10 Free Letter T Tracing Printable Worksheets For Kids

Looking for some terrific letter T tracing worksheets for your budding writer?

Your child’s writing skills will take off with the below free printable worksheets!

They will slide into any set of lesson plans as a fun way to learn fine motor skills, proper letter formation or lowercase t and capital letter T, letter recognition skills, and more!

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Check Out Your Free Printable Letter T Tracing Worksheets!

T Tracing Worksheet - 1

This fun worksheet will surely get your child’s attention! Kids will love coloring the lounging tiger in bright orange and tracing the big letters.

Young learners will then move on to tracing the row of capital letters and lower case letters.

Lastly, your child can color the pictures that start with /t/ – table, tornado, tree, and turtle!

T Tracing Worksheet - 2

This practice sheet features another opportunity to trace the large and small letter t.

Encourage the student to take his time and follow the guide numbers. 

Once your child has completed all the tracing, he can end the activity by coloring the tents.

What are the different types of tents used for?

T Tracing Worksheet - 3

This free printable is a great way to mix tracing uppercase and lowercase letters and reading some simple CVC words.

If your child knows her letter sounds, encourage her to try and sound out tub, ten, and tag as she is tracing them.

T Tracing Worksheet - 4

This alphabet worksheet is heavy on coloring!

Have your student color the Tt letters and the tambourine at the top of the page.

Once he has finished tracing the lowercase and uppercase letters, he can move on to coloring the turtle, trophy, and tractor.

Can your child think of anything else that starts with the /t/ sound?

T Tracing Worksheet - 5

Are there any pirate lovers in the house?

Then they will love this fun activity!

Students will color the letters and the treasure chest brimming with jewels.

Then the student will get extra practice with tracing. The activity will end with tracing a real sentence!

T Tracing Worksheet - 6

This great worksheet has several different activities for your young writer to work on.

First, the child can color the tentacle and practice tracing the large guide letters – hopefully, it is an easy task now!

Then the child can show off their skills by tracing the uppercase and lowercase letter t.

If your child is ready, have them practice writing their own letters on the lines too!

Lastly, have the student color in all the letter t circles to practice her letter recognition skills.

T Tracing Worksheet - 7

Who doesn’t love Tim the Turtle?!

This printable offers a little splash of color if your printer can spare it. 

Students will continue to trace the T letters.

There is also another alliteration sentence at the bottom of the worksheet: Tim the turtle took a trip to Texas.

If your kindergarten students are ready to trace more sentences, check out this post – Silly Sentence Tracing Worksheets!

T Tracing Worksheet - 8

T Tracing Worksheet - 9

Now your student will be writing his own letters instead of tracing! If your student is a little nervous, encourage him to practice with the large letters at the top of the sheet. 

Focus on quality over quantity. Four or five solid letters is much better than a row of ten sloppy ones.

Lastly, this worksheet offers an easy way to see if your child is remembering the t sound.

Tell him to only color the cute pictures that start with /T/.

He should color tiger, turtle, tent, and telescope.

T Tracing Worksheet - 10

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T Tracing Worksheets Pin

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I hope you and your young ones really enjoy this packet of tracing fun! I know with my own children that tracing was fun, frustrating, and rewarding – all rolled together.

With patience and time, their small hands will master this skill and move on to bigger things.

You may not need all of the letter tracing worksheets but feel free to tuck some away for an easy way to review as needed.

If you need more free printables as you work through the letters of the alphabet, check out the below worksheets!

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