Free Letter G Tracing Worksheets: Easy Print!

Looking for a Letter G Tracing Worksheet for your homeschool, kindergarten students, or preschool kids?

Well, lucky for you – I have a whole packet of tracing letter G worksheets for your young learners!

The below printables worksheets are full of everything your students will need to conquer this letter of the alphabet.

They will be working on everything from fine motor skills to hand-eye coordination to letter sounds to letter recognition skills to proper letter formation of letter G.

It’s all in there! Plus lots of fun pictures for coloring that your kids will love!

Below you will find a preview of each to the 10 worksheets in the packet. Most are black and white for easy printing.

I also included my own teaching tips and tricks for the best results!

****Don’t stress! To grab your printable PDF packet, check out the super simple directions at the bottom of this post. And, no, you won’t need to check your inbox to get them! 🙂 No commercial use please.

Check Out Your Free Letter G Tracing Worksheets!

G Tracing Worksheet - 1

This printable alphabet worksheet is a great introduction to tracing the upper case and lowercase letter G.

The student will start with the large bubble letters at the top of the page. Tell the student to follow the numbers and dashed lines. Watch carefully to make sure that the student picks up his or her pencil when transitioning from #1 to #2. 

Have the student trace these bubble letters until he feels confident enough to move on to the small letters below. 

End by coloring the g-g-glasses, grapes, grass, goat, and goose!

If this first experience is a little rough for your little learner, consider sliding this into a page protector and allowing your student to practice with dry erase markers until he feels ready to move on.

G Tracing Worksheet - 2

This free activity worksheet includes the bubble letter guides again, but this time, the dotted letters are on lines. 

Have the student take their time, carefully working through capital letter G and lower case letter g. 

Encourage your student to pick up her pencil when needed to create a proper letter, avoiding sloppy work.

Of course, these important skills take some time, so be patient and gentle with correction. 

To end the activity, have the student trace – g-g-guitar and color the guitar images. 

G Tracing Worksheet - 3

This tracing sheet begins with tracing uppercase letter G, moves to lowercase letters, and ends with some letter g-identify words.

Some young children may even be able to sound out these short vowel words – golf, gap, and Gus.

It’s never too early to include some English language arts/grammar! Ask your student why “Gus” started with a capital G, but “gap” does not.

G Tracing Worksheet - 4

This simple worksheet features some large letters to color and lines of lowercase g and uppercase G to trace.

It ends with some fun g words to trace and images to color – golf cart, game, goose, and glue. 

Consider having a fun game or a simple glue craft for your student to do after completing the sheet.

G Tracing Worksheet - 5

This is one of my favorites of the free alphabet printables!

It includes a pop of color (if your printer can spare it) and it includes a letter g alliteration sentence to trace.

“Grass grows in the garden.”

Ask your student if they can think of their own sentence made of mostly G words!

If you are looking for more sentence tracing worksheets, check these out – Silly Sentence Tracing Worksheets for Kids.

G Tracing Worksheet - 6

Yep, there are still more worksheets coming your way!

 This one has more tracing letter G – Two lines of uppercase G and two lines of lowercase g. 

This time there is a space included for your young children to write their own letters without tracing!

At the bottom of the page, have your child work on letter identification by coloring only Gg bubbles.

For an added challenge, capital letters and lower case letters are mixed together!

G Tracing Worksheet - 7

If your kid wasn’t too impressed with the garden worksheet, hopefully, they are delighted to see this goose who loves gum!

Have the student trace the letters, make their own letters (offering lots of encouragement), and trace the silly sentence – “Giggling geese chew gum gladly.”

Maybe have some bubble gum on hand after this one!

G Tracing Worksheet - 8

Here your student will continue tracing g and learn a few more letter G words – gift, goggles, glitter, and giggle. 

It may be a g-g-gift to your student to let them use some glitter for an art activity today!

Use a glue stick to put a little glue on the glitter image. Then have your student sprinkle some real glitter on the glue. 

Have a paper plate or trashcan nearby to shake off the excess glitter.

Yes, it’s messy but it’s worth it to put a learning sparkle in their eye!

While you’re working together on the glitter, ask your student if he can think of some other letter g words.

G Tracing Worksheet - 9

This is the first worksheet that includes blank lines!

Your student has worked so hard and is definitely ready to start writing G on her own. 

Always focus on quality over quantity. Tell your student to write 3-5 good letters on each line. 

End the page by having the child color only the pictures that start with the g sound. They should color goat, grass, goose, and golf.

Can your student identify what bee and butterfly start with?

Lastly, have your student color in the gummy bear at the top of the page and possibly provide a gummy bear or two afterward!

G Tracing Worksheet - 10

This alphabet tracing worksheet is the last in the packet.

Have your student trace the large letters at the top of the page as a review and color the g-g-gecko. 

Move on to uppercase and lowercase practice, ending with more letter g words: go-kart and goodnight!

Think of some fun ways to wrap up this letter activity.

Can your kid make a go-kart out of a cardboard box for fun? Can you visit a pet store to see a gecko?

How about making their own golf set out of things around the house? What about giving some white elephant gifts?

Or having a snack of a grilled cheese sandwich, green beans, grapes, and gummy bears!

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I hope you and your own children really enjoy these tracing letter G worksheets as you work through the world of letters!

They are the perfect addition to your lesson plans, homeschool curricula, or kindergarten emergency sub plans – whatever you need!

Use these practice sheets for review, morning work, independent work, or just extra practice. 

They are also excellent for those learning the English alphabet as a foreign language.

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And definitely don’t miss the Free Letter G Worksheets below!

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