Best 120 Chart Printable and Worksheets: Easy Print!

Hey there, fellow Homeschool Mamas!

Let’s talk about a nifty tool that’s gonna make math lessons a whole lot easier and more fun. I’m talking about the mighty 120 chart!

Now, I know math can sometimes feel like a real head-scratcher, especially when it comes to numbers that go way beyond our ten fingers. But fear not, ’cause the 120 chart is here to save the day!

If you’re wondering what in the world a 120 chart is, well, let me fill you in. It’s a special chart that goes from 1 all the way up to, you guessed it, 120!

This grid will help your kindergartener or first grader make sense of those big numbers, work on number recognition, number sense, grasp number patterns, and even practice some snazzy counting skills.

It’s a fantastic tool to have in your math toolbox!

The best part? I’ve rounded up some fantastic 120 chart printables just for you. These goodies are ready to be downloaded, printed, and unleashed upon your homeschoolin’ adventures. They’re like a treasure trove of math magic, all neatly packed and ready to go.

Check Out Your 120 Chart and Printable Worksheets! 


120 Chart Printable 1

This first printable chart is full of color!

It is perfect to display on your whiteboard, bulletin board, or tucked into a folder. 

Print it on card stock, laminate it, or put it in a sheet protector to help it last till next year.

120 Chart Printable 2

If your printer can’t handle all of that color – I’ve got something for you!

Print out the same number chart in black in white. Make it an activity for your kid to give it color!

Have them color all the numbers that end in 5 a certain color. What do they notice?

Have them do the same thing with numbers that end in 0 and 2. What do they notice now?

You will be on your way to sharper counting and math skills in no time!

120 Chart Printable 3

This is the first of the math worksheets that features missing numbers.

Can your student figure out what numbers are missing? What do they all have in common?

Help the student skip count by 10 after they have filled in the chart.

120 Chart Printable 4

This chart has missing rows of numbers that end in 5 and 10.

Use this sheet to reinforce skip counting by 5s.

120 Chart Printable 5

This sheet has quite a few missing numbers!

Use this sheet to reinforce skip counting by 2 all the way to 120!

For an added challenge, can they fill it in backwards?

120 Chart Printable 6

This printable worksheet highlights three rows of missing numbers.

Can your student figure out what goes in each box?

120 Chart Printable 7

This chart shows a random mix of numbers missing.

Help your child count through the chart and figure out each given number.

What clues can they use from the chart to help them?

120 Chart Printable 8

Here is some more practice with counting to 120!

This chart has even more random numbers missing. 

See if your student is now ready to fill them in independently.

If writing numbers is a challenge, have the child go through the chart orally. 

****See these free writing numbers printables to help reinforce the skill.

120 Chart Printable 9

This is the last of the random blank charts.

Ask your student if they want you to time them as they fill it in!

120 Chart Printable 10

Last but not least, here is a completely blank chart!

For the best experience (and to avoid overwhelming your student), see if your child can fill in the rows vertically.

That will be a lot more fun and manageable.

What If My Kid Is Really Struggling With The Concept of Larger Numbers?

120 Charts on an orange background with cartoon kids and numbers

I understand this concern all too well because one of my own kids was on the struggle bus with counting.

The larger numbers were just way too abstract for her and she struggled to count, skip count, or follow number patterns past a certain point.

I would recommend remaining positive and consistent. Your child will eventually grasp the concept, it just might take more practice and time.

In the meantime, consider getting a super-sized 120 chart to make the concept more concrete.

I bought this 120 Mat Floor Game that my kid could walk on, play on, and practice with.

It was a wonderful tool to make the lessons more relatable and fun!

Click Here to Download Your Free 120 Chart Printable Packet!

120 Chart Printable Pin

Click the above text link or image link to download your blank hundreds chart and other printables. No email or other personal information is needed.

Terms of Use: These free charts are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never for commercial use. Thank you!

I will admit that I actually spent money on my own 120 chart to go up in my homeschool room. 

It was red and so ugly that I ended up throwing it away after we were done with it. 

I decided to make these free for you so that you don’t have to spend any money, take up too much wall space, or look at colors you don’t like. 

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