Super Letter S Tracing Worksheets!: Free & Easy Print

Looking for a printable letter S tracing worksheet for your young children?

This letter of the alphabet is definitely one of the most tricky, so some extra practice is recommended.

Many little learners can feel hopelessly confused as they try to remember the different directions of letter z and letter s.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few letters of the alphabet that have this mirror effect.

Letter p vs. letter q and letter b vs. letter d are two other sets that can confuse children as they begin recognizing and writing letters. 

The below free printable worksheets offer a structured approach to teach proper letter formation of S and fine-tune handwriting!

Your young learners will get to use their fine motor skills to trace lowercase letters and uppercase letters.

There are also some extra activities included to build early literacy skills: letter sound and letter recognition work!

Be sure to read through all of the notes for each printable sheet for explanations, teaching notes, and ideas.

****At the bottom of the post, you will find simple directions to the free download of your tracing set in PDF format. 

Check Out Your Free Letter S Tracing Worksheets!

Letter S Tracing Worksheet 1

This first free printable letter S tracing sheet is a fun way to introduce this letter of the week!

The student will start by tracing the uppercase and lower case letter S. 

There are dashed lines and arrows to assist the student in tracing it correctly. 

The student will then move on to trace the below dotted lines. 

End the sheet by having your student color the cute critters, socks, and sun. Can your child hear the common sound they share?

Letter S Tracing Worksheet 2

This awesome tracing worksheet features more large letter outlines for practice and rows of uppercase and lowercase letter S to trace.

I know from my own children that this particular letter can be a challenge.

Mastering that curve will take patience. Remind your students that they have already done curvy lines – c for example! Letters /g/, /o/, /p/, and /q/ too!

With continued practice, they will master this.

Letter S Tracing Worksheet 3

These animal-themed tracing worksheets continue with a s-s-squirrel!

Your student will have loads of fun coloring the furry cutie!

To complete the rest of the worksheet, have your student color uppercase letter S and lowercase letter s.

Finish by tracing all the capital letters and small letters.

Letter S Tracing Worksheet 4

Your kids will love tracing and coloring this cartoon s-s-snake letter S!

As an added tip to help with letter Z and letter S confusion, I recommend making a snake out of play dough and having the child place it over this cartoon S.

Encourage them to make a head and even a little tongue for the snake. This hands-on learning method will help kids recall the correct formation of S as they start writing it independently.

Letter S Tracing Worksheet 5

Your child will be challenged here to trace and then write their own letter S. 

Maybe you could reward your students with some s-s-strawberries when they’ve completed the worksheet.

Letter S Tracing Worksheet 6

Tracing letter S words is a great way to bolster writing prowess…and to develop strong reading skills!

See if your early reader can sound out the simple CVC words: sat and sun!

Letter S Tracing Worksheet 7

This printable offers more tracing and writing practice, but it also includes lowercase and uppercase letter recognition.

Provide crayons so that your child can color the correct letters and color the s-s-sloth!

Letter S Tracing Worksheet 8

After all their tracing work, your students will be more than prepared to write rows of their own S letters!

Encourage your student to make 4-5 quality letters – not lots of quick, sloppy ones.

Finish the tracing sheet by having your child trace the s-words and color the matching small pictures.

Letter S Tracing Worksheet 9

Does your kid love to s-s-skateboard!

She will love coloring, tracing, and writing on this worksheet.

Letter S Tracing Worksheet 10

This is by far my favorite worksheet out of all of these free alphabet printables!

Have your student practice coloring each wavy row of the large S in a different color, reinforcing the direction S is *supposed* to go.

Then have them color the s-s-scissors and write a row of uppercase and lowercase S.

Finish the sheet by working on letter sound recognition skills. Your child should only color the spoon, strawberries, soap, and sun.

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I so hope that you and your student love this packet of letter s tracing fun! 

Print a bunch of copies and slide them in a ring binder for some quick review as needed.

They are perfect for morning work, independent work, a little ELA practice, or review!

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