“Is Homeschooling Right for My Family?” Workbook Guide

The decision to homeschool your kids is easily one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

Do you feel like your head is spinning with all of the things you need to consider?

Are you afraid you’re going to forget something crucial?

Do you feel like you’re constantly changing your mind and just don’t know what to do???

Confession Time:

Mom unsure and anxious about decision to homeschool

I definitely was not confident about my decision to homeschool when I first started out.

I was a ball of nerves and it took me months to finally make the decision to pull my daughter out of public school.

Once I did pull her out of public school, I second guessed myself about 1,000 times.

Was this the best choice?

Am I making a huge mistake?

Am I cut out to do this?

What am I even doing right now?!

A little old lady walking into our church asked me what school my daughter went to and I nearly had an anxiety attack telling her that I was planning to homeschool!

I was so nervous!! I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest!

And let me tell you, I am not an indecisive person!

I only applied to one college, because I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

I never changed my major, because I knew what I wanted to be when I was a sophomore in high school.

But choosing to homeschool is a completely different animal.


Because choosing to homeschool is not about my future – it’s about my kid’s future.

The stakes are infinitely higher.

Are you struggling with whether or not to homeschool your kids?

Do you find yourself constantly changing your mind, sifting through all your reasons, and trying to make sense of all the google research you’ve done?

I have been there!

And as I prepare for our 4th year of homeschooling, I decided to develop a tool to help you make this super important decision with condfidence and peace of mind!

“Is Homeschooling Right For My Family” Workbook Guide!

"Is Homeschooling Right For My Family?" Workbook guide Mockup Cover

I have developed a 20 page downloadable workbook guide that is designed to walk families through every aspect of making the decision to homeschool.

This workbook is going to walk you through:

  • The legal aspects of homeschooling in your state

  • Your own thoughts on education – good and bad

  • What your kids think

  • What role your spouse will play

  • Looking your homeschooling fears straight in the eye

  • Weighing the pros and cons of homeschooling and identifying deal breakers

  • Recognizing the support available to you

  • Taking stock of your budget – both time and money

I have worked so hard on developing this product for all of you moms out there who don’t know which way to turn because I want to give you peace of mind – whether that means you homeschool or not. 

This workbook is not written with an agenda.

It is written to help you finally make a decision about homeschooling and help you have total peace about it.

Wouldn’t it feel great to finally know you had made the right decision?

How would it feel to have complete confidence about homeschooling – whether you’re talking to your mother in law or talking to a cashier?

Yes! I need this workbook guide!

That’s why I made this workbook!

Workbook Guide to Help parents make a decision about homeschooling

I have walked in your shoes, and I know the anxiety is real.

What?! How Can A Workbook Make this Kind of Decision?

You are correct, a workbook cannot make the decision for you.

BUT, this workbook can walk you through a structured decision process.

The current method we all have is to worry, search the internet late at night for guidance, and in the end hope we made the best decision.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

This workbook will walk you through every aspect of this decision – many questions you probably wouldn’t even know to ask – and help you come to a solid decision you have peace with.

In fact, I recommend keeping this workbook to reference back to on days you doubt your decision or on days you need to reevaluate.

Having a written copy of how you made this choice will be invaluable on days that you are ruled by the emotions of frustration, fear, and fatigue.

What Moms are Saying About “Is Homeschooling Right for My Family?” Workbook Guide

Mom who needs to decide about homeschooling








Andrea, mom of 2, has been going back and forth about homeschooling for years.

She just found out that her husband’s job is requiring them to move out of a great school district…to a much less desirable school district in another state.

She feels like her feet are to the fire and she has to finally make a decision about homeschooling once and for all.

After she had some time to look over the workbook, I asked her to send me her most honest thoughts and impressions.

She was kind enough to allow me to share her reply with you:

“This really is a guide to help people organize their thoughts and notes. They are writing them down and hitting so many questions they may never have even considered. For the parent that is brand new to thinking about homeschooling you have given a real eye opener to things you should think about and research! Instead of them having to rack their brain about whether they have thought of everything.”

I’ve heard enough! I need this!

Would You Like a Peek Inside the Workbook Guide???

"Is Homeschooler Right For My Family?" Peak inside workbook

I know it’s super helpful before you purchase something to know what you’re getting!

The workbook guide is structured into these sections:

  • Introduction Page: How to approach the workbook

  • Are You Legal?

  • What Motivates You?

  • ​What’s Your Background?

  • What Support Do You Have?

  • What Do Your Kids Think?

  • What About Your Spouse?

  • What Are You Afraid Of?

  • Got it in the Budget?

  • Knowing All That…

Each section is packed with questions to help you think, analyze, and ultimately decide what is the best way to educate your children.

This 20 page workbook is the perfect tool to help you or someone you know organize their thoughts, get real about their motivations to homeschool, and face their fears head on.

I wrote this workbook for you!

But You’re Running Out of Time…

woman running out of time to decide about homeschooling

This one of a kind workbook is priced at $20, but due to the enormous amount of stressed parents facing homeschooling for the first time – the price has been slashed by 55%!

Grab you copy today and let’s get to work!

Yes! I need this!

Download your copy now and let’s get to work!


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