Super Fun All About Me Worksheets For Kindergarten: Easy Print!

All About Me Kindergarten Worksheets Pin

Kindergarten is the *perfect* age to dive into an All About Me Worksheet Packet.

Kids of this age are definitely developing strong opinions about what they like, what they don’t like, and they want to share those thoughts!

They are developing the fine motor skills to draw self portraits, their family, and their favorite things.

So an All About Me worksheet is a great way to get kids engaged at the beginning of the year, find out what they want to learn about, and have a fun keepsake to show for it!

There are 5 worksheet pages in the below packet. I recommend doing one page for each day of the first week of school.

This will give plenty of time for the student to do their best work.

Why You Won’t See Very Many Writing Prompts

I Love Me Image

Kindergarteners are young children who should just be starting the process of writing letters and learning to read.

Expecting them to write their answers during the first week of school is a bit unrealistic…and definitely not fun. 

Yes, you could have them dictate the answers to you, but that takes away some of the ownership of this school printable. Drawing the answers and showing off their work will give young students so much pride.

So for that reason, the below free printable worksheets are designed for what a kindergarten student can comfortably complete. 

First grade kids or older students may enjoy writing out their answers, so be sure to save those worksheet pages for when it is more appropriate.  

Check Out Your All About Me Kindergarten Worksheets!

****At the bottom of this post is a text link that will take you to a new window with a pdf file of the worksheets.

All About Me Kindergarten Worksheet - 1

Kids of all ages will light up when they see this first page!

It really is the perfect way to kick off the start of the year. If at all possible, have a photo of the student ready to go for them to paste on the sheet. 

Kids will have lots of fun drawing their favorite food, favorite animal, favorite color, and favorite show. 

Make sure the child writes their own name on the “by line” and fills in their age under the cake. There is also room for them to draw that number of candles on top of the cake!

Be sure to provide lots of time for coloring the frames and other elements of the sheet.

All About Me Kindergarten Worksheet - 2

This worksheet has simple questions that will tell you so much about your young learners!

Have them write their name between the arrows and go through each of the blank spaces with them. 

Give them some options to choose from if they’re not sure about their favorite book or future career. 

The largest space was saved for what they want to learn about – because that will definitely be the most helpful thing for homeschool parents and teachers. 

Do they want to learn about the solar system, the life cycles of frogs, native Americans, science experiments, or play dough?

You don’t know if you don’t ask. 

Try and shape your lesson plans around this response as best you can – especially at the start of the year.

All About Me Kindergarten Worksheet - 3

This free download also has a lot of fun questions!

Your kids can draw their favorite activities and dream super power. They can highlight the things they are really good at, their dream pet, and the rule they would like to change.

That last question is an especially fun one, and it will definitely tell you a lot about what is going on in the child’s mind. Do they want to run when they should walk? Talk when they’re supposed to be quiet? Or eat sweets for breakfast?

Lots of personality and individuality will definitely come out!

All About Me Worksheet 4

Some kids will dive right into this assignment, but others may hang back or get frustrated. 

The child should know that you don’t expect a “photo quality” picture. 

Just focus on eye color, hair color, height, and things like that. What kind of clothes do they like to wear? Have them draw those too. 

And don’t just focus on only physical appearance. What else can the student draw around them? Their house? Bedroom? Favorite place?

End the activity with the child writing their name and age.

All About Me Kindergarten Worksheet - 5

This will likely be one of the great keepsakes for families!

Have the kindergartener draw a picture of all the people who live in their home. 

How many brothers, sisters, and adults live in the home? Have them write the total number at the bottom of the page. 

Click Here To Download The All About Me Worksheet Packet For Your Kindergartener!

Terms of Use: Classroom, homeschool, co-op, and personal use only. No commercial use is authorized. Thank you!

Teachers, I hope you enjoy using these free worksheets to introduce a new student, decorate your bulletin board with pizzazz at the beginning of a new school year, or just to get to know your young kids.

Homeschool parents, I hope these printable activities serve as a fun way to introduce kindergarten and shake out the nerves. 

I encourage you to have your kindergartener present their packet to their siblings or at dinner to the whole family!

Above all, be sure to save this memorable keepsake in a safe place. Consider doing it all again as an end-of-the-year activity

How has your child changed? Not just their answers, but the quality of their work.

What a fun thing to compare as they get ready to move on to 1st grade and look back on how they’ve grown!

If you are looking for more free resources and educational activities, definitely check out my Activities & Printables.

It is bursting with free download packets, like number play dough mats, letter tracing, opposite words, A to Z letter of the week worksheets, and more!

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