Free & Fun: 5 Frame Printable Worksheets!

Looking for printable 5 frame templates to help your little learner develop strong number sense skills?

You are absolutely in the right place!

This blog post has 7 high-quality worksheets that are perfect for teaching numbers 1-5. 

Your children will be able to work on multiple math skills, and will likely not even know they are learning!

At the end of this post you will find simple directions to download and print your free packet today. 

Check Out Your 5 Frame Math Printable Packet!5 Frame Printable - 1

This first printable sheet has 5 empty frames and 5 yellow circles for your student (or you) to cut out. 

There are a variety of ways that you could use this worksheet for some hands-on fun in your preschool math or kindergarten math lesson plans!

You could start by having your child count the circles. Then ask them to place a certain number of circles inside the frame box – remembering that only one circle can fit into each box.

Ask them how many more it is to fill up the whole frame. How many would be left if you took away a circle? 

5 Frame Printable - 2

This 5 frame can also be used in many different ways!

I would recommend printing it on cardstock and laminating it (or use a quality sheet protector) for regular use. 

Have your child bring you a number of items from around the house. It could be tiny toys, erasers, math blocks, legos, or really any small objects that will fit within the boxes. 

As an alternative, you could also use balls of playdough, candy, raisins, grapes, etc. Food is always a fun way to engage kids with math!

Allow the child to play freely at first, exploring the 5 frame. Remind them that each box can only hold one of the objects. With regular, gentle work, your child will naturally start to develop early math concepts, such as counting, one more, one less, etc. 

Your Free Packet Also Includes These 5 Frame Mats!
5 Frame Printable - 3

I love these simple printable number cards for helping young kids get comfortable with math. 

Again, you can laminate them for repeated use at math centers, or you can put them in a sheet protector. 

You could also print them on regular paper for one-time use. 

5 Frame Printable - 4

Start at the top row of the sheet and have your child identify the number that the lion is holding.

Then have your child trace the dotted lines to make the number themselves. Use a pencil or dry erase marker.

Ask your child to then draw that number of circles in the next box. You could easily customize this to match your child’s abilities. You could just ask them to draw lines, scribbles, stars, stick figures, or whatever they like. 

5 Frame Printable - 5

In the middle row, your child will trace the missing numbers to the left and right. 

If your child struggles with this task, check out these free line tracing printables as an extra resource. Sometimes those fine motor skills just need extra time to develop and those worksheets offer a fun way to work on them. 

5 Frame Printable - 6

At the bottom of the mat, your child will color in the five frame box to match the number they’re working on.

You could of course dig into your craft supplies box and use pom poms, stickers, glitter glue, or whatever you like to make it enjoyable for your child. 

5 Frame Printable - 7

You could display all of the finished mats to help your child remember all the things they’ve worked on.

It would also be a good review to see them on the wall daily. 

If your child is able, they might also like “teaching” another sibling or parent the skills they have learned.

This is a great way to see what they’ve learned, and for the child to really internalize the information. 

Why Use A 5 Frame Over A 10 Frame?

Pom Pom Background with 5 Frame worksheets

Wonderful question. 

Tens frames are a great way to teach foundational math skills to young children. It provides a very concrete and simple way for them to visualize counting, subtraction and addition problem work, number bonds, and number sequence. 

But it can be overwhelming for some children.

You have to remember that the whole frame has 10 boxes and that half of the frame equals five. That can be a lot for a kid who might still be shaky on counting. 

Before introducing the 10 frame, the 5 frame is a great tool to get young kids comfortable with small numbers, 

That extra support will make a big difference as the child starts working with greater numbers.

Click Here To Download Your Five Frame Printable Packet!

5 Frame Printable Packet Pin

Click the above text link to go to an instant download window of your frame cards in pdf format. No email address or other personal information is required. 

Conditions of Use: These free printables are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. None of The Simple Homeschooler printables are for commercial use. Please see privacy policy for more details.  

I really hope that you and your kids enjoy these 5 frame printables. Used correctly, it can be such a gentle and fun way to help kids grasp early math.

They will be ready to move on to the ten frame, teen numbers, and eventually, even use a number line because they had a strong foundation to build on. 

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Leave a comment below and let me and other readers know about it!

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