Free & Fun Assemble A Skeleton Printables: Easy Print!

Are you looking for a super fun, simple, and free Assemble a Skeleton Printable?

Whether you’re looking for some spooky Halloween fun, Day of the Dead Decorations, or materials for a true human anatomy lesson, the below free printables are what you’re looking for!

Here is what you’ll find in this post:

  • A template to make your own skeleton with 2 options to complete it
  • A worksheet and answer key to label the names of the major bones
  • A worksheet to color a skeleton and review the jobs our bones have

****At the bottom of this post you will find very simple directions to download and print your sheets in a PDF file today. No need to go digging through your email either!

Check Out Your Human Skeleton Printables!

Assemble a Skeleton Printable - 1

This printable skeleton template is super cute and easy for kids to cut out and assemble as they learn about the human body. 

I included the two little pictures of children to remind your child that skeletons do not have to be scary. All of us are made of bones!

There are two variations to put this skeleton together:

1. Movable Skeleton Option

Completed And Assembled Movable Skeleton
This option is my favorite! Isn’t he so cute?!

Craft Supplies Needed

  • Assemble a Skeleton Template (link to download is at the bottom of this post)
  • Scissors
  • Metal brads (Make sure to get the ones with short ends or the you will be able to see them sticking out from your skeleton)

Steps To Put Your Skeleton Together

1. The first thing you need to do is print out your skeleton template on regular white computer paper.

2. Depending on the age of your child, help them cut out each of the pieces on the dotted lines. If they are old enough, allow them time to cut it out by themselves.

3. Use the tip of the brad to make a small hole in each of the circles on the skeleton. Connect each of the pieces with a brad. Try to fold the brads so that you can’t see them from the front.

4. Hang your skeleton up as a decoration, place it on your school area bulletin board, or allow your child to play with it!

2. Glued Down Skeleton Option

Completed and Assembled Glued Down Skeleton

If you don’t have brads on hand, this is a great way to still enjoy putting together a skeleton with your child.

Craft Supplies Needed

  • Assemble a Skeleton Template
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Construction Paper

Steps To Glue Down Your Skeleton

1. Print out your skeleton template on regular computer paper.

2. Carefully cut out each of the body parts along the dotted lines. 

3. Arrange all the pieces on black paper to really make the skeleton pop. Once you have them overlapping in a way that you like, glue all of them down.

4. Use scissors to cut around the skeleton, leaving a border of black paper. Glue this piece onto one or two more colors of paper to create a matted effect.

5. Display in your school area or use as a visual aid when teaching about the human body.

Assemble a Skeleton Printable - 2

This worksheet is a fun and easy way to go over the major skeleton parts. 

I provided a word bank as an easy resource for the student for spelling.

Here are some tips for explaining the bones to your child:

Sternum: Also called your breastplate. It protects your heart and supports the ribs (attachment point). 

Ribs: Curved bones that protect the heart, lungs, and major blood vessels

Humerus: Long bone that connects to your shoulder.

Skull: Made up of several bones fused together to protect your brain.

Femur: Largest bone in the body. Begins at the hip and goes to the knee.

Spine: Flexible stack of bones that extends from the base of the skull to the pelvis. Protects the spinal cord, which is what helps the brain communicate with the rest of the body.

Tibia: Also known as the shin bone. There is a smaller, thinner bone called the fibula that runs alongside the tibia.

Radius: Bone that runs from the thumb-side of the hand up to the elbow. That is where the term radial pulse comes from.

Ulna: Smaller, thinner bone that runs alongside the radius.

Pelvis: Also called pelvic girdle or hip bone. This bone protects organs and provides stability to the hip joints and spine.

Assemble a Skeleton Printable - 3

This printable is a quick and easy way to check your student’s work. You could also give them the key and allow them to check their own work. 

Consider also going over the different types of joints with your child as you review their work. 

Hinge Joint: Joints that can only be flexed and extended, like opening and closing a door. Examples would be the elbow and knee joint. 

Ball and Socket Joint: These are found at the shoulder and hip joints in the human body. They allow for maximum movement. Do windmills with your child to show how freely they can move their arms compared to other parts of the body. 

Assemble a Skeleton Printable - 4

This last skeleton printable is a perfect activity to go over the purpose of our skeleton.

It’s not just a creepy image for Halloween, but a super important part of our bodies! 

When teaching the human skeletal system to my own children, I usually start out with a picture of a blobfish.

I explain to my children that we would be a blob of muscle and cells if our bones did not give us shape!

Here are the major jobs of the bones to go over with your child:

  1. Support: Bones give our bodies a strong framework, just like the beams of a house. They help us stand up tall and provide support for our muscles and organs.
  2. Protection: Bones act like a shield for our delicate organs. For example, skull bones protect the brain, and human ribcages protect our heart and lungs. This means we can roll down a grassy hill and laugh instead of being hurt.
  3. Movement: Bones work together with our muscles to help us move. They act as levers, allowing us to run, jump, dance, and play. Without bones, we wouldn’t be able to move around.
  4. Making Blood Cells: Inside some of our bones, there is a special part called bone marrow. This is where our bodies make new blood cells. Blood cells are important for carrying oxygen and fighting germs to keep us healthy.

Brainstorm with your child some things they love to do that are only possible because they have bones!

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Assemble A Skeleton Printable Pin

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I hope that you and your student love putting together this skeleton model and going through the worksheets together. 

It is such a fun and simple craft, but a lot can still be learned about the body!

If you want to dive deeper into anatomy, consider purchasing this 3D skeleton puzzle or even this life size skeleton for future lessons!

It could be a wonderful resource to share with other homeschoolers or to use in co-op classes.

If you are interested in learning more about the human body, be sure to check out the below post!

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