Free Letter H Tracing Worksheets: Easy Print!

Looking for some free Letter H Tracing Worksheets for you kindergarten students?

The following pages have it all: ample tracing practice, coloring fun, letter sounds, letter H recognition, and more!

Your young learners will have all they need to master proper letter formation of H…and have fun!

****Don’t worry! You can grab the free download of these letter tracing worksheets in no time. Find the the *super simple* instructions at the bottom of this post. You’ll be downloading and printing in no time!

Check Out Your Free Printable Letter H Tracing Worksheets!

Letter H Tracing Worksheet 1

This first printable letter H worksheet is all about tracing!

The top part of the worksheet has your child tracing large bubble letters of uppercase letter H and lowercase letter h.

When the student is ready, have them move on to tracing the row of upper case H and the row of lowercase h.

Finish by coloring the letter H pictures: hat, hand, hammer, house, and horse!

Letter H Tracing Worksheet 2

This tracing sheet features more bubble letters to guide your student as she continues to develop her fine motor skills.

As I have said in previous posts, sit with younger kids and make sure they are writing the letters properly.

Gently correct in order to avoid bad habits sinking in.

Letter H Tracing Worksheet 3

This simple worksheet features: two lines of lowercase letter H – two lines of uppercase H.

Encourage your kindergarten kids not to rush, and be patient as their writing skills progress and improve.

And don’t forget to color that fun h-h-helicopter after all that tracing work!

Letter H Tracing Worksheet 4

This fun worksheet has such a cute h-h-hippo at the top!

Your kid can color the hippo and the large letters to start off the activity.

Then move on to more practice with tracing H, h, and Hh.

Letter H Tracing Worksheet 5

After all of these tracing practice sheets, your young children will probably feel ready to start writing their own letters.

In this fun activity, they will trace the upper case and lower case letters. They can also write letters in the open spaces.

This sheet is an excellent candidate to put in reusable dry erase pockets for a quick review with dry erase markers!

And maybe have a h-h-hamburger for lunch? 

Letter H Tracing Worksheet 6

After tracing the uppercase and lowercase letters on this worksheet, your child can start tracing the letter H words: hat, hop, hut. 

If your kindergarten or pre-k students have already started working on those early literacy skills, see if they can decode the simple CVC words.

Color the cool h-h-hut to end the activity.

Letter H Tracing Worksheet 7

This worksheet has large dashed letters to reinforce the proper way of tracing the lines of uppercase H and the lines of lowercase h. 

The child can again trace the letters on the handwriting lines and then make their own letters in the open spaces.

The bottom of the page includes a fun way to fit in some letter identification skills. The child should color in all the Hh letters among all the small letters and big letters.

Praise your child as they are able to identify the different letters, especially /h/ and /n/.

Letter H Tracing Worksheet 8

Alrighty, this is the first tracing sheet that includes blank lines!

Your kids will be tracing the guide letters for a quick review of this letter of the alphabet, and then they are off to filling in the blank lines.

At the bottom of the page, your child can trace more h-words and color the corresponding pictures. 

Letter H Tracing Worksheet 9

This sheet is another option for extra practice or review.

The picture of a heart will be a fun coloring option!

Letter H Tracing Worksheet 10

This is the last of the H letter tracing worksheets – and it’s a fun one!

Your student will be able to show off their skills of writing letter /h/ and then work on a coloring the hat, heart, hot dog, horse, and helicopter.

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Letter H Tracing Worksheet Pin

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Terms of Use: This new resource is for homeschool, co-op, classroom, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler free printable worksheets are never for commercial use. Thank you!

I hope you and your students enjoy these tracing letter worksheets!

They do provide such fundamental skills for young ones on their early learning adventure!

As you work through the letters of the alphabet, be sure to check out my free alphabet printables (just search for the letter you need) and  letter H worksheets (includes free printable letter H coloring pages, letter recognition worksheets, and more!).

If you need more free tracing worksheets, be sure to checkout the Letter I Tracing Worksheets next!

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