The Homeschool Morning Hack I Still Use 2 years Later

Don’t you just love a great homeschool hack?!

I love and hate that feeling I get when I discover a really neat way to solve a problem – why didn’t I think of that before? That is so obvious!

Well, I had the awesome luck of running across a pretty great homeschool tip during my first year of homeschooling.

I was in a homeschool Facebook group and a woman mentioned that she had finally gotten around to buying her homeschool mom uniform.

What was she talking about?!

The more I thought about it, listened to her advice, and looked at what she bought…I realized she was a genius! And I have been following her homeschool hack for the last 2 years!

Is getting dressed every morning a chore?

Mom can't find right clothes. She needs homeschool hack.

I know for me it used to be, and I am guessing it is a pain for most moms out there.

I have too many clothes in my closet! And at the same time I have nothing to wear.

Here are the problems with my overflowing closet:

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  • Some don’t fit
  • Some are outdated
  • Some I just don’t like
  • Some are horribly wrinkled
  • Some are too uncomfortable to run around with my kids all day
  • Some I love…but I don’t wear them because I love them! I don’t want my kids to get paint, glue, tomato sauce, dirt, or juice on it.

Therefore, I have nothing to wear and I sit around in my comfy pajamas all day.

What exactly is wrong with pajamas all day?!

Tired mom in pajamas needs a homeschool hack

I know, right! Comfy pajamas are awesome!

Plus, I have a school to run – I can’t be spending all of this time looking for an outfit nobody is going to see anyways.

Well, in my first few months of homeschooling, I did discover there are a number of drawbacks to just choosing to not get dressed all day.

  • Self respect. It’s hard to look at yourself with respect when you are in your pajamas on the daily.
  • My spouse. I feel like a bum when my husband comes home for lunch and I’m still wearing my robe.
  • My kids. I really did’t want my kids to remember me as a woman who was in her pajamas all the time.
  • Productivity. Pajamas are super comfy, so they lend themselves to naps and laying on the couch. They do not usually produce days full of proud achievements.
  • Delay errands. When you need to pop out to the store or do any other sudden errand, it takes you a minute (or lots of minutes) to get yourself presentable. Which usually irritates your waiting kids. And then you have to herd them like cats to get out the door and the whole thing takes way longer than it should have.
  • When the door bell rings. True story. My neighbor was concerned for my life because I left my garage door open all night by accident. She was convinced we had all been killed in our sleep and would not stop ringing my doorbell. I finally got to the door in my pajamas with a sweatshirt pulled over my head. It was 10am. I felt pretty sloppy looking and wondered what she thought about our “homeschooling.”

So what is the solution?

As I said, I just happen to read a Facebook post from a mom sharing a homeschool hack she had come up with on her own. She was annoyed to watch her husband dress quickly in his uniform every day as she floundered to pick something out.

She decided to buy 5 pairs of black leggings, and 5 tunic length tops in different colors – a homeschool mom uniform!


Every morning she got dressed in under 1 minute and was ready to walk out the door.

I loved the idea!!

Thankfully my husband understood because he is in the military and gets the benefit of wearing the same thing everyday.

Very soon, I purchased black leggings and several tunic length tops. As the seasons change, I just switched to legging capris and tank top tunics, or full leggings with long sleeved tunic tops.

Why this homeschool hack works so amazingly well

This investment in my wardrobe has immensely streamlined my morning routine. Check out all these awesome benefits:

  • Black leggings are cheap – not going to break the bank!
  • I can get dressed in under a minute and I’m ready for anything!
  • They rarely show a stain
  • They go with everything on planet Earth
  • They are stretchy for those days you need stretch
  • They are comfortable for getting on the floor with your kids or working around the house
  • They always look presentable. Put on flats and a scarf and you can go to church. Put on flip flops and ball cap and you’re ready for the park. Easy peasy.