 1 to 10 is an essential skill for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids as they take the next steps in their math journey.

This solid counting foundation will lead to early number sense, math confidence, critical thinking, writing a number name, and more!

Yes, these seemingly small steps are much more than they seem.

So, I hope you enjoy these free printable worksheets this school year. They fit right into all math curriculum, lessons, morning work, etc.

If you are interested in more kindergarten math worksheets, be sure to check out the free resource category of this blog. 

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