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The Best Side Hustle for Homeschool Moms: Make Money While Homeschooling!

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Are you looking for a side hustle, part-time job, or work from home opportunity to help you make money and bridge the gap in your homeschool budget?

Homeschooling is a pretty sweet gig, but in order to make it work, one parent usually has to give up the typical 9-5 job and invest a significant amount of time with the kids.

This can cause some anxiety during your budget talks when you start looking at curriculum, registering for co-ops, planning field trips…or even grocery store trips.  

Living on one income is a significant challenge for many families and one of the biggest barriers that keep people from even attempting to homeschool. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

There are great side hustles out there that can help you earn extra money on the side, so you CAN homeschool your kids without giving up namebrand mac & cheese or putting money in savings!

I can feel your doubt about this homeschool side hustle already seeping through the screen. 

You’ve heard it all before and you’re so done with the work from home jobs that are ALL the same. 

Looking for the best side hustle for homeschool moms? Trying to find a way to make real money from home to make your homeschool budget work? But you don't want to sign for *another* MLM that will fall flat?Find out why Recess & Results is by far the best side hustle out there - you can make money while you homeschool!

Sell some very expensive product – make up, supplements, essential oils, containers, kid’s books – to everyone you know. 

It’s so easy, and it’s so fun!

The product is so great that people will be begging you for it!

Money will practically be falling from the sky! 

It won’t even feel like a job!

Sound familiar?

Why Typical Side Hustles Fail Homeschool Moms

Homeschool side hustles that don't work

Like most of you, I have watched the birth of the Side Hustle Generation.

I think it’s a great thing that has helped many people provide for their kids in ever creative ways…but there are some large red flags that cause homeschool moms to pause. 

1. Regular, Structured Time Commitment

Homeschool moms are incredibly squished for time. 

Between planning lessons, doing school, running a household, keeping up with co-op, playdates, lessons, appointments, feeding all the people, and everything else – there just isn’t much time – or energy – left over. 

Adding in a regular demand on time for a side hustle can be stress.ful.

Especially if the work from home job doesn’t give you control over when that time is expected from you. 

2. The Need for Quiet

Many work from home jobs are going to require you to be on the phone, attending virtual meetings, or even running Facebook Live videos…on a regular basis.

Um, the only thing a homeschool mom hears is – you need to be in a quiet room for an extended period of time. 

That is not happening. Period.

A homeschool mom typically has her kids with her around the clock.

Maybe you could pull it off occasionally – with help – but not on a regular basis. 

3. Sell to All Your Friends and Family…What Could Go Wrong?!

This is just a giant pain, whether you homeschool or not. 

Typically a side hustle encourages you to start with a list of everybody you know….and even people you haven’t seen in a while. 

This tends to take a very extroverted, bold personality that many people struggle to develop. 

I remember an old friend reached out and we had their family over for dinner. I was so happy to catch up and entertain them. The dinner conversation quickly shifted as both the husband and wife started pitching me a face cream MLM business.

It was in front of my husband, you guys. I was feeling every bit of my 30 something-year-old skin and I didn’t like it. 

Selling to friends can get slimy, which is why a lot of people end up quitting their side hustle and cutting their losses. 

Hello Recess & Results: The Side Hustle of Your Homeschool Dreams!

Recess and Results Logo

Recess and Results is the *perfect* side hustle for homeschool moms. 

It does not require any of the above issues AND this upcoming business has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Oprah

Keep reading to find out:

  • All the reasons that Recess & Results works for homeschool families

  • A detailed interview with Beth Vazquez, the founder of Recess & Results, and Bridget Bonanno, one of the many successful Recess & Results owners

  • Exactly what it takes to start this business and make it successful

  •  Who would NOT be a good fit for Recess & Results

  • How you can seriously make money WHILE homeschooling!

Why “Recess and Results” is the Ideal Side Hustle for Homeschool Moms

Homeschool mom running her side hustle business from home
Recess & Results owner, Bridget Bonanno, running her Backyard Recess Class

1. Not Selling a Product

No need for inventory, catalogs, or returns with this business.

