Allschool Review: The Most Honest Review You Will Find

Yep, there’s another company out there offering educational classes disguised as fun for your kids.

Allschool claims to be on the cutting edge of online classes, offering tons of subjects, only the best international teachers, and a state-of-the-art teaching platform: Class Pod. 

If you’re like me though, it takes a bit more to convince me to part with my money.

Do you want to know all the details, pros, cons, risks, and rewards for a product before hitting the “buy” button?

I completely understand the feeling.

That’s why I offered up my own kids as your own personal guinea pigs to test out Allschool!

My 6-year-old and 8-year-old each tried a class of their choice, and I have SO MUCH to share with you about what happened!

SPOILER ALERT: We had two very different experiences!

In this Allschool Review, you’re going to find out:

  • What Exactly is Allschool?
  • How To Get Started With Allschool 
  • How Each Experience Went For My Kids 
  • What We Loved
  • What We Didn’t Love
  • Who Should Check Out Allschool
  • Who Should Pass on Allschool

Allschool Review: Wait, What Is Allschool?

Allschool ScreenShot 1

Well, according to their website…

Founded in Singapore, Allschool is an innovative online platform that delivers highly interactive small-group live classes to children worldwide. Through Allschool, learners can enjoy a variety of premium live classes – including mathematics, languages, visual arts, game design, and more – delivered by thousands of devoted and talented teachers from all around the world.

An expert in online education, Allschool has developed a set of innovative purpose-built teaching and learning tools that bring meaningful changes to learning outcomes, allowing students to immerse themselves in a rewarding, gamified, and interactive environment that empowers them to explore and pursue their interests while making schooling fun and enjoyable.

Okay, so here are the details you’re probably looking for:

Online classes are offered for kids ages 3-18.

Your kids can take classes in subjects like world languages, public speaking, English language arts, photography, STEM, drawing, life skills, painting, digital art, history, math, reading, coding, creative writing, science experiments – and that’s just all that I can remember from scanning the class list!

Some of the classes are one-time classes, and some of them are more like online courses that meet over several weeks. 

The length of the class varies depending on the teacher, age of the student, and the subject being taught. Most were somewhere between 25 and 60 minutes long.

There is not a membership fee to take Allschool classes. You just pay for the classes you’re interested in taking. From the classes I saw, prices range from $7-$20 per class.

Allschool uses Zoom and their very own platform, Class Pod, to host classes. The one your class will be hosted in is just the preference of the teacher. 

How to Get Started with Allschool

Allschool Screen Shot 2

Allschool makes it pretty darn simple. 

Navigate over to their page and click on the tab “Find Classes.”

From there, you will see a dashboard with tons of filters to narrow down their massive list of classes.

Filters include: age, subject, class time, date, language, etc. There are also bubble filters underneath for some of their more popular search terms.

Once you find a class for your child, just click on it for more information and to book the class. Make sure you know what matierals you need for the class and feel free to email the teacher with any questions you have. 

You will get multiple email reminders that your class is approaching and to have either Class Pod or Zoom downloaded and ready to go.

Easy peasy!

Experience #1 With Allschool

Allschool Student Taking Class 1

I signed my 6-year-old up for a class on arachnids. She was very excited and looked forward to it all morning. 

The teacher was prompt, and she could not have been more friendly, professional, or sweet with my kid. She included fun questions, videos, pictures, and even had a real spider and scorpion in glass containers. I literally got out of my chair and walked around to look at the screen and see them myself!

Very cool.

The class ended with how to draw a spider and when my kid shut the laptop she said, “When can we do that again?!” 

She absolutely loved it!

Within 24 hours I was looking up more classes from that teacher and making plans to sign my kid up. 

Experience #2 With Allschool

Allschool Student Taking Class 3

I signed my 8-year-old up for a painting class that she asked for. The class description said that she would be painting a masterpiece from a famous painter. 

Upfront, I really wish I would have asked which painter it would be. That was not included in the class description. More on that later.

This teacher was also prompt and friendly, but the tempo of the class seemed to move really quickly. I could tell my daughter felt a little rushed as she was trying to copy the teacher’s sketch and mix colors to paint a famous Rembrandt painting.

