Free Under the Sea Coloring Pages: Instant Download!

Looking to dive into some Under the Sea Coloring pages with your kids (or by yourself!)?
You’re going to love, love, love the underwater adventure below!
It is full of sea creatures, such as sea turtles, coral reefs, colorful fish, sea horses, jellyfish, sharks, and maybe even a little mermaid.  
Kids of all ages will delight in coloring their way through the beautiful ocean. 
Older kids and young children will have a blast, but they will also benefit from the hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills needed to complete each of these free coloring pages.
So put on your scuba tank, grab your favorite colors, and let’s dive into these ocean colouring pages!
****Don’t stress! It will not take an ocean of time to grab this free coloring book. There are *super simple* directions at the bottom of the post that will help you download the printable PDF in seconds. 

Check Out Your Under the Sea Free Printable Coloring Sheets

Under the Sea Coloring Page 1

This first coloring page features one of the largest animals in the ocean.

Not the blue whale, but the great white shark!

This shark reminds me of the reformed, happy sharks from “Finding Dory,” peacefully living among all the other sea animals…and trying not to munch on any of the beautiful fish.

Under the Sea Coloring Page 2

No dangerous predator lurking among these ocean animals. 

Your child will find peaceful jellyfish, adorable sea horses, and even a little turtle!

Under the Sea Coloring Page 3

As an added activity while your child or student is coloring, consider asking them if they know any of the names of the oceans.

Where could these marine animals be located? The Atlantic Ocean? The Pacific Ocean?

Pull out a globe or map and let the child guess or imagine where they could be.

Under the Sea Coloring Page 4

The sea life in this coloring sheet is so diverse!

Ask your child if they know what that large creature in the middle is – the o-o-octopus!

See if she can count all 8 legs. Then ask her if an octopus has 8 legs, how many sides do you think an octagon has?

And make sure your child notices all the hidden marine life nestled into the ocean floor.

What is camouflaged and blended into the coral?

Under the Sea Coloring Page 5

Your kids might think this toothy creature is a shark, but it is actually an orca.

Why are orcas called killer whales?

According to wales.org, they earned this name from ancient sailors who saw their predatory nature as they took down large whales, sharks, and other ocean creatures. 

People today have even seen that orcas have the ability to take down a great white shark!

Under the Sea Coloring Page 6

Yes, these Under the Sea coloring sheets have quite a few sharks. 

Maybe this shark is delighted to have found a fish snack or maybe this reformed shark is meeting some friends.

What does your kid think?

Under the Sea Coloring Page 7

I had to add in a mermaid coloring page for a little whimsical fun!

Are there really mermaids in the ocean? My kids would definitely like to think so!

And with so little of the ocean being explored, who’s to say that they might not be out there?

Under the Sea Coloring Page 8

Every kid loves a dolphin!

These amazing creatures are known to be so friendly and playful, that people can swim with them! 

A fun fact to point out is that dolphins use echo sounders or echo location to explore their environment. 

Under the Sea Coloring Page 9

As your child pulls out his crayons or colored pencils to work on this sheet, encourage him to take the time to color each piece of coral a different color.

It will really show a more accurate and beautiful picture of what a real coral reef looks like!

Under the Sea Coloring Page 10

This unique picture showcases what a beautiful place the ocean floor is!

If is full of so much diverse and colorful life!

Jellyfish are a favorite of many kids. These strange, hovering, brainless creatures are a weird mix of adorable and scary.

More Ways to Explore What Lies Under the Sea With Your Kids!

Ocean coloring pages on an ocean background

1. Ocean Sensory Bins: Fill a large container with water and add toy ocean animals, shells, rocks, and blue food coloring to create an ocean sensory bin. Such a fun way for kids to pretend to be underwater explorers!

2. DIY Ocean Slime: Make ocean-themed slime using clear glue, blue food coloring, glitter, and small plastic sea creatures. This sensory activity provides a fun and tactile way to explore the ocean theme.

3. Ocean Diorama: Create an ocean diorama using a shoebox or other small container. Paint the inside blue for the ocean, add sand or crushed graham crackers for the beach, and decorate with toy sea creatures, seaweed made from construction paper, and shells. This is the perfect way to get hands-on with the ocean!

4. Seashell Painting: Use acrylic paints to decorate seashells collected from previous beach trips. This is a great way for kids to get creative with designs inspired by the ocean, such as fish, seahorses, or waves.

5. Ocean-themed Coloring Pages: Print out free ocean-themed coloring pages from the internet and let kids color them using crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

6. Ocean Animal Crafts: Make crafts inspired by ocean animals using household items. For example, create paper plate jellyfish, toilet paper roll octopuses, or cupcake liner fish.

7. Ocean-Themed Storytime: Read books about the ocean and marine life together as a family. Encourage kids to act out scenes from the stories or create their own ocean adventures using props and costumes.

8. DIY Ocean Bottle: Fill a clear plastic bottle with water, blue food coloring, glitter, and small plastic sea creatures to create a mesmerizing ocean sensory bottle. Secure the lid tightly and let kids shake it to watch the “ocean” come to life.

9. Ocean-themed Baking: Bake ocean-themed treats together, such as blue Jello cups with gummy fish or cupcakes decorated to look like underwater scenes with blue frosting and candy sea creatures.

10. Underwater Shadow Puppet Show: Use a flashlight and a white sheet to create an underwater shadow puppet show. Cut out fish, sharks, dolphins, and other sea creatures from black construction paper and attach them to popsicle sticks. Shine the flashlight behind the sheet to create shadows of the sea creatures swimming in the “ocean.”

Click Here To Get Your Free Printable Ocean Coloring Pages!

Under the Sea Coloring Page Pin

Click the above image link/text link to get the digital download of this Under the Sea PDF file. A new window will open for quick downloading and printing.

Terms of Use: These coloring pages are for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler free printables are never for commercial use. Thank you!

You don’t need a trip to the aquarium or a home aquarium to explore all that lies below the waves!

These Under the Sea illustrations are the perfect thing to add to your ocean activities as you go through an ocean theme in your school.

It’s also just a fun activity for a kid who loves all things fish.

If you are interested in more free printable coloring pages, check out the cute animal coloring sheets below!

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