Because you are not selling a product – you are selling an experience!

2. Not Selling to Family and Friends

Sure, you could invite friends and family to participate in your recess classes and get the word out. I mean what parent wouldn’t want to sign their kid up for a class packed with fun, fitness, and obstacle courses these days?!

But a large part of the Recess & Results business model is to network with churches, community centers, afterschool programs, etc. to get your recess classes out there!

One owner, Marea Parson, has been so successful that she has taken the steps to rent out a room in a mall for her classes!

3. No Experience Needed

Kids on obstacle course at home business run by homeschool mom

Included with your sign up is all the training and certification you will need. The only thing required is a good attitude and a devotion to faith, family, and fitness!

You will also be given ongoing mentorship, advice, support, community, and sales/marketing materials from Recess & Results.

4. No Planning/Creativity Needed

You may be stressed that you would have no idea how to run a recess class or come up with more than a few ideas.

All of the curriculum and planning to run recess classes is also done for you and provided by Recess & Results!

They call it the “Plug and Play” system!

5. Your Kids are Encouraged to Participate!

Just about every other work from home job is offended by the sight and sound of children.

This job ENCOURAGES you to bring your children to work – and they will actually have fun! No complaining about mommy working too hard hunched over the computer. 

Mommy will be paid to play!

6. It’s in Huge Demand

homeschool kids playing outside

I have never seen a time in our country where parents are more inclined to get their kids out of the house and active.

Just the other day I tried to sign my kid up for horseback riding lessons. 

I was told that the stables were booked solid – all they had left was a slot for a week long summer camp that was 6 months away. The stables told me they have never seen growth like this and they attribute it to COVID exhausted parents who are trying to get their kids outside. 

Recess & Results offers a business plan that will not go out of style. Money may get tight and people will stop buying expensive MLM products, but parents consistently show that they will prioritize their kids! 

7. You are Not Paying the Man – You’re Paying Yourself!

Most side hustles are designed for corporate to get the majority of the profit and you receive a small percentage for your efforts to sell their product.  

Recess & Results has a very unique setup where they allow owners to keep 100% of their profits. 

That is amazing and just about unheard of! All profits are directly deposited into YOUR account!

8. Customizable Schedule and Income

You are running the show! 

You can spend as much time or as little time as you have to start building your business!

I love this for busy homeschool moms who can’t commit much time, but do have the time to lay a foundation for the future. Maybe this year you can only teach one class a week.

And next year you can expand to two classes or more as your kids get older. 

9. You’re Getting Paid to Homeschool!

work from home business for homeschoolers and kids
Montrae Jemison leading kids through her Recess & Results obstacle course.

There are SO MANY things about this business that count for homeschooling that you are doing WITH your kids. 

You will be teaching them about fitness, health, business, entrepreneurship, and so many other things!

This side hustle really is the ideal fit for homeschool moms!

****Read enough? Click on Over to Recess & Results to find out more and get going with your business!

Want to Know More About the Recess & Results Business?

Check Out My Interview with The Founder of Recess & Results, Beth Vazquez, and current Recess & Results Business Owner, Bridget Bonanno!

Founder of side hustle business Recess and Results
Beth Vazquez, founder of Recess & Results

Beth, what exactly is Recess & Results and what led you to start this company?

Recess & Results is the #1 side-hustle for moms with passions for faith + family + fitness!
Our independent owners join the mission to change the world, one recess at a time, and GET PAID TO PLAY, offering ready-made, play-based Recess programs in their communities.   
Becoming a mom changed me in ways I wasn’t ready for and I battled with mom-guilt!  I was career-driven, but didn’t want to miss any of the “mom-ents” with my kids.  God showed me a way to turn my passions into a paycheck, and then called me to share that same system that gave me so much fulfillment and freedom with other moms with the same passions.”

How has the business evolved with COVID?

