Hands Down 12 Best Homeschool Desks For Every Budget And Space

As a brand new homeschool mom, I had a lot to learn.

But I did know that buying a homeschool desk was a super rookie move.

I have heard so many homeschool moms laugh and poke fun at the ridiculous idea of adding little desks in your homeschool space – trying to recreate the look and feel of a “real classroom.”

And they’re right, that is silly. Young children want to move around while they learn and the ability to do that is nearly the best part of homeschooling!

We definitely used a folding table for years, and it worked just fine.

But after 6 years, I have found that the older homeschool student absolutely needs a dedicated space where they can think, study, and work.

Why You Need a Homeschool Desk Setup

1. The Rise of Independent Work

homeschooler working at a desk

The earlier years of homeschooling require 1:1 attention from the teacher for just about every subject.

But as my daughter reached 3rd grade, I found she could do a lot of work independently. Here are some things she was doing on her own: 

  • Journaling assignments
  • Math (yea Teaching Textbooks!)
  • Math Fact Review
  • Reading
  • Creative Writing (assignments from her co-op class)
  • Chores

Now that she is in 6th grade, almost everything she does is independent.

Independent work is something I want to strongly encourage because I know it will help her tremendously down the road with high school and college.

But to do her best work, she needs her own desk – that is not shared with her rowdy, younger siblings. 

2. Shared Table Top Can Be Distracting…and Messy

messy homeschool desk

Some homeschool subjects can be shared – science, history, art, read-aloud books, P.E., music, etc.

It can absolutely work to do these sorts of subjects in a shared homeschool area, kitchen table, dining room table, your main living area, coffee table, or wherever works for you and your kids. 

But core subjects (reading, math, writing, grammar, spelling) are usually not done together as a group. 

Kids are known for having a short attention span, so sitting them closely together and giving them all different work can be distracting.

I have even had little disputes break out because the older sister wants to “help” the younger sister, but the younger sister doesn’t want any help.

Sometimes there is whining because somebody’s assignment looks like more fun. And there is the other problem of books, papers, folders, and other supplies spilling into somebody else’s work area.

3. Noise Level Control

homeschooler plugging ears

Another problem we have is noise. Keeping my younger students engaged during their lessons usually requires me to be animated and silly.

We have songs, games, high-fives, and other shenanigans that any independently working older child would find distracting.

She has complained about the noise in the past, so I have sent her to her bedroom to work in peace.

I thought that was a good solution for a while…

4. The Bed, Floor, and Couch Don’t Produce Quality School Work Or Support Good Posture

homeschooler doing work on the couch

As most of us remember from high school/college, studying or writing in your bed for a long time is a really bad idea.

A quick google search brought up this great little article from Pepperdine University. The article states the obvious – that doing school work in bed will:

  • Decrease productivity
  • Decrease focus
  • Potentially hurt your neck/posture
  • Disrupt sleep patterns

I definitely didn’t want my kid to be getting into this bad habit in elementary school!

She would sometimes want to lay on the floor to work, but I told her that laying on the floor is not going to produce the kind of handwriting and quality work I expect from her at this point.

A flat, hard surface and a decent chair are needed to write at your best.

Best Homeschool Desk Ideas For Your Student!

kid sitting at her desk

Whether you are working with a small space or an entire room, I have some great ideas for you to look through!

The best homeschool desks are going to be what meets your particular needs.

That might mean they provide storage space for homeschool supplies and homeschool curriculum.

Or the desk tops have ample space for spreading out books, folders, papers, and even a laptop eventually. 

Maybe it’s that they are versatile, movable, or foldable. Yep, that’s a thing.

So let’s start looking at the bestselling desks that Amazon has to offer and find your favorite!

1. Tribesigns Small Computer Desk

Tribesigns Computer Desk with Hutch
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03/20/2024 09:53 pm GMT

This computer desk offers plenty of space for your student to spread out their work. 

The below bookshelf offers a storage area for school books, and the above shelf is perfect to hold art supplies and other things.

One of the best things about this desk is the backsplash. This super smart feature will keep things from accidentally rolling off the back of the desk. 

2. Desk With Ample Shelf Storage

ODK Computer Desk with Storage Shelves
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04/02/2024 11:03 pm GMT

I personally prefer shelf storage over drawer storage for homeschool organization.

Lots of things can get tossed in a drawer and never seen again.

I love that this desk basically has a built-in bookshelf for binders and other supplies. You could even put small canvas bins on it to hold smaller things.

Oh, and it comes in different sizes and different colors!

Check out all the details on Amazon here.

3. Desk for Small Spaces

Desk for Small Spaces
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03/17/2024 08:18 pm GMT

This ODK desk is perfect if you have limited wall space or a small area to work with. 

I especially like that there is an elevated place to put a computer. This will help so much if your child has to take notes during an online class.

4. Green Forest Foldable Desk

GreenForest Folding Desk No Assembly Required
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03/17/2024 06:53 pm GMT

 This simple desk is just the thing for a homeschool family that needs flexibility.

You can easily move this from room to room and store it away when you’re not using it!

And the best part for most parents – no assembly is required. Yes, please!

5. Standing Desk

Guidecraft Standing Collaboration Desk for Adults and Kids
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03/17/2024 06:58 pm GMT
This standing desk is the perfect piece of furniture if you have an active kid. 

I know some homeschoolers like to rollerskate or even hoverboard their way through a lesson!

And they need a productive learning space that works for them.

This standing desk allows your student to work, but still move around and release that energy. 

