15 Fantastic Farm Animal Worksheets: Free & Easy Print!

Farm Animals Worksheets Pin

Looking for a farm animals worksheet packet for your kindergarten children?

Learning about animals and teaching other concepts with that knowledge is such a fun way to get young kids engaged!

They just naturally seem to flock (pun intended!) to lessons and activities that feature barnyard animals.

There are so many books, movies, TV shows, and songs that make a simple farm sound like a magical place. 

To capitalize on that magic, you will find a printable worksheet packet below that is full of all things farm animals!

It includes:

  • Coloring
  • Tracing Words
  • Sorting Different Kinds of Animals
  • Animal Sounds
  • Tracing Lines
  • Matching Adult Animals With Baby Animals
  • Counting
  • Basic Subtraction
  • Alphabetic Order
  • Listening Comprehension Farm Story and Questions

These activity sheets are perfect to slide into your lesson plans as you study all the things on the farm!

You can see a preview of all 15 sheets below, along with notes about each one. At the bottom of the post, you will find easy directions to get access to the pdf file to download and print today!

Check Out Your Farm Animal Themed Worksheets!Farm Animals Worksheet - 1

This first page will introduce some of the basic and commonly known farm animals.

Children will trace the name of each animal and then color the animal. 

While the child is coloring, ask them what they think each animal’s job on the farm is. Why are they there? What do they bring to the table, so to speak?

As you work through these worksheets and your farm theme, I would highly recommend watching 10-15 minute clips of Big Little Farm as you go along. It shows the amazing relationship that animals have to keep a healthy farm going. 

For example, the documentary shows a flock of ducks coming in and eating all the snails that were plaguing an orchard. Very cool!

Farm Animals Worksheet - 2

This simple worksheet just requires a pack of crayons. Some children may be able to read the farm words, but others may need help. 

Depending on their ability, read each line to them or help them sound it out. 

Since this is about following directions, I would read the line and then have the child repeat it back to me. That is the best way I’ve found to help kids remember what they should do.

Farm Animals Worksheet - 3

You know this is going to be a fun activity!

Start with the first animal sound, “moo,” and really commit to making the sound loud and a touch dramatic. Ask the child to draw a line from the sound to the animal that makes the sound. 

Your student might be surprised to see a bee and a mouse on a worksheet for farm animals. Briefly explain the bees are so important to keeping crops healthy…and crops feed us AND the animals. 

The mouse is there because they are typically found in barns. The barn cat is usually tasked with keeping them out or at least out of the way.

Sing Old MacDonald or watch the Youtube video afterward for some extra fun!

Farm Animals Worksheet - 4

This is the first of three sorting worksheets to help your child identify the difference between domesticated farm animals (animals that have a job) and wild animals.

Have the young learners cut out each of the different farm animals and forest animals and then sort them in the appropriate box. 

Farm Animals Worksheet - 5

This sorting activity is a little easier and would also be good to go along with preschool worksheets and activities that have a farm animals theme.

Again, ask the child the cut out the images and glue them to the correct category – farm or zoo animal.

Farm Animals Worksheet - 6

This is the last of the sorting and it is the most challenging.

While your child is coloring each animal, have them think about where it will go. Does it live in the forest, farm, sea, or in the Safari grasslands?

Ask your child which is their favorite farm animal so far. Why?

Farm Animals Worksheet - 7

This is another preschool-appropriate worksheet, but it might also be a great way to bring in some review for your farm animals theme.

Your child will sharpen their fine motor skills as they trace the zigzag and wavy lines – and really you can’t have too much of that at this age.

Farm Animals Worksheet - 8

Is there anything sweeter than baby farm animals?

Well, your student may not know that we don’t call animals “babies.” They have a specific name depending on what kind of animal they are. 

Point out the names foal, calf, piglet, duckling, and lamb as the child matches the baby animals to the correct pictures of their parents.

Farm Animals Worksheet - 9

Counting is so much more fun when it involves cute farm animals!

Have your child slowly count each row and write the number in the circle. 

If they are prone to rushing (and miscounting), I would recommend having the student put an X on each animal as they count. This will slow them down and make sure they don’t miss one, double-count, etc.

Farm Animals Worksheet - 10

This is an I Spy barnyard activity. 

Have the child count all the chickens, donkeys, and cows in the picture. 

For an added challenge, you can have them write the number words instead of the number.

Farm Animals Worksheet - 11

This handwriting worksheet is perfect for your farm theme!

Your child may also be able to sound out the bottom three words by using their phonics skills. Cover up the pictures to make the word less obvious.

Farm Animals Worksheet - 12

This sheet is a great opportunity to break away from dotted lines and practice handwriting skills.

Provide a word bank for your child on the board or a separate piece of paper: pig, hen, sheep, cow, and goat.

Read each word to the child as they copy it onto the correct line. Gently correct handwriting as needed.

Farm Animals Worksheet - 13

Math is always more fun when you’re counting animals!

Farm Animals Worksheet - 14

If you haven’t already taught alphabetic order, this may be a great time to introduce it!

Hopefully, you have the alphabet visible nearby so that our child can reference it. Walk them through the steps of going through the alphabet or singing the alphabet song to find the first letter of one of the animal names – cow!

Continue through the activity together, allowing the child to finish it based on their abilities.

Farm Animals Worksheet - 15

This last sheet is a listening comprehension activity that kids will love!

I would recommend that you read through the questions before reading the story to your child. While reading, try to really emphasize the parts of the story that are mentioned in the questions. You can also stop and point to the pictures to give the child a visual image. 

Reread the story several times if the child needs help with the questions.

Click Here To Download Your Farm Animals Worksheets PDF Packet

The above text link will open a new window with the set of worksheets in PDF format. Terms of Use: These free worksheets are not authorized for commercial use. Classroom, homeschool, co-op, and personal use only. Thank you!

I hope that you and your homeschool or classroom will enjoy this set of educational activities as you are learning farm animals. 

If you need more free resources for your lessons, definitely check out the Printables & Activities category of this blog. It is busting with letter worksheet packets and other printables!

For now, hop on over to the cute animal coloring pages below to put together a coloring book for your child!

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