Amazing Addition Without Regrouping Worksheets: Free & Easy Print!

Are you looking for some outstanding addition without regrouping worksheets?

Well, get your pencils and printer ready because we’ve got some outstanding printables coming your way!

In this series of 2nd grade math worksheets, we’ll be focusing on adding numbers without having to carry over or regroup. It’s perfect for young children who are just starting their math journey or for those who need a bit of extra practice in this specific area.

You will find addition problems with 2-digit numbers and 1-digit numbers.

I personally love teaching this concept to my own kids because it often amazes them that they can add big numbers!

At first sight, these large two-digit numbers can be overwhelming, but after introducing column addition, they can suddenly add huge numbers!

It is so fun to watch their eyes light up as they apply their addition skills to this new concept. 

****At the bottom of this post you will find super simple directions to download these free printable activities in pdf format. You can print them today without having to wait for an email!

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Addition Without Regrouping Worksheet - 1

This first 2-digit addition sheet is the perfect way to start teaching your child how to add larger numbers. 

Start out by reminding the child of their place value skills from 1st grade.

Have them point out the ones and tens for each number they are adding. Explain that they will just be adding one column at a time – something they already know how to do!

Using the first problem as an example, have the child add 5+4. When they say 9, write that in the box below. 

Be sure to explain that it is very important that they always start adding in the one’s column. It will matter a lot later for future math skills.

Then move on to adding the tens column – 2+7. When they say 9, write that in the tens box below the problem. Ask the child to read the answer and explain that they just solved their first big math problem!

Addition Without Regrouping Worksheet - 2

This next double digit addition sheet makes it a little more challenging, but not by much.

The child no longer has the columns printed on the paper, so show them how to draw a line between the ones and tens place in the problem.

Then walk the student through the steps of adding each column and arriving at an answer.

If your student is stumbling over their math facts still, consider letting them use number lines or grabbing this Free Addition Chart as a resource to make the lesson go a little smoother.

Addition Without Regrouping Worksheet - 3

This next printable features double-digit numbers that are much closer together.

Again, show the child how to draw a line between the numbers to separate the columns.

Stay close to reinforce to the child that they must add from the one’s column first.

Practice using number words by having the student say their answer out loud after finishing each problem.

Addition Without Regrouping Worksheet - 4

You would think having single-digit numbers on the worksheet would be a lower difficulty level, but some young kids really struggle with what to do about that empty space.

Point to the first problem and have the child say it out loud: “24 + 5.” Then ask, “How many tens are in 5?”

The answer should be none, but if the child is stumped, be sure to pull out a place value chart (this one is free!) and review the concept.

Explain that the empty space is really a zero. If the student wants to write a zero in the empty place, that is totally fine.

With some of my kids, I have just said that if there is an empty space, the top number “falls down” to the answer below.

That can be a silly way to explain or visualize, but stick with the more concrete place value explanation if you think your child needs it. 

Addition Without Regrouping Worksheet - 5

Here is another two-digit addition worksheet without regrouping. It features a slightly smaller font, but the same number of problems as the earlier sheet. 

This is great to pull out for continued practice, morning work, or review. 

If the number of problems seems too much, just do one row at a time. If the student seems to grasp the concept well, there is no reason to do every single problem.

If the child continues to struggle and needs more direction, I have another sheet coming your way below!

Addition Without Regrouping Worksheet - 6

This is the last of the double-digit addition worksheets! 

If your student is doing well, tell them that if they can get four problems in a row correct – that’s it!

Have them lightly color in the boxes of the problems they choose – think of the game “Four In A Row.” 

If they make a mistake, walk the student through what went wrong and have them work on another set of problems. 

Addition Without Regrouping Worksheet - 7

For extra fun and to dazzle your young one’s mind, pull out this 3-digit addition worksheet!

Have your student draw 2 lines this time to separate the ones, tens, and hundreds columns. 

Review the place value for each column, and then ask them where they should start adding. Hopefully, the student points to the one’s column.

Show them that they can use the same skills they’ve learned to add these huge 3-digit numbers!

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Addition Without Regrouping Worksheet Pin

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I hope that you and your student really enjoy using these worksheets during your whole numbers math lessons!

I hope you read through the above tips and reminders and that it helps you get the most out of these printables.

An extra tip I would share is to make answer keys for the sheets and allow the child to grade themselves. My own children absolutely love putting check marks on their work and figuring out what they missed!

If you need more free math printables, be sure to search the Free Printables section of this blog!

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