Kids in Face Masks and playing with parachute

“COVID hit kids and families HARD. As moms we can all agree that physical, mental, and spiritual strength has NEVER been more important.  We also have a newfound appreciation for the village God has blessed us with to help us shape STRONG kids! 
R&R is honored to be a part of the village for so many families and we take that responsibility seriously.  When COVID hit we quickly shifted our in person classes and created virtual recess clubs which were a HIT! 
As things are starting to open back up, independent owners follow local guidelines and provide the connections kids & families are craving, and the physical activity they desperately need, in safe in-person settings (outdoor whenever possible).”

Recess & Results was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Oprah Magazine. How did that feel to have your hard work and vision recognized by such high profile publications?   

First – it is God’s vision.  I am simply doing my best to be obdient to His calling and as a result, He is blessing me, my family, and my Recess sisters in INCREDIBLE ways.  
It is an indescribable feeling.  I mean – OPRAH!!!  I have always admired her so much and have dreams of meeting her one day and just soaking up all her wisdom.  And Entrepreneur Magazine…. I vivedly remember reading Entrepreneur one day at the gym and dreaming about being featured one day. 
It seemed crazy.  And then one day there I was…. reading an Entrepreneur article about ME and Recess & Results and it hit me – my God-sized dreams were coming true.  All because I surrendered to Him (FINALLY), and realized I was never meant to do it alone. 
It was a humbling God moment.  He gets all the glory.  I praise Him for the sisterhood that is Recess & Results.  
****Check out the Recess & Results article in Entrepreneur Magazine – HERE

Beth, can you share how owners are meant to grow their business? 

“We provide ‘5 Steps to Your First $500′ as a part of the ‘Side-Hustle Success Kit‘ and ongoing support we provide. 
It is not a business solely focused on friends and families, but meant to serve the communities where our owners are located (and beyond with the option of virtual classes)!  Getting started is often the hardest part of any new endeavor. 
Our 5-step process is proven, profitable, and effective!

What requirements (or suggested characteristics) do you have for signing up business owners? 

Mom running side hustle business in her backyard
Lani Landera, Recess & Results owner, running one of her many successful classes.
“Passions for faith + family + fitness and a desire to change the world, one recess at a time!!!  Most of our owners are moms, teachers, or fitness professionals with those passions who love to play!”

How much money will I have to invest in Recess & Results to start a business?

“Our start-up system is valued at about $1200, and our monthly support at about $1350. 
I know most moms can’t afford that (I certainly would not have been able to). I really felt called to create a business model that would allow for the proven plug + play system that is needed to be successful at – an investment the average mom could afford
So, our owners pay just $49 / month for the license, systems, programs, and support we provide, AND they keep 100% of what they earn teaching classes (minus processing fees from our technology partner Sawyer Tools). 
Class registration fee are direct deposited into owners’ bank accounts, without filtering through Recess & Results. 
Everyone tells me I am crazy!  But it is so important to me that moms see success and this doesn’t become another thing on their list of things they tried but didn’t work out.”

Can you share your favorite success story of one of your R&R business owners?

Homeschooling Recess and Results business owner running side hustle class
Marea Parson, Recess & Results owner, working hard during one of her recess classes.
“Just one??!  There are so many!   
Marea Parson (homeschool mom) in South Carolina just secured space in a mall for Recess classes!  She runs a wildly successful homeschool recess club, offers free neighborhood recess classes that are supported by a GoFundMe campaign, and is building a team of instructors under her to keep up with the demand.  From day 1 she had a big vision and it is amazing to see God bringing those dreams He planted in her heart to life, and changing the world through her!  Marea’s classes bridge racial divides and are raising up a strong generation of bold believers, the next generation of leaders, who bring hope.  It gives me spirit shivers to witness.”
Lani Landera, working mom in Miami, FL, recently raised over $2000 for a local nonprofit called Julen Smiles.  Lani runs “Recess for a Cause” classes every month, supporting local charities and shining such a light in the community. 
Bridget Bonanno in MD runs a thriving Backyard Recess Club for the virtual school kids in her community, giving kids the connections they are craving, the physical activity they need, and giving moms the break they deserve!  Bridget’s confidence in herself has grown so much as she continues to tell me she chooses ‘Faith Over Fear’ and leans into her calling.”

