*New & Improved* NOEO Science Sneak Peek: Physics 1!

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I just dumped the entire NOEO Science Physics 1 Box onto my kitchen island!

They have seriously revamped their curriculum, and I am so excited to share all the improvements!

We used NOEO Science Biology 1 last year with my kindergartener and 2nd grader and had an absolute blast. My kids were very quick to come running for their science lessons! 

It was by far the most manageable and successful year we’ve had for science. 

This year we are looking forward to digging into NOEO Science Physics 1 – the new and improved version!

First Impressions From Opening Up NOEO Science Physics 1 Box

NOEO Science Physics First Unboxing Image

I mean, I don’t want to be melodramatic and say that I heard homeschooling angels singing as all the books and science kits slid out onto my kitchen island…but that is kinda what it was like!

Tons of colorful, fun science books, a massive amount of experiment supplies, an awesome STEM kit, and more!

My first thought was literally, “My kids are going to love this!” 

Okay, Okay, So What Exactly Is In the Box?

I had several homeschool moms come over to my house last year to look through my NOEO Science box because they were so curious to find out more about the curriculum!

For you, lovely readers, I am going to lay it all out. 

Instructor Guide, Experiment Guide, and Lab Manual

NOEO Science Physics 1 Lab Manual, Experiment Guide, and Instructor's Guide

These three books are going to help you make sense of everything else in the box!

The Instructor Guide gives you an overview of each week, as well as daily work assignments, talking points, and answers to workbook questions (handy to have!).

The Experiment Guide will walk you through everything for setting up your experiments and explanations for what happened in the experiments. 

The Lab Manual is your kid’s record of all the fun they will have this year! It is full of worksheet-style questions to help your budding scientist maximize and internalize what they are learning.

****Just a note that if you have a younger learner, you can always do the Lab Manual section orally. If you have a struggling writer, consider letting them dictate to you or copy from the board. Either way, don’t let the writing part steal from the science fun!

13 Living Books

NOEO Science Physics 1 Living Books

Be still my homeschool heart.

The NOEO Science Physics 1 Box is packed with so many good books! I am literally going to have to hide them from my kids in a closet so they don’t tear through all of them!

There are books on scientists: Albert Einstein, Galileo, and Newton.

There are books on inventors: Now & Ben: The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin, The Story of Inventions, and Alexander Graham Bell.

There are also graphic novel-style books – aka comic books – about sound, forces and motion, magnetism, and light. Super fun way to draw kids into science!

Lastly, there is an I Can Read! book about flight, a National Geographic Kids book about space, and How Do You Lift a Lion.

****For those wondering, I flipped through the National Geographic Kids book and did not see any Big Bang Theory talk or “millions and billions of years ago.”

Simple Machines STEM Kit


This box is 100% #homeschoolgoals!

According to the outside of the box, it has everything you need to make pulleys, levers, and a bunch of other cool mechanical engineering things!

And Those Science Kits!

NOEO Science Physics 1 Kits

I know the above image just looks like 4 pieces of paper in plastic protectors, but those are actually massive bundles of science experiment supplies!

I will be doing multiple experiments every week with my kids…and these 4 packs have everything I will need to do them!

They are stuffed with random things like prisms, copper wire, ping pong balls, chopsticks, marbles, corks, and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t want to have to track down. 

4 Ways The New & Improved NOEO Science Went To The Next Level

Road to Improvement - Words on Street 

1. More Experiments

Last year we did NOEO Biology 1 and there were experiments to do, but not very many.

We loved reading the books, finding out about new animals, and drawing pictures in the lab manual, but we would go weeks at a time without doing something hands-on.

NOEO definitely fixed that!

This year we are slated to do experiments every single week! I know my kids are going to love getting off the couch, learning with their hands, and really experiencing science. 

2. Everything Actually Included For A Year of Homeschool Science

When I saw that the outside of the experiment kits had a list of materials on it for every week, I literally thought it was a shopping list. 

You see, last year there were extra things I had to pick up and I was a little annoyed about how the shopping list was organized in the Instructor’s Guide. The included materials that the NOEO website talked about were only for the 4 large experiments we did that year. 

My jaw literally started to fall open as I realized that ALL the materials listed were actually in the kit! 

This is going to make science that much easier on me this year. Love it!

3. Guided Questions and Answers After Reading

Most of my readers know that I am a big lover of discussion in my homeschool. It helps so much to engage kids and enrich the learning experience!

I love that NOEO now has a section in the Instructor’s Guide to dig into the reading material and talk with kids about the most important points.

Oh, and they provide the answers to the questions… super helpful when your mind accidentally starts to drift off while reading a lesson.

I mean, if that’s ever happened to you or anything.

4. Worksheet Style Lab Manual

NOEO Science Physics 1 Workbook Page

Our Biology 1 Lab Manual was essentially a large book of blank pages. 

The pages were structured in that they had sections to write definitions, draw pictures, and make notes, but that was about it.

I instantly loved that the Physics 1 Lab Manual has guided questions! I think that will focus the lessons and help kids to grasp the concepts so much better. 

Recap New NOEO Science Physics 1 Review

I am super excited to dive into this curriculum, Homeschool Mama!

It know it’s a little bit of an investment, but I think it will pay off big time!

Are you using NOEO Science this year too? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Do you have questions before you buy?

Drop a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer, or pop over to the NOEO Science website for my info!

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