Free Printable Body Parts Flashcards For Kids!

Looking for some Body Parts Flash Cards for your young children?

You are going to love the below set of cards!

It is the perfect thing for children who are diving into simple human anatomy and the new vocabulary that goes with their different body parts.

In this blog post, you’ll find two sets of flash cards with real pictures – one labeled with body part words and one not labeled. 

You will learn how to introduce them to your child and how to have the most fun with them!

***Don’t stress! You can grab the digital download of these printables in PDF format today. Just find the *very simple* directions at the bottom of this post.

Check Out Your Free Printable Parts of the Body Flashcards:

Body Parts Flashcards Printable 1

Body Parts Flashcards Printable 2

Body Parts Flashcards Printable 3

This first set of flashcards includes the following body parts with real pictures:

Arm, Hand, Foot, Legs, Ear, Nose, Lips, Eyes, Knees, Ankle, Elbow, Head, Neck Wrist, Chin, Hair, Teeth, Mouth, Tongue, Belly, Back, Shoulder, Fingers, and Toes

For best results, print these flash cards on card stock (regular printer paper would work in a pinch). 

Cut them apart and laminate if you plan to use them over a length of time (with little hands).

How To Introduce The Cards To Your Child:

  1. Show each card to your child and ask if they already know the name of the body part. 
  2. If they know the what it is, ask the child to point to that part of their body.
  3. If the child doesn’t know, help him point to that part of his body and tell him the name of it.
  4. Continue to work on the concept by playing card games – more on that further down!

****Parts of the face can be confusing to some little ones, in particular the mouth. Be sure to explain the difference between mouth, lips, teeth, and tongue. 

Body Parts Flashcards Printable 5

Body Parts Flashcards Printable 4

Body Parts Flashcards Printable 6

This next set of cards may or may not be necessary for your purposes.

It is all of the same images, just without the name of the body part on the card.

This set is perfect for advanced students who might be able to read word cards.

They also work really well with the first set of cards to play games.

Games To Go Along With Your Human Body Flash Cards!

body part flashcards on a colorful background

  1. Simon Says – Body Edition:
    • Play a classic game of Simon Says using body part flash cards.
    • For example, shuffle the cards and pull out the one on the top. “Simon says, touch your nose!” or “Simon says, clap your hands!”
    • Kids must follow the command only when “Simon says” – if Simon doesn’t say, and they do it, they’re out.
  2. Body Part Freeze Dance:
    • Play music and let the kids dance around.
    • When the music stops, hold up a flash card, and the kids have to freeze and touch that body part.
    • For an extra challenge, name two body parts, and they have to freeze while touching both!
  3. Body Parts Scavenger Hunt:
    • Hide flashcards around the room or yard.
    • Give the kids a list of body parts to find, and they have to locate the corresponding flashcards.
    • Once they find all the cards, they can trade them in for a small prize.
  4. Body Parts Memory Games
    • Use both sets of cards (name cards and no-name cards) and place them face down.
    • Use your hands to mix all the cards up.
    • Take turns turning over two cards. If the cards match, have the child touch that part of their body and say its name. 
    • Tip: With younger learners, start with fewer cards to avoid frustration.

5. Word Bank Fun

    • Place all the word cards on a table in front of your child – like a word bank!
    • Point to parts of your body, and the child will hold up the matching card and say the part of the body.
    • Switch places!

Remember, the goal is to make learning enjoyable, so feel free to adapt these games to suit the age and preferences of the children you’re working with. Happy playing!

Click Here To Get Your Different Parts Of the Body Printable Flashcards!

Body Parts Flashcards Printable Pin

Click the above text link/image link to download your pdf files and print today!

Terms of Use: This educational resource is for homeschool use, classroom use, occupational therapy use, special education use, and personal use. The Simple Homeschooler free printables are not for commercial use. Thank you!

I hope that you and your small people love learning the basics of the human body with these flash cards!

They are such a great resource for teaching new vocabulary words, talking about your bodies, and having fun!

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