Fun & Free Addition Chart Printables & Activities: Easy Print!

Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to teach your young learner basic addition facts?

Well, you’re in luck because today, I want to share a potential game-changer in your homeschooling journey – addition chart printables!

With these free addition charts, you can wave goodbye to the days of monotonous drills, mundane worksheets, and never ending flash cards. Instead, get ready to try something colorful and outside the box!

Whether you’re just starting out with addition problems or looking for ways to reinforce your child’s math skills, these printable addition tables are perfect for 1st grade and 2nd grade students.

They would even work for a 3rd grade student who needs extra practice or support with addition!

So, grab your printer and join me on this journey of exploring the world of addition through these amazing chart printables.

Let’s make math magical, one chart at a time!

****At the bottom of this post, you will find very simple directions to download your printable addition tables in pdf format and print today! No need to wait for an email or search through your spam folder.

The #1 Way To Use Addition Charts In Your Math Lessons

Addition Chart Printable Pin

Some kids really, really struggle with learning basic math facts.

They cannot yet grasp the concept or “see the numbers” in their mind. The manipulatives are tedious to count and the facts seem overwhelming.

The student sees right through every attempt you have tried to disguise math in fun games or activities. 

But this chart is the key you’ve been looking for!

Tell the student that you want to break out all the fun addition worksheets and math board games…and they are free to use the chart to help them. 

Yes, use the chart during the “fun” games and activities!

The only catch is that they have to say the fact out loud every time they look it up.

Over time, this will help the child memorize and retain the facts they are struggling with!

And as a side benefit, you get to keep your sanity during math lessons.

Check Out Your Free Printable Addition Charts!

Addition Chart Printable - 1

This first addition chart is exploding with rainbow color fun! (Don’t worry if this doesn’t speak to you -there is a different color scheme in the chart below.)

The bright colors of this visual aid are so eye-catching and engaging for little ones!

Before using this in a lesson, I would recommend printing it on cardstock, laminating, or sliding it in a page protector. Any of those options is a great way to help it last the whole year long!

To start out, pick one of the math problems that you know your child struggles with. When my child was a first grader, it was 6+8, so we’ll use that as an example.

Tell your child to place their finger on the first number of the problem (6) on the top row of numbers. Then have your child place a finger on the second number (8) on the left column.

Have the student trace their fingers along the column/row until they meet – at the answer of 14!

Your child will likely be amazed, so have some other addition equations ready to help them practice using this great tool. 

Addition Chart Printable - 2

If your student won’t go for the princess color palette, I also provided another color option.

This addition table chart is still eye-catching but has a little less of a cotton-candy feel to it. 

It is perfect to display in your school room or slide into your child’s homeschool binder for a quick reference!

If the printing process and colors are a bit difficult to achieve at home, consider checking out print shops around you. Having it printed professionally would still be much cheaper than purchasing one and having it shipped to you

Addition Chart Printable - 3

This addition fact chart is completely black and white, but its easy printing doesn’t make it any less fun for your kid!

After showing your child how to use the chart, consider some fun ways to color and use the chart.

You could use it as a bingo card and call out math facts for your child to solve and color in. 

A variation of that would be to call out a sum. Let’s say you pick “12.” The student would then have to find 12 on the table and trace the problem backward to find what equals 12.

They might say 6+6, 12+2, 4+8, etc. 

As an added bonus, practicing math facts this way doesn’t require any writing or tedious number lines. It’s a great break for little minds that are weary of typical ways of drilling math.

Addition Chart Printable - 4

Oh, this partially blank addition chart would be a perfect way to check in with your student and see how they’re doing with their facts.

Work with them to see if they can fill in some of the less challenging ones and let them work out the rest. 

If they need some manipulatives to help them fill it out, that’s okay!

With lots of encouragement from you and practice, the facts will eventually sink in.  

Addition Chart Printable - 5

This last printable is a completely blank table!

This is a fun one that can be used in several different ways. 

You could use it as a tracker to show off your student’s progress throughout the year. Simply have the student fill out each row after they have mastered a set of facts.

If your child enjoys being timed, you could also use it as a speed challenge to work on fact fluency. 

A Quick Suggestion For Kids Struggling With Addition

Do you think your kid is struggling more than most with their facts?

I real quick want to plug one of my all-time favorite and most recommended resources – Addition Facts That Stick

I have used it with my middle and youngest child, but I unfortunately didn’t buy it when my oldest child really needed this kind of help.

She was struggling significantly with her facts (I’m talking tears almost every day) at the time, but I didn’t think Addition Facts That Stick would make any difference.

Boy, was I wrong. Once I did start using the addition and multiplication books in my homeschool – I realized what a difference it could have made for my oldest as she was slogging through first-grade math. 

I now recommend it to many friends and even my own sister. 


It is a “workbook” that is actually full of game boards! One of my close friends used it with her son this spring and she was amazed that her child wanted to play the games at night with his dad!

They are actually fun and really enjoyable for kids to work through the process of nailing down those facts for future success in math.

Click Here To Download Your Addition Chart Printable Packet!

Click the above text link to download your addiction facts tables in a pdf file. A new window will open that will allow you to download and print today!

Terms of Use: These printables are for homeschool use, classroom use, co-op use, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never for commercial use. Please see Privacy Policy for more details.

I hope that you and your homeschooler really enjoy these addition fact tables and the various addition worksheets!

This absolutely could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for in your lessons and math games!

They provide a visual and interactive way for our little ones to grasp the concept of addition and strengthen their number sense.

These printable charts not only reinforce number patterns but also make math practice engaging and enjoyable. With their customizable nature, you can tailor the charts to our children’s specific needs and adapt them as they progress in their learning journey.

As a simple homeschooler, I highly recommend incorporating an addition chart into your curriculum. They are invaluable tools that will surely bring smiles, excitement, and a deeper understanding of math to your homeschooling adventure.

So, grab those printables, get your crayons ready, and let the magic of addition unfold in your homeschooling days!

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