Free Printable Cornucopia Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults!

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Looking for some free printable cornucopia coloring pages to bring your Thanksgiving spirit to the next level?

The cornucopia (or “horn of plenty” in Greek) is the perfect symbol of the Thanksgiving season! The harvest is literally overflowing onto the table to represent the blessings of the year – and all that we have to be thankful for. 

These themed cornucopia coloring pages were designed to be used for kids of all ages to enjoy at the Thanksgiving table, homeschool room, Sunday School room, and of course for classroom use too!

Teachers of all kinds are welcome to use these free coloring sheets for quiet work, independent work, sub plans, early finishers, October bulletin boards, or for an awesome hallway display!

To be honest, these printable Thanksgiving coloring pages would also appeal to older kids, high school students, and could even be used as adult coloring pages. On Thanksgiving Day, grandparents will enjoy sitting down with the littles and coloring away while dinner is being made.

I wanted to offer a variety of activities in these free printable coloring pages, so you will see some Bible verses, secular phrases, a worksheet to write in what you’re thankful for, and even an empty cornucopia your child can fill with his own drawings!

Questions to Ask Kids with These Cornucopia Coloring Pages 


The average kid is going to have a hard time connecting fruits and vegetables with blessings – but you’re probably not surprised to hear that.

A cornucopia overflowing with oreos, video games, and air pods might make more sense to kids these days. 

But since that would be truly horrifying, here are some things to help your kids dig in a little deeper with these free thanksgiving coloring pages and truly get something out of it.

To make it a little bit more of a fun activity, my husband wanted me to add some of his less serious questions – enjoy!

  • Why do you think the cornucopia is always pictured with overflowing contents?

  • What blessings have been overflowing in your life this year?

  • What do you think the cornucopia should be made out of? Bugle chips? Waffle cone?

  • What are you thankful for that others might be tempted to take for granted?

  • If you could replace anything in the cornucopia with a candy, what candy would it be and why?

  • What would a modern cornucopia today be stuffed with? There is an empty cornucopia coloring page below for this question!

Free Printable Cornucopia Coloring Pages

****Click the images below for the printable version and instant download. Be cool and remember these fun thanksgiving coloring pages are meant for non-commercial use. Please do not attempt to sell them or redistribute them per the terms of use.

1. “I Am Thankful For…” 

I am Thankful For Cornucopia Coloring Page

2. “Give Thanks for All Things”

Give Thanks for All Things Cornucopia Coloring Pages

3. “All the Things I Am Thankful For”

Empty Cornucopia Coloring Page

4. “I Am Thankful”

I Am Thankful Cornucopia Coloring Pages

5. “I Am Blessed”

I Am Blessed Cornucopia Coloring Page

6. “Happy Thanksgiving”

Happy Thanksgiving Cornucopia Coloring Page

7. “Happy Thanksgiving”

Happy Thanksgiving 2 Coloring Page

8. “I Will Give Thanks to the Lord With My Whole Heart”

Give Thanks Cornucopia Coloring Page

9. “Today I Am Thankful”

Today I Am Thankful Cornucopia Coloring Page

10. “Tis The Season to Be Thankful”

Tis The Season Cornucopia Coloring Page

Recap Free Printable Cornucopia Coloring Pages

I hope your family or class really enjoys these free Thanksgiving coloring pages!

Coloring together is a great way for kids to process things, talk, ask questions, and learn.

If your kids are liking the Thanksgiving-themed fun, consider trying a cornucopia craft to keep it going! If that’s a step too far, try having your kids draw their own cornucopia scene for some extra practice and a fun art lesson.

You could also surprise your kids and grab a real cornucopia basket and take them to the store for some decorative pieces to stuff it with – a real life cornucopia craft and not just a picture of one!

Either way, I am sure you are on your way to a great Thanksgiving and a rich fall season full of blessings! 

If you enjoyed using these coloring pages, please drop a comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear about it!

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