6. Homeschool Tables

Living and Learning Kids' Table and Stool Set
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03/17/2024 07:03 pm GMT

If you are just starting out with homeschooling, you might not have an independently working kid for some time.

This table is a wonderful way to bring everyone together in your homeschool classroom AND have all your supplies close by. When you are balancing multiple ages during this phase, that really is the best way to manage them.

You can store math manipulatives, art supplies, extra school supplies, curriculum, and more in those bins!

There is even a dedicated space for paint cups to be stored – I would have loved that when I had a kindergartener running around!

Check out all the details on Amazon here

7. “Murphy” Desk

Tangkula Wall Mounted Desk, Fold Out
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03/17/2024 07:28 pm GMT

The simple design of this homeschool desk blows my mind.

The shelves and storage pocket are perfect for quickly storing papers, folders, projects, and books.

AND when your homeschooler is not using the desk, it folds into the wall – out of sight, out of mind.


Such a versatile and budget-friendly piece of furniture. Check out the details by clicking the image or clicking here.

8. Shared Room Desk

Tribesigns 96.9" Double Desk with Shelf
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03/17/2024 07:13 pm GMT

Do your kids share a room?

Or do you have kids that prefer to work closely together?

This double desk allows your children to work side by side – but still have their own space.

The included shelves allow room for shared storage and even space for a printer! 

9. Corner Desk

Tangkula White Corner Desk with Hutch
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03/17/2024 07:08 pm GMT

This corner desk is the perfect way to maximize every inch of space that you have.

You could slide it into any room in your house!

I love that it also includes storage shelves and comes in different colors. This will work for many homeschool situations.

10. 360 Degree Rotating Desk

Tribesigns Rotating Computer Desk with 5 Shelves Bookshelf
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03/17/2024 07:18 pm GMT

This desk is an ultra-modern, simple design.

The book shelf portion offers plenty of storage and is stationary. The desk portion can be rotated to just about any angle you need it to be. 

The desk portion can even be folded against the bookcase and then pulled out when needed.

Perfect for corners, tight spaces, small areas, and limited wall space.

11. Wooden Desk With Built In Bookcase

Ameriwood Contemporary Desk
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03/17/2024 07:24 pm GMT

This is a gorgeous wooden desk that will serve your homeschooler for years.

The desktop provides so much space to spread out work, and the bookshelf will hold curriculum, library books, etc.

The two drawers are perfect for smaller supplies and keeping clutter off the desk.

Plug in a desk lamp and your homeschooler is ready to go!

12. L Shaped Writing Desk With Storage Shelves

Tribesigns Reversible Industrial L-Shaped Desk
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03/17/2024 07:33 pm GMT

This is another homeschool desk that offers ample space to work and provides real storage.

The great thing is that you can orient the whole desk against a wall, OR you can put the bookshelf against the wall so the desk is at a 90-degree angle to the wall.

So if you have limited wall space, this is another winner!

Essential Accessory For The Homeschool Desk Of Your Dreams

LED Desk Lamp with Touch Control
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03/17/2024 07:38 pm GMT

Depending on where you place your desk, your child is going to need a quality desk lamp.

Good lighting can make all of the difference in their concentration and focus. 

There are a ton of great options out there that your kid is going to flip for!

I tend to lean toward the ones that hold school supplies, but you can check them all out by clicking here.

Above All, Do Not Buy These Desks For Your Homeschool Area

1. Traditional School Desk Circa 1950


This might be what you envision when you think of school time, but it is extremely impractical for the homeschooler.

The inside of that will be messy and disorganized. Things will definitely get crumpled and lost. 

The surface is also too small for multiple books or possibly a laptop for any distance learning classes you may be enrolled in.

Your kid will outgrow it at a frightening pace.

Don’t buy it.

2. Adjustable Desk With Adjustable Chair


This is actually the first desk and chair set that I bought for my homeschooler.

I thought it was a great option because it would grow with her through the years.


The adjustable components started breaking down. We actually had to throw the chair out because it was unsafe.  

The top quickly became way too small also. I realized it was just a pretty, plastic version of the 1950s desk.

Not a functional or reliable desk for anything but maybe art projects. Within 2 years my oldest gave it away to her youngest sibling. 

The experience frustrated me, but it taught me a lot about what makes a perfect desk for homeschoolers.

Recap Best Desk For Homeschoolers + One More Tip

Best Desk For Homeschool Pin

I hope this post has inspired you and helped you find the ideal desk for your school. 

You may notice that many of the options were actually home office desks – meant for adults. 

If your child can sit comfortably at a dining room table, then they can sit at an adult desk. Homeschooling will require all that extra space to spread out and work. 

The typical children’s desk will be too small and not have functional homeschool storage. 

What is your must-have feature for a quality desk?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great list, but what about when you have lots of students (currently 4 but more to come)? Is there a setup you recommend for lots of students? Thanks!

    1. Hi Hannah! Great question. Every homeschool is going to be different in how they handle this. The age range of the kids, how well they work independently, how many of your lessons are group lessons, etc. The purpose of the desk is to give each child a flat space to work and focus with as little distraction as possible. I the early years, try to do as much together as you can. As they get older and more independent, you might need to be creative and find places around the house for each child to go for work. One could go to their bedroom, one to the dining room, one to the basement, etc. You could also take turns using the desk if bedrooms are shared. Keep in mind, you may have kids that rebel against a desk and will be perfectly productive on the carpet or in bed. That’s not ideal, but I just say it to show you may not need to worry about a desk for every child. Hope that helps!

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