Best Number 2 Writing Worksheet Packet: Free & Easy Print!

Looking for some fun and free number 2 writing practice worksheets for your preschool kids or kindergarten students?

Tracing numbers, number writing practice, and number recognition are foundational math skills.

But that number 2 can be oh so tricky for little learners!

Developing fine motor skills to get the curve just right – and going in the correct direction – takes a little extra practice.

But the below free worksheets are just the thing to help kids master all things number 2!

You will find fun activities, lots of tracing, coloring, and even painting!

Check out the bottom of this post for simple directions to get the download link and print your sheets today!

Check Out Your Free Number 2 Writing Worksheet Packet!

Number 2 Writing Worksheet 1

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This first printable is such a fun way to introduce the number two to your child!

Grab a do-a-dot marker and let them paint the large number two. Then move on to number tracing.

Give your student a sharp pencil (with a quality pencil grip for small hands) and work with them as they carefully trace each of the numbers.

There is also space for your child to write their own number if you feel they are ready for that challenge.

Tell your child that they will learn another way to write the number two in the following worksheets! 

Number 2 Writing Worksheet 2

This worksheet that gives your student a chance to trace number 2, count objects, and trace number words!

This is a great way to sharpen writing skills that involve making that elusive curve.

Have students trace this number 2 as many times as they need to. For those who may be really struggling, consider laminating this sheet for regular review.

Number 2 Writing Worksheet 3

This super cute activity is going to be the sweet spot in just about any math lesson plans you have!

Have the student trace the number 2 cartoon with their finger and count the puppies, fingers, cherries, and domino dots.

Trace the below numbers with a sharpened pencil. Give lots of encouragement and explain that their skills will improve with practice. 

Complete the activity by coloring all the fun images!

Number 2 Writing Worksheet 4

This worksheet has 2 parts. First, the student will work to find all the number 2s among other numbers 0-9. 

Then they will trace the number 2s at the bottom of the page. 

Encourage your child to color the apples different colors – red and yellow – to include color words in the lesson.

Number 2 Writing Worksheet 5

This worksheet includes more coloring, counting, tracing, and independent writing!

Be sure to tell your student that you are interested in seeing a quality number 2 more than you are interested in seeing lots of sloppy number 2s. 

Kids tend to want to fill up the whole line, but they go too quickly and the 2s start to look like a sloppy /z/.

Encourage them to go slowly, take their time, and do just a few really good ones on each line.

Number 2 Writing Worksheet 6

Number 2 Writing Worksheet 7

This is a two-page set that involves coloring the large number 2, tracing the number 2, and tracing the word.

I would encourage the student to add something extra to the large number 2.

Can they include a sun on the horizon behind the two jets? A  bird peeking through the cloud? 

Tell them to remember their picture so that later they can feel confident about writing a number 2 facing the correct way.

Number 2 Writing Worksheet 8

This last worksheet is just for fun!

Let your child to enjoy solving the number 2 maze to get the two kids to their two puppies! 

At the bottom of the page are just a few numbers 2s to trace and space to write their own numbers. 

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Number 2 Writing Worksheets Pin

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I hope that you and your child enjoy these free printable number worksheets in your homeschool or classroom!

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