10 First Day of Kindergarten Printables: Signs, Worksheets, Coloring Pages, and More!

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The first day of kindergarten is truly a magical time for young kids. 

There is so much excitement, expectation, and adventure brewing! 

To help kick off this special time, I have gathered all the free first day of school printables you will need.

Below you will find printable signs, first day of school activities, coloring pages, and more to kick off the new school year!

They are all a fun way to get going with school, and they are easily added to any lesson plans.


Perfect Printables For the First Day of Kindergarten!

1. Free Printable First Day of School Signs

First Day of Kindergarten Printable Signs

The 1st day of school sign tradition is not going anywhere anytime soon.

And just because you’re homeschooling doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump in on the fun! 

I love the colorful, eye-catching designs from The Housewife Modern! You can pick from her four choices and fill in the blocks. I really like that you can easily use the same one for every grade level!

2. Editable First Day of School Signs

Editable First Day of Kindergarten Sign

If you don’t want the pressure of having to fill in the answers with calligraphy-level handwriting, you might prefer to take the easy way with free printable signs from A1Worksheets.

They are completely editable (you can change years!), they come in several different styles/colors, and you can use them all the way up to 12th grade!

Some families like taking pictures with “Last Day of School” signs too. Consider saving this sign till the end of the year, putting a big X over first, and writing “last.”

Your kid will have quite the triumphant smile!

3. First Day and Last Day of Kindergarten Printable

First and Last Day of Kindergarten Printable

Right away, I want you to know that this is one of two printables on the list that is not free. At the time of writing this, it costs $2 for a PDF file download of these adorable printables!

I had to include them because so many changes happen with kids during the kindergarten year. I love the idea of having a before and after style printable that allows you to compare things like what they want to be when they grow up, their favorite color, and their pictures. 

It would really be a fun keepsake. Check out Littlehaloj to grab your own copy!

4. First Day of Kindergarten Interview


If you want different options from the above first day of school worksheet, check out these fun pages from Mimosas and Motherhood!

You can choose from First Day of Preschool, First Day of Pre-k, and First Day of Kindergarten – and they are free printables!

Just pop your child’s picture in and help them answer the questions.

Having one or all three for your child would make a wonderful momento of the first week of school during the early years.

5. Editable Name Writing Printable

name writing practice printable

Practicing writing names is a great way to kick off the school season for your kindergartner!

Grab the above printable at Primary Parade and edit it for your child – yep you can edit it!

Your kid will be so excited to see their name and start tracing!

6. First Day of Kindergarten Printable Worksheet


This simple worksheet is the perfect way to use the first day of school photo!

All your student will need to do is paste in their photo, write their name, color in their favorite color, write their age, and draw their favorite things to play – all first day of kindergarten appropriate tasks.

They can do it all by themselves!

Grab the free printable at Simply Full of Delight.

7. Welcome to Kindergarten Coloring PageWelcome to Kindergarten Coloring Page

I don’t know about your kindergartner, but mine loves to color!

This simple coloring page from Simply Full of Delight is such a sweet way to start off the first day of kindergarten. 

This printable is available for preschool, pre-K, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade – so all of your kids may enjoy coloring it together!

8. Printable All About Me Worksheets

I Love Me Image

These super fun All About Me worksheet pages are the perfect activity for the first week of school!

Five pages in total gives you one for each day. Kids will get to share things like their favorite book, dream super power, what they want to learn about, future career, and the rule they want to change the most.

Kids, homeschool parents, and teachers will enjoy this fun activity!

9. First Day of School Crayon Craft

First Day of School Crayon Craft

This free printable craft from I Wonder In His World is oh-so cute!

Your kindergartner will pick their favorite color of construction paper and then trace, cut out, and paste together this sweet project.

The front of the craft even includes their first day of school picture!

10. First Day of Kindergarten Activity Bundle Worksheets

back-to-school-activitiy worksheet bundle

This worksheet pack is such a gentle and fun way to start the first week of kindergarten!

It does cost $6.50 at the time of writing this, but you really get a lot for that!

This worksheet pack includes lesson plans and activities for the entire first week, and it covers read-aloud, math, reading/language arts, and other activities.

Check it out at Primary Parade for more details!

Recap First Day of Kindergarten Printables

I hope you have been inspired by these first day of kindergarten printables, and they make a splash during your first day of homeschool!

Enjoy this time with your little learner and embrace the wonder of it all, Homeschool Mama!

It will fly by oh so fast.

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