A Rembrandt, we learned, is usually a dark painting, so my kid was trying to mix all of these different shades of black, gray, and tan to make this very dreary painting. My kid really likes rainbows, flowers, and all things colorful – so this was sort of a difficult class for her. 

When it was all over, she had used way more paint than I had anticipated and she had paint all over her hands, the table, her legs, and she kind of hated her painting. 

When she shut the laptop, she seemed exhausted.

I looked at the painting and wondered why the teacher didn’t do a more child-friendly version that would have slowed the tempo of the class and made the project more attainable. Maybe discussed the technique of painting with shadows and then only attempt to sketch and paint a portion of the painting?

Just a thought from a homeschool teacher.

Biggest Take Away From Our Two Experiences With Allschool

Students taking allschool classes 4

As you can see, we had quite opposite experiences with Allschool – in the same day!

And you can also tell that this is an honest, genuine Allschool review – I call them like I see them, Homeschool Mama.

I thought about it, and I do believe that Allschool offers tons of significant value for kids…but you need to very purposefully read the class descriptions and be 100% sure about what you’re paying for.

And in reality, that’s true of just about everything in life.

I do have quite a bit more to say about Allschool though, so keep reading to see what really stood out to me – good and bad.

Allschool Review: What We Loved

I heart image

1. Class Size

Allschool is a relatively new platform, so you will find that class sizes are very small. My 6-year-old was the only person in her class and she loved it! 

My 8-year-old only had one other person in her class.

I noticed that many classes are only listed for “1-6 learners.” 

This is a great feature so that kids don’t feel overwhelmed, distracted, or lost in a sea of faces.

2. International Teachers

As I said above, Allschool teachers are from all over the world! 

I thought that was a really special and unique part of the Allschool experience. 

My daughter’s art teacher was from Ireland, and another art class I was looking at was based in Asia! As I hoped around the classes, I saw teachers from Canada and the United Kingdom! 

3. Deals!

Because Allschool is the new kid on the block, they are willing to hand out some deals!

On their website, I was constantly being hit with $10 off coupons and 30% off discounts. The most popular class was even marked down to $2.99 for first-time customers.

They want people in their classes, and that really works for your budget!

4. Class Pod is Cutting Edge Technology

Class Pod is a brand new teaching platform that Allschool developed.

It is the first of its kind that allows teachers to provide an immersive, 3D animation experience for their students. Teachers can also better control their classroom with it than with Zoom. They actually have the ability to mute and unmute students themselves – genius!

Teachers can even hand out digital rewards to their students. 

Our arachnid class was held in Class Pod, and every time my 6-year-old did something well, she was awarded a star from the teacher. They appeared on the screen and it was so fun for my kid! 

I think she ended class with 5 stars, and she was so excited about it!

It really is the small things with kids.

5. Minimal Information Asked About My Child

Most parents are a little leary these days of handing out information about their children – and rightfully so!

I really liked that Allschool only asked for my kids’ first name and age. 

That’s it.

No birthdays, no last names, no locations. 

6. Variety of Classes Offered

Allschool may be new, but it does not lack in variety of classes!

I was so impressed with the creativity of the teachers and the classes they had designed. 

Alllschool offers everything from digital photography to mermaid ballet to dinosaur exploration to Python coding to math game battles.

There really is something for every student out there. 

7. Class Length

The 25-minute length of my 6-year-olds class was *perfect* for her. She was engaged and primed to learn for the entire time. 

Anything much longer than that would have been a little more of a struggle. It ended with her wanting more, not worn out. 

The one-hour art class was also a great length of time for my 8-year-old, despite the fact that she didn’t love the dark painting she was working on. 

8. Easy Communication with Teachers

I love that Allschool makes it super easy to reach out to the teachers for help and questions – even if you’re not signed up for a class.

I had to email both of the teachers with questions about materials for the class, and it was nice to be able to do it so quickly. 

9. No Driving For Classes

Gas is pretty high right now, so I’m all about a virtual experience that saves us time and gas money.

In particular, my eye is on the Mermaid Ballet Dance Class right now, Homeschool Mama!

My 6-year-old has wanted to take ballet on and off, but it is such a pain to squeeze into our homeschool schedule with ALL the other things we have going on. Not to mention, her interests change all the time. One day it’s ballet, the next it’s archery, and the next it’s gymnastics.

