Free St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Printable: Answer Sheets Included!

Looking for some fun facts to quiz your students and friends on St. Patrick’s Day?

Maybe you think this famous holiday is all about waving the Irish flag, drinking pints of Guinness, cheering for the Boston Celtics, kissing the Blarney Stone, searching for a mythical pot of gold, and threatening to pinch people who aren’t wearing green. 

But there is actually so much interesting history surrounding the foremost Patron Saint of Ireland – St. Patrick!

Below you will find 2 pages of holiday trivia questions – with an answer key for each!

Be sure to read through all my notes to find out even more interesting facts about this famous holiday!

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Check Out Your Printable St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Questions (Answer Key Included With Free Printable Packet)!

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1. Where Was St. Patrick Born?

St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain, so he does not have any Irish ancestry.

Many disagree about where exactly in Britain he was born, with some arguing Wales, Scotland, or other places. 

Another interesting fact is that he was not born with the name Patrick.

St. Patrick’s real name was actually Maewyn Succat – what a mouthful!

2. Where Was The First St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

One would think this honor would go to the Emerald Isle, but according to the History Channel, the first parade was held in St. Augustine, Florida in 1601. 

At that time, Florida was a Spanish colony.

3. What Did St. Patrick Famously Bring To Ireland?

St. Patrick was a Christian missionary, therefore he is credited with bringing Christianity to the Irish pagans.

4. Which City Holds the Biggest St. Patrick’s Day Parade In The World?

Nope, it’s not Dublin. It’s New York City!

Thanks to an influx of Irish immigrants into the United States, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day has become a staple in the Big Apple.

Every year 2 million spectators pour out to enjoy the fun and watch the parade.

5. March 17th Marks When St. Patrick…

Some may not know why this religious holiday is celebrated on the 17th March, but it is actually because Irish history marks this date as the day the beloved Saint died. 

Interestingly, no one knows for sure where he is buried.

The most commonly assumed place is Down Cathedral in the U.K., but it has never been confirmed.

6. When St. Patrick Was 16 Years Old, He Was…

Did you know that St. Patrick was kidnapped by pirates as a young man?

He worked as a slave for 6 years before finding a way to escape back to Britain.

7. What Is The Irish Symbol Most Associated With St. Patrick’s Day?

The shamrock is a national symbol for Ireland, and it has long since been considered the unofficial national flower. 

Many see it as good luck and a source of national pride. 

Interestingly, a shamrock was given to the sitting U.S. President from the Irish Ambassador on March 17th, 1952. This became a tradition, and it still continues today.

8. What River Is Famously Dyed Green on St. Patrick’s Day Every Year?

Savannah, GA was the first city to *try* to dye their river green, but they failed due to the swift moving current.

Today, the Chicago River is best known for going all green on the big day!

9. What Did St. Patrick Use The Shamrock to Explain?

St. Patrick was a missionary trying to explain Christianity to people who worshipped many pagan gods. 

He used the 3 clover shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

10. According to Irish Lore, What Did St. Patrick Drive Out Of Ireland?

St. Patrick is said to have driven snakes (a symbol of evil) off the island. 

Incidentally, there are no snakes on the island, but according to scientists, there is no evidence that there ever were snakes.

Here Is the Second Page Of Trivia Questions!

St. Patrick's Day Trivia Printable - 2

11. What Is Said To Give You Good Luck On St. Patrick’s Day?

As popular legend goes, wearing the color green on St. Patrick’s day is said to bring good luck. 

The good luck might only be that you don’t get pinched by a green clothes enforcer. 

12. Which Northern City Was The First To Hold A St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Philadelphia, Boston, or New York City?

Many resources report that New York City held a parade first…but the honor actually goes to Boston!

The History Channel reports that their parade was held in 1737, a full 25 years before New York City held theirs in 1762.

It was not comprised of Irish Americans, because the U.S. had not yet started the Revolutionary War. The parade was actually full of homesick Irish soldiers serving in the British Army.

13. St. Patrick Often Preached About Gold At The End Of Rainbows. True or False?


Rainbows, gold, and leprechauns are part of Irish folklore that has been braided into the holiday over the years.

As Ireland decided to make it a celebration of Irish culture to attract tourism, more of these symbols were included. 

14. How Many Leaves Does the Irish Shamrock Really Have?

A four-leaf clover is considered to be good luck, but the Irish Shamrock only has three leaves. 

15. What Traditional Instrument Is Used In St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations?

A tin whistle is often played in Ireland to celebrate the big day.

An Irish astronaut even brought a tin whistle to space to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the International Space Station!

16. St. Patrick First Came to Ireland As A…

As stated earlier, St. Patrick was kidnapped as a young man of 16.

He was taken by Irish pirates, so the first time he entered Ireland, it was as a slave.

His faith was greatly strengthened during his captivity in Northern Ireland. He escaped, but said he felt lead by God to return to Ireland and share Christianity with the Irish people. 

17. What Food Is Traditionally Eaten On St. Patrick’s Day?

Corned Beef and Cabbage is a popular dish, but there are other items people might mention.

Irish soda bread and colcannon (Irish mashed potatoes) are also favorites.  

18. According To Irish Legends, Leprechauns Are Considered To Be…

Leprechauns are most often characterized as mischievous pranksters. 

They want to guard the gold they’ve hidden, so they tend to be shy and difficult to catch.

19. What Does the Irish Phrase “Erin Go Bragh” Mean?

The phrase means “Ireland Forever” and it is shouted at St. Patrick’s Day celebrations as a source of national pride. 

It’s historical roots are likely from the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

20. In Ireland In The 1960s, This Was Done To Honor St. Patrick’s Day…

Believe it or not, St. Patrick’s Day was not really a big deal in Ireland. It was seen as a somber religious holiday where you might go to church and have a meal with your family. 

Pubs were actually closed on the public holiday in honor of St. Patrick. 

Today, of course, things are different as people associate the holiday with green beer and wild celebrations.

Ireland started joining these types of celebrations when they saw the potential to boost tourism.

And Here Is The Answer Sheet To Your Saint Patrick’s Day Trivia!

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I hope that you and your people really have a good time with these St Patrick’s Day trivia questions.

They are a great way to teach the real history of St Patrick.

The printables are perfect for fun social studies lesson plans, class parties, or any Irish-themed party! Enjoy seeing who can answer the most questions and who really knows their history.

As an added challenge, consider only reading aloud the questions and letting people call our their guesses. Only when your group is stumped, call out the three options and see if they can pick the right answer!

To add even more fun to your event, be sure to grab the super fun printable below!

Also, check out this St Patricks Day STEM project for kids!

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