10 Free Letter R Tracing Worksheets: Easy Print!

Looking for some letter R tracing worksheets for your preschool or kindergarten students?

Got you covered!

The below free alphabet printables are full of everything you’ll need to help young learners master proper letter formation of upper case and lowercase r.

The packet is full of all different pages that will keep your child engaged while they develop their writing skills.

You will find tons of opportunities for tracing (letters, words, and even sentences!). Your child will also be able to work on letter recognition, letter sounds, and more!

Let’s dive r-r-right in!

****Don’t stress. At the bottom of this post you will find a download link to grab your free tracing worksheets in PDF format. 

Check Out Your Free Letter R Tracing Worksheets!

R Tracing Worksheet 1

This first worksheet is a great way to introduce the new letter to your child. 

Start with pointing out the fun r-r-robot at the top of the page. Can your child identify and isolate the sound it starts with?

Move onto tracing the large bubble letters, being careful to follow the number guides. Watch to make sure your child picks up her pencil at the appropriate times to make the letter correctly.

When your child is ready, have her move onto tracing uppercase letter R and lowercase letter r.

Lastly, have her color each of the images that makes the r sound: rat, roller-skate, ring, and rain.

R Tracing Worksheet 2

This next tracing sheet starts with the large bubble letters again as a guide and a r-r-rose to color.

Hopefully, your student chooses to color it r-r-red!

Next your child will continue to sharpen his fine motor skills by tracing the uppercase letters and lowercase letters.

R Tracing Worksheet 3

On this worksheet your student will continue to work on tracing Rr, and she will also get to work on R letter words – rat, rug, and rainbow.

The first two are CVC words that your young one may be able to sound out as she writes.

Just a tip – really watch the lowercase letter formation of r with your child. I know with my own children that kids can think it’s easy to rush through such a simple letter.

What they end up with is something that could look like a sloppy /v/ or even an /n/.

Taking their time will develop good muscle memory and quality writing.

R Tracing Worksheet 4

This is a simple worksheet with minimal hand work for your child.

I really like it for kids who need to focus on quality over quantity. 

End the worksheet with tracing the letter r words: raccoon, rhino, and rooster. Then break out the crayons for coloring the cute pictures!

R Tracing Worksheet 5

This is by far my favorite of these alphabet worksheets.

Kids will love this image of Rudolph on the rug at the top of the page!

Go through tracing the big and small letters, and then work on the fun alliteration sentence.

Your child will probably need help with “reindeer,” but they might be able to sound out the rest of the sentence.

R Tracing Worksheet 6

This worksheet provides an opportunity for your student to trace and then write his own letters. 

It provides a low stress way of getting away from the dotted lines. 

Break up the tracing work with the fun letter recognition activity at the bottom of the sheet.

Tell your kids it’s not a word search – it’s a letter search!

To complete, the student will need to color all the Rr letters among all the other upper and lower case letters.

R Tracing Worksheet 7

This worksheet continues with the tracing theme and has another fun alliteration sentence!

Your child will love coloring the fun picture and tracing this sentence: “Riley Rabbit raced to the rainbow!”

If you need more sentence tracing work, check out Silly Sentence Tracing Worksheet Packet.

R Tracing Worksheet 8

Trace the large uppercase R and lowercase r before moving onto the lines below. 

These lines are a little bit smaller, so be sure to encourage your child as they work through it. 

Lastly, have you student trace the r words: rat, rock, run, and rip. 

Consider some fun ways to end the activity, such as r-r-running a couple laps around the r-r-room or r-r-ripping a piece of paper down the middle.

R Tracing Worksheet 9

I love this splash of color that the student needs to color in at the top of the page!

Such a fun way to work on letter sounds as they find a r-r-red crayon to color it in.

At the bottom of the tracing sheet, your child will continue to work on letter sounds.

She should color in these images: rose, robot, rooster, remote, and rainbow.

R Tracing Worksheet 10

Yep, these last two worksheets actually have blank lines for your student to write letter R completely on her own. 

By this point, she will be more than ready to meet the challenge!

Click Here To Get Your Letter R Tracing Free Printable Worksheet Packet!

Letter R Tracing Worksheets Pin

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I hope that you and your little one really get a lot out of this 10 page packet!

It is perfect for your lesson plans as you go through the letters of the alphabet.

It is also a nice option for those kids that need a little extra practice with letter r.

If you need more free letter r worksheets, be sure to grab these 15+ Letter R Worksheets!

You will find free printable letter R coloring pages, tracing, writing, and more!

If you’re looking to move onto the next letter of the alphabet, then grab the Letter S Worksheet Packet and/or the tracing S pages below!

Happy teaching!

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