That being said, I love that we can try a class for less than it costs to get a fast-food lunch. Signing her up for dance in a studio would be a much larger upfront investment.

10. Connect With Long Distance Friends and Family

As I type this, I am surrounded by cardboard boxes and chaos because we are moving. 

It’s been a hard transition for my kids, but I do love that my kids can sign up for Allschool classes and still see their friends!

Yes, they could also just FaceTime them, but I find kids often don’t know what to do once they’re staring at their cousin or friend on a screen. Small talk isn’t really something kids enjoy. 

An Allschool class would be a fun, structured way to connect!

11. Experience vs. Toy

We all know our kids have too many toys, but buying experiences can be too time-consuming and expensive.

Not with Allschool!

All of the classes on Allschool are educational, but some are more so than others (i.e. reading club, math fact review).

Signing your kid up for classes like Talent Show, Dinosaur Exploration, or Games With Your Dog, are perfect opportunities to do something fun for your kid that doesn’t require a trip to the toy store or candy store. 

They will love it, learn a ton, and no plastic will end up in the ocean. Woohoo!

Allschool Review: What We Didn’t Love

unsure woman

1. Crazy Time Zones

There was a drawing class that I thought would be perfect for my 8-year-old, but the only times it was offered was 9:45 pm or 6:15am.

Um, what?!

I thought for sure that there was a glitch on the website, so I emailed the teacher. She was very responsive and told me that the times are correct because she lives in SE Asia. All of her students are either in Asia or the Pacific Time Zone. 

She did graciously offer to make a special class for my daughter at 8am though. I was very impressed, and I regret not taking her up on that. I do plan to schedule a class with her soon though.

2. Variety of Experience

Allschool is really only as good as the teacher you get and the class description provided.

As you can see from my above two experiences, one teacher had a very detailed lesson plan, and the other one didn’t.

I strongly recommend only signing up for classes with a detailed class description. Only pay for things that give you clear-cut expectations. 

If you feel the class description isn’t clear enough, do not hesitate to reach out to the teacher and ask.

Allschool Is For You If…

kid and laptop

  • You have kids ages 3-18

  • You’re smart enough to read the class description thoroughly before signing up for the class

  • You like including cutting edge, high tech learning in your homeschool

  • You want to motivate your reluctant student to get excited about learning

  • You want something to make homeschooling fun and exciting in the summer!

  • You would love to connect your kid with long-distance relatives and friends in a class

  • You have a budget for about $10/class (don’t forget about the discounts I mentioned earlier!)

  • You want to expose your kids to different cultures and teaching styles

  • You could use help teaching some subjects (art, STEM, languages, photography, coding, etc.)

  • You want to add in a fun elective or supplements to your school year

  • You like the idea of small-group classes for your homeschooler that doesn’t require you to drive somewhere

  • You want your kid in an interactive environment, as opposed to a prerecorded class platform

Allschool Is Not for You If…

Confused Woman And Laptop

  • You don’t have a kid that is 3-18 years old

  • Interactive small-group live classes are not something you’re interested in for your kids 

  • You prefer prerecorded classes

  • Your kid’s academic performance is just fine and doesn’t need any support or supplemental help

  • You love planning things like STEM projects by yourself

Recap: Allschool Review

If you are even a little bit on the fence about Allschool, I would recommend you take the plunge.

The classes are so cheap right now and the class size is so small!

Your kids will definitely love it (assuming you read the class description carefully, sigh), and you will love watching them light up while they learn! 

We are already shopping for the next classes and Games for Your Dog, Great White Sharks, and Mermaid Ballet are definitely on the shortlist for us this summer. 

Hop in and join us and drop your own experiences in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for this! I am a retired teacher looking to share my curriculum online with students. I want the flexibility and to stay engaged! This is helpful.

  2. Thanks for your review! An ad popped up on my FB for a Zookeeper class, and I did a Google search to see if Allschool is a legit and good company. Your review makes me more comfortable to give it a try for my 1st grader. She loves all things animals. 🙂 This reminds me of another vendor I have been looking into called Outschool. Have you tried them? I wonder how they compare.

  3. I’m so grateful for your honest and thorough post! I’m not a parent, but I am a teacher looking into putting some classes together for Allschool. This review is extremely helpful, and if I do move forward with Allschool I will use your comments as a guide. Thank you. 💜

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