Best Free Ten Frame Math Printable Set: Includes Manipulatives!

Looking for a ten frame math printable to help your young learners nail down those early math skills?

We definitely did not have these handy two-by-five rectangular frames when I was first learning about numbers and addition.

So I was a bit apprehensive about the possibility of this “new-fangled” math tool that would probably confuse my kid more than help her.

But the more I worked with it and saw what a great tool it was for building number sense, I was hooked on frame math!

This post is full of frame templates, tips, and activities that will get you well on your way to locking down things like strong number sense, number bonds, addition equations, subtraction equations, and more!

****At the bottom of this post you will find very simple directions to download and print your frame grids today! No need to wait for an email either!

Real Quick, How Should You Introduce The Ten Frame To Your Student?

Ten Frame Math Printable Pin

Depending on the age or grade of your elementary school student, consider introducing a 5-frame first in your lesson plans.

You will have a much greater chance for success and smooth sailing if the student fully understands the smaller numbers before working thier way to 10.

But assuming that your kindergartener or first grader is ready for bigger math concepts, go ahead and print out the below 10 frame mats on solid card stock.

As an alternative, you could also slide it into a sheet protector or dry-erase pocket. 

It really just depends on how long you want these fun printables to last, and how you plan to use them. 

Start by giving your student a pile of manipulatives (your choice), and ask them to count out a certain number under 10. 

Tell the student to place one item in each box – always starting from the upper left side box. Ask them what they notice. 

How many boxes are on top of the grid? 

How many are below? 

How many are there in total?

Continue to explore the grid by asking the student to build different numbers. If the student is ready for the challenge, ask them to guess how many will be on top and how many will be on the bottom before building it. 

Check Out Your Ten Frame Printables!

Ten Frame Math Printable - 1

This first printable sheet features a large 10 frame box.

It is the perfect size for little hands to place all kinds of manipulatives!

You could use your standard math manipulatives, such as blocks, linking cubes, or bear counters

But your could also amp up the learning fun and break out the craft supplies!

Use things like pom poms, play dough, stickers, dot markers, bingo markers, or whatever you have on hand that will fit in the grid. 

****If you don’t have anything on hand, no worries! Scroll down and you’ll see a ready-made set of cut-out manipulatives made just for these frames worksheets!

Ten Frame Math Printable - 2

This printable worksheet can be used in a variety of ways for teaching kids how to build a number sentence.

Make sure to have it laminated or in a sheet protector. Definitely use food items (mini marshmallows, raisins, small pieces of cheese, candy, or other small foods) to really engage your child’s attention in an unexpected and fun way!

To start, tell your student to place 2 food items on the top grid. Then have them write a “2” at the beginning of the math equation. Have the student place 2 more foods on the same grid and write another “2” in the next blank.

Tell the student that they just wrote a math sentence – 2+2! Have them count the total to find the answer.

****Another great way to make this fun for kids is to make up a story as you tell the student to place the food items. This not only helps them to visualize math more concretely, but it also introduces word problems! For example, you could say, “Sally dropped two raisins on the floor while she was baking with her mom. Then she dropped two more! How many did she drop altogether?”

To do the first subtraction problem, have the student place 4 food items in the lower box (always starting from the left side top row). 

Then have them take one way. How much is left? Have the student write 4 – 1 = 1.

Allow the student to explore and have fun with making their own math problems!

Ten Frame Cut Out Manipulatives 1

As promised, here are some free and ready-to-go manipulatives for your charts. 

I would recommend laminating these and keeping them in a baggie for regular use. The large dots are for the first frame, and the smaller ones go with the number sentence building frame. 

As an alternative, you could use both dots in the large frame for the addition problems. For example, to do 3+4, your student would place 3 large blue dots on the 10 frame. Then they would add 4 small red counters to the same 10 frame.

This would help them to visualize that 3+4 = 7.

Ten Frame Cut Out Manipulatives 2

Does your kid like lots of different colours?

Use this set of cut-out manipulatives instead!

The student can place different combinations of dots in the frame in a rainbow of colour!

Ten Frame Math Printable - 3

This sheet of blank frames could be used in many different ways!

Laminate and cut them out to use in games or drills. 

Students can use different colored dry-erase markers to figure out math facts. For example, you could say, “Use your pocket-size 10 frame to help you solve 7+3.”

The student would use one color to make 7 quick dots on the frame and then use another color to make 3 dots. This makes an easy to remember visual that 7+3=10.

Ten Frame Math Printable - 4

These ten-frame cards are meant to be used as flash cards to help with number recognition. 

Students will strengthen their understanding of number bonds as they learn to recognize each card as a number when they see it!

I recommend starting with just a few cards and then building your way up as the student becomes more confident.

If you’re not sure how to start, check out these flash card games for some fresh ideas!

Click Here to Download Your Free Ten Frame Worksheets!

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Click the above text link to download your free printables in a pdf file. A new window will open and you will be able to download and print today. No email or other personal information is required.

Terms of Use: These free resources are for homeschool, co-op, classroom, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never for commercial use. See the Privacy Policy for more details. Thank you!

I hope that you and your young children (and older kids!) really enjoy using these printables in your math lessons. 

They can be such a fun way to work on smaller addition facts, subtraction facts, and a concrete understanding of numbers.

Use them in games, for extra practice, or to introduce new math concepts! Keep them close by and return to them for regular review whenever your child needs them.

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