Pre K Homeschool Schedule: One Hour Per Day!

Wondering how to do Pre-K at home with your kid?

Not sure what pre-K homeschool schedule you should be following or how long this is all going to take?

Are you imagining a full day of mess, loud noises, and chaos?

Fear not, Homeschool Mama!

Homeschool Pre-K is so much fun and takes much less time and energy than you are imagining!

You can absolutely complete your homeschool pre-K schedule in an hour or less a day!


But first I want to go over some things you probably want answered:

What Am I Supposed to Teach in a Pre-K Homeschool Schedule?

Looking for a PreK Homeschool schedule that works for your kid and your busy schedule? Check out the 2 schedule options you can use to knock out Pre-K in one hour a day! It is the perfect balance of time, energy, core subjects, and fun!

The basic subjects to teach your child are:

  • Bible (my preference)

  • Math

  • Handwriting (fine motor skills)

  • Reading (pre-reading skills)

  • Art

  • Music

  • Science

Head on over to – Pre K Homeschool Curriculum Picks! – to find out what curriculum I recommend for each of these subjects.

Is One Hour Per Day Really Enough for Pre K?


Did you know that many private pre-K schools only meet 3 days per week?

And when they do meet, it is only for the morning: 9 am-12 pm?

Much of that three hours is spent playing, eating snacks, waiting in line for the bathroom, and listening to storytime.

Academic instruction with the room of 20 kids is not very long.

Your one-on-one instruction will get much more done and be more customized to your kid’s needs!

Not to mention, it will be a ton cheaper than any private pre-K school would charge!

Pre K Homeschool Schedule Option One: Loop Schedule

Loop for pre-k Homeschool schedule

The first option you can try is a loop schedule.

What that means is that you put your subjects in order and work through them as much as you can in an hour every day.

The next day you pick up with where you left off and keep going!

This kind of schedule is a great way to keep things fresh, fun, and low stress.

What does a pre-k loop schedule look like in action?


9:00-9:10 – Bible & Prayer

9:10-9:30 – Reading Skills

9:30-9:40 – Active Break

9:40-10:00 – Science


9:00-9:10 – Bible & Prayer

9:10-9:30 – Math Skills

9:30-9:40 – Active Break

9:40-10:00 – Art


9:00-9:10 – Bible & Prayer

9:10-9:20 – Handwriting Skills

9:20-9:30 – Music

9:30-9:40 – Active Break

9:40-10:00 – Reading Skills


9:00-9:10- Bible & Prayer

9:10-9:30 – Science

9:30-9:40 – Active Break

9:40-10:00 – Math Skills


9:00-9:10- Bible & Prayer

9:10-9:30 – Art

9:30-9:40 – Active Break

9:40-9:50 – Handwriting Skills

9:50-10:00 – Music

Do you see how the loop went from reading, science, math, art, handwriting, music, and then back to reading?

You would just continue in that loop day after day!

Some days you may move faster through the loop and get more done, or maybe you move slower through the loop because your kid is really enjoying a lesson.

Either way, your kid is getting plenty of core work and enrichment fun!

Pre K Homeschool Schedule Option Two: Specials Schedule

Special Schedule for Pre K homeschool

I love this schedule because it makes sure the core subjects (reading, writing, and math) are covered daily- but there is always a fun enrichment activity to spice it up!

Something special to do every day!

Below is an option for an easy Monday, Wednesday, Friday pre-K schedule.

You could easily make it a 5 Day schedule by adding other “specials” such as P.E., Spanish, or computer time.

****To make the one hour time fit, I took the Bible portion out. You could easily add that back in during breakfast or your morning routine.


9:00-9:15 – Reading Skills

9:15 – 9:30 – Science (special)

9:30 – 9:40 – Active Break

9:40 – 9:50 – Handwriting Practice

9:50 – 10am – Math Skills


9:00-9:15 – Reading Skills

9:15 – 9:30 – Art (special)

9:30-9:40 – Active Break

9:40 – 9:50 – Handwriting Skills

9:50-10:00 – Math Skills


9:00-9:15 – Reading Skills

9:15 – 9:30 – Music (special)

9:30-9:40 – Active Break

9:40 – 9:50 – Handwriting Skills

9:50-10:00 – Math Skills

Quick Tips for a Successful Pre-K Homeschool Schedule

Pre k teacher and students

I hope you are loving these simple schedule options, but I also want to drop some tips to help you use them to their fullest potential.

  • Be high energy with your kid! Give it your all for one hour and your kid will glow with delight when school comes around.
  • Don’t stress about anything! Pre-K is a very introductory time. It does not matter if they continue to get confused about the difference between a square and rectangle or which way the letter D faces. Always smile, always encourage. They will get it with time.
  • Make sure the breaks are active! Kids need to move! Have your kid run around and do something during their break. They will do much better academically if they get their energy out.
  • Do not skip breaks! You may be tempted to keep your kid at the table and just knock out stuff. Don’t do it. That 10 minutes saved will cost you later. Trust me.
  • Leave your kid wanting more. You may be tempted to keep going past the hour because your kid is just eating up the curriculum. Don’t do that. Keep the anticipation up for school and tell them they have to wait till tomorrow to see what treasure you have waiting for them!
  • Read a ton to your kids. This schedule does not include time for reading stories mostly because it is assumed that you already do that at home. Make sure you find time in the day to read to your kid for 20-30 minutes. It has so many benefits for their reading skills, vocabulary, imagination, and attention span!

Pre-K Homeschool Schedule Recap

As you can see, homeschool pre-k is a very manageable (and fun!) option for busy parents.

With the right curriculum and a simple schedule, you can have a blast teaching your kid!

It doesn’t have to take a ton of time, money, or energy.

And you will likely surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it and how glad you are that you chose to educate your child at home!

Want to save all of these schedules for later? Good idea. Be sure to pin them to your favorite Pinterest and share them with your homeschooling friends and followers!

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