Free Printable Double Ten Frame Worksheet Packet!

Looking for double ten frame worksheets for your first grade or kindergarten students?

And wouldn’t it be great if it were free and easy to print?

You are way in the right place!

A double ten frame template is such a great mathematical tool to help kids develop strong number sense, understand the teen numbers, work on number bonds, and practice decomposing numbers.

They also provide different ways to build number sentences and work on subtraction and addition facts!

Below you will find two templates and 4 double tens frames worksheets. There are some teaching notes and ideas underneath each one.

At the bottom of the post, you will find simple directions to download and print today! No email address or other personal information is required.

Check Out Your Double Ten Frame Math Worksheets!

Double Ten Frame Worksheet - 1

This first free printable features two tens frames stacked on top of each other. It is just meant to familiarize your child with the frame models.

They are a very visual, concrete way for young ones to understand the different numbers that go beyond 10.

I know for my own kids, it was very difficult for them to grasp this concept, and the frame activities helped much more than number lines. 

Start by using manipulatives or counters (these counters are a big favorite of many kids!) to fill the equal spaces on the frame. 

Count with your child as they place each manipulative, and point out that the thick line cuts the frame in half.

How many blocks can fit on each side of the frame? How many blocks fit on the whole frame? Keep asking questions and encouraging the child to explore.

There is space at the bottom of the page for students in higher grades to write simple addition sentences. For best results, laminate the paper and use dry-erase markers.

Double Ten Frame Worksheet - 2

This free template has two-by-five rectangular frames.

Some students or teachers may prefer this model or find it easier to understand. 

This one can also be easily laminated for repeat use.

Double Ten Frame Worksheet - 3

Double Ten Frame Worksheet - 4

This worksheet set features a double ten frame next to a teddy bear.

In the middle of the bear, there are numbers that range from 3-20. 

Students must color in the frame to reflect the number.

Make sure the student works carefully and colors within the lines – to avoid making a number that is too big. You may also ask the student if the number is bigger or less than 10. If it’s bigger than 10, then they can go ahead and color in the whole first frame, right?

Double Ten Frame Worksheet - 5

Double Ten Frame Worksheet - 6

This second worksheet set is perfect for extra practice. 

There is a penguin next to each frame set. The numbers inside the penguins range from 4 – 20.

Have the student color in the frames to reflect the appropriate number. 

If your student is struggling with this activity, make sure they are not rushing through their counting.

You may also decide to go back to the above templates and use the manipulatives on a larger frame. Have the student build the number, and then go back to the worksheet to color it.

It may be a slower process, but it will help them to slow down and better internalize the concept.

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Double Ten Frame Worksheet Pin

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I hope you and your students enjoy these double tens frame practice worksheets! 

They are such a better alternative than number lines for young learners. 

Feel free to use them in all the creative ways you can think of. For example, use raisins, goldfish, or candies to engage the student!

Do small group activities with your kids, such as calling out a number and having your kids race to build the numbers on their template.

Create answer keys for the worksheets and allow your kid to check their own work.

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