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A Flexible Homeschool Routine Your Kids will Love!

Trying to find a homeschool routine that you can actually stick with? 

Tired of struggling with your kids to get things done?

Do you feel like a failure when they keep asking “Are we done yet???” and the school work is only half over?

I here you, and I have something to share with you that I think can make a huge difference in your homeschool!

Why You Absolutely Need a Homeschool Routine

Tired of hearing 'Are we done yet?!' during your homeschool day? This simple and flexible homeschool routine is the key to stop the whining and kickstart your kids' productivity! It will give you a daily schedule that is just right for your unique kids. I have been using this routine method for over 3 years in my homeschool and it works - for all my kids! There is even a free printable with so you can get going today!

Believe it or not, I used to be in the Army. I was a proud Army Nurse Corps Officer for 4 years.

One of the things I remember most clearly about being in the Army was the PT (Physical Training) sessions. Running in formation, road marching with huge rucksacks, pushups till your arms collapsed, sit-ups till you couldn’t sit up anymore – it was intense!

By far the worst kind of PT was the unknown. You showed up in the dark of early morning and the leader said you were going on a run.

You started running, but there was no way to know what the pace was going to be, if you were going to be able to keep up, or when it was going to be over.

It was a mental gut check, just as much as a physical gut check!

I can still remember people falling out of a run right before it was over because they didn’t know they were so close to the end.

What does this have to do with homeschooling? Everything!

Your homeschooler needs to know what is ahead of them every morning when they start school.

Not having a clear structure in place for them is just like taking them out on a run with no end in sight.

They are so much more likely to be resistant and whiny when there is not a clear expectation of the day and a clear finish line.

How to Set Up Your Flexible Homeschool Routine

I started doing this from day 1 in my homeschool and I have found it to be tremendously effective in keeping us on track, focused, and getting the assigned work done.

All you will need is your computer, a printer, and some card stock (see bottom of post for free printable!).

Look at your teacher’s manuals and find how many subjects you will be teaching (i.e. math, reading, science, etc.).

Type in the names of the subjects into a document page and blow up the font so only 3 or 4 subjects will fit on a page.

Print them all out on some cardstock (could also use normal computer paper and then laminate it to make them last longer). Then cut the papers into strips. This is what it will look like:

Homeschool Routine Cards - Free Printable

How it Works

At night I go through my teacher’s manual to see what subjects I have to teach in the morning and I display those cards on my magnetic whiteboard.

When my daughter looks at the board in the morning, she can easily see what her day is going to be like. 

Homeschool Routine cards on a magnetic white board

Simple, right? (Btw, I know this looks like a lot, but we do not do every subject every day. Also, some are unique to the curriculum we have chosen).

My daughter becomes a team player with me (as opposed to fighting against me) as we work to tackle the cards every day.

The best part is that every time we finish a subject, the card is turned over. That is a physical action that the child can do to show they have completed their work!

I also love that I never hear, “Are we done yet???” With just a glance at the board, we can all see what is left for the day.

Tip: If you have a whiteboard, write out little notes (i.e. pages to be read) to yourself so you know what needs to be done for each subject. That saves a lot of time when you don’t have to fumble through papers as you transition subjects.

Make it Fun!

I think it’s essential to include your student in the process of making and decorating the cards.

Ask them to draw a picture or decorate the cards in some way. I have found this gives my daughter ownership of the cards and the whole process.

She seems more excited about the first day of school and the new subjects she will be learning about!

Homeschool Kid coloring her routine cards
Oldest giving her cards some flair 🙂

Always keep your homeschool routine flexible

Mix up the order

Just because you put them on the board in a certain order, doesn’t mean you need to follow that order!

A different order will help keep things fresh and interesting for you and your kids.

Let your kid pick what card is next

Your kids would probably love the power of picking the next subject!

Giving that option at times may even head off a tantrum or grumpy attitude.

Break it up

Definitely don’t try to do all the cards in one sitting. Breaks during the homeschool day are huge and kids look forward to that rest.

I may say, “Okay, we will do math, English, history, and then we’ll take a break.”

Or, “Well, we have to leave for co-op now, so when you get home just know you still need to finish your spelling and reading.”

Expectations are clear and she understands with a glance at the board that the day is not done.

You might also want to read here where I write about a weekly reward program for all the cards being flipped over every day. My daughter loves the feeling of working towards something with her schoolwork – as opposed to just doing it to avoid a negative consequence.

Um, this won’t work for me because…

Don’t have a magnetic whiteboard? No problem! Cards can easily be displayed on a bulletin board, on the classroom table, or even on the floor if need be.

Have more than one student and they are doing different subjects? No problem! Just make as many sets of cards as you need. This may work to your advantage. Your students may enjoy a little bit of a race (assuming work is thorough and complete) to see who gets their cards all turned over first.

A little competitiveness can go a long way sometimes!

You’re halfway through the year already? No problem! There is no reason you can’t start this at any time with your students.

Recap Simple Homeschool Routine 

Homeschool routine printable

Do you think your kids would benefit from a clear homeschool routine that tells them what they need to do every day? Do you think YOU would benefit from that visual?

I know that many times those cards keep me organized and motivated just as much as it does my daughter!

Flexible routine is a must in our homeschool and I encourage you to give it a try! It doesn’t have to be rigid or super complicated – a little cardstock and you are set!

Not wanting to fool around with making the cards yourself? Got you covered! I went ahead and made some of them for you! I even left a few blank for any unique subjects you are doing this year.

When you subscribe to The Simple Homeschooler (no spam ever!) your routine card printable will be in your inbox today!


Want to make sure you remember this for later? Pin it to your favorite board!

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  1. Doris Iriarte says:

    Thanks for sharing your blessings, as we had just relocated from Guam to Maryland – so in the midst of all the transitions, I appreciate the tips and freebies to keep homeschooling on track, throughout this period. Looking forward to adjustments with so much support. New Year “cheers” and prayers for our beloved children, for a successful learning journey through the many “resource/experience filled” women/mothers contributing willingly for many to benefit. SHALOM🙏🤍💫 and may we reap what we sow♥️

  2. Jen Mulder says:

    I am a certified teacher K-8 with a Masters in STEM Education, and I am at home with my 3 kids ages 10, 14, and 16. Your scheduling advice has helped me tremendously. Thank you! I truly believe this is where everyone can learn from Homeschoolers who have incredible daily discipline. COVID-19 and our government restrictions are creating new experiences for us all. With your blog, I created a schedule that my kids and I can all live with during this time.

    1. That is so nice to hear, Jen! Thank you for telling me and I wish you the best of luck with your temporary homeschool!

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