Hi, Coach Bridget! How long have you been running your Recess & Results business and exactly how did you set up your business?

Homeschool Mom Recess and Results business owner with kid
Bridget Bonanno, Recess & Results owner, finishing the Recess & Results Family Olympics with her son
“I have been hosting weekly classes, holiday events, and now birthday parties for 8 months (counting from my first class that is). 
I passed my certification in June of 2020 but waited to start my actual “Recess and Results with Bridget”  business until September.  
Multiple reasons factored into the delay in having my first class but mainly I wanted to make sure I had all my ducks in a row:
  • Make sure I had the “staple” equipment necessary – this does not need to be much.  I started with stuff to build an obstacle course such as cones and an agility ladder.  I also grabbed some hula hoops, jump ropes, beanbags, a parachute, and a tug of war rope.  You can start with as little or as much as you are comfortable with and you can always accumulate as you go.

  • Insurance purchased. 

  • Class outline confidence.

  • Personalized, professional marketing material. I simply invited a close friend over with their kids for a run through of a mock class. My friend took pictures, the kids had a blast, and I gained confidence through the experience! 

  • Once I had pictures, I set up my webpage – which R&R provides!

  • After that, I created an invite through the Sawyer website (also provided by R&R) for a free demo class. And from that point on I ran one class per week (pending weather and excluding holidays).

Knowing what I know now I would not have waited so long to host my first class!
Fear was one thing that factored in then and looking back now I know I was just in my own head!”

Talk to me about insurance. Why do you need it? How much does it cost?

When I became an owner, I was advised to get insurance.  The cost is around $200 for the year. 
Not only do I feel safer knowing I have it but it also gives a degree of credibility to moms as well as when creating partnerships with other businesses.”

Starting a business can get pricey. How quickly were you able to make back the money you invested?

Recess and Results kids playing during homeschool mom's side hustle
Coach Bridget’s very passionate Recess & Results students
“Each owner sets their own prices for their classes so each individual will have their own answer here.  But for me personally, I lead a 1.5 hour class at $15.00 per attendee.  I typically have 12 kids per class averaging $180 income for one class.  (The minimum number of attendees I’ve ever had was 6 and the maximum number was 16 ( this one was with an assistant). 
With that said, you make your start up fee back anywhere from 1 to 3 classes tops.”

What was the first week like working your Recess & Results business?

“The first week was both exciting and nerve wracking as anything new can be scary.  I wasn’t sure how the kids were going to respond. 
They LOVED it and did not want class to end.  Kids were craving peer socialization and they were thrilled to have the outlet to play fun exercise games outside.”

What is a typical work week like now? What do you actually do? How many hours do you put into it? Where do you find that time in an already crowded homeschooling schedule?

“A typical work week for me includes the following: 
  • On Mondays, I create and post that week’s class registration on Saywer (which is a payment platform that R&R provides for you once you become an owner).  I post the sign-up link on my business Facebook page: “Recess & Results with Bridget“,  and I text that link to all the current Recess & Results attendees’ moms.  

  • I review and customize my Recess Class outline and I check off my checklist of prep work that needs to occur prior to class (i.e. making name tags, preparing my yard, making sure my music device is charged, etc.)

  • Day of class: I lay out my obstacle course, stations, and signs. 

  • I set up my check-in table, water table, and craft table. And then I get paid to play with kids for an hour and a half.  The first hour is entertaining exercise games and then we added an extra half hour for crafts as the kids did not want to leave after only an hour!

Keep in mind, all of the curriculum is provided for you. You get to add your personal touch to everything but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
You do of course want to stay organized and constantly have ongoing prospect lists that you continuously add to.”

How long did it take for you to feel your side business was profitable and successful? 

Kids playing with parachute for work from home business

“When the kids that came to the demo class continued to come back and when the referrals came rolling in is when I knew it was a success.”

What would you say to a busy homeschool mom who is thinking about starting their own Recess & Results side hustle?

“My advice to anyone thinking of starting their own Recess & Results business is: Do it!!!  Choose Faith over fear and take the leap. 
The kids love it, the parents appreciate it, and you will not regret it! This truly is such a rewarding “job” that provides both income…and impact!!!
Beth [founder of Recess & Results] lays out step by step instructions so you don’t have to fear not knowing what to do.  And, all of the recess owners will be by your side cheering you on and answering any questions you may have. Fear in this scenario is just “False Expectations Appearing Real”. 
Get out of your head and trust Gods plan for you!  The ripple effect of positive outcomes will astound you…..if you just take the first step.”

Becoming a Recess & Results Owner: FAQ

All of us are guilty of skimming a super long article like this one and missing some pretty important facts! 

So here are the down and dirty facts you are probably searching for:

1. What Is Recess & Results?

The perfect side hustle for homeschool moms! 

You will run super fun fitness classes for kids in your community and get paid to play with your kids!

2. How Do I Make Money as a Recess & Results Owner?

Recess & Results will provide you with all the training you need to get on your feet with your business.

You will decide how much you want to charge per child in your classes. 

You will decide how many classes you can handle a week. 

You may also take advantage of other opportunities to partner with afterschool programs or churches. Birthday parties, mommy and me classes, recess parties, and summer camps are also an option!

You will do all of this following the very successful Recess & Results: “5 Steps to Your First $500!”

3. Do I Have to Come Up with What to Teach Every Week?


The Recess & Results Team provides you with on going curriculum that they call “Plug + Play,” so you don’t need to come up with the material for your classes.

4. How Much Money Do I Have to Invest To Get Started?

You initially pay $249 to sign on as an owner. 

After that, you pay $49/month for access to all the Recess & Results logo, curriculum, and ongoing training. 

It is also suggested that you purchase insurance (roughly $200/year) and materials to run your recess (plastic cones, hula hoops, etc.).

Current owners find that they earn back their investment in the first few classes they run.

5. How Do I Know If I’m Qualified to Run a Fitness Program for Kids??

Recess & Results just wants people who are committed to their core values – faith, family, and fitness! 

The R&R team will provide all the certification and training you need to run successful recess classes! 

Recess & Results is Not the Right Side Hustle for Your Homeschool Life if…

  • You are not passionate about faith + family + fitness

  • You hate exercise

  • You don’t enjoy being outside

  • You don’t think getting paid to play (with your own kids) sounds like FUN

  • You don’t want to laugh until you cry

  • You aren’t interested in joining a movement with like-minded moms

  • You do not have a desire to use your passions for a purpose

The Perfect Homeschool Side Hustle Recap

Kids playing tug of war outside

I have to tell you, Homeschool Mama, if I wasn’t neck deep in writing this blog for all of you wonderful women – I would be starting my own Recess & Results business!

This side hustle is undoubtedly the perfect way to help homeschool families earn a second stream of income at a pace they can handle. 

Still need more info? Join the Recess & Results no-pressure + no strings attached info group on Facebook! Just click – HERE!

Recess and Results business for homeschool mom picture collage




  1. I’m really curious, this looks like a great opportunity. My husband and I had actually talked about doing something like this before because the only homeschool PE programs we could find in our community are either too expensive or the kids are too old. We would love something that targets a younger (early elementary) age group. I noticed the start-up cost to become a business owner but is there a fee for the master class that was mentioned in the email?

    1. Hi Krystal! Yes, there is a fee for the masterclass, but the fee includes a bunch of bonuses, such as start-up equipment, weekly coaching, etc. Once you fill out the form, and if you are chosen for the Master Class, Beth will reach out with all the details before you have to make a decision. I considered adding in all the details to my email, but it would have been information overload for most people. I hope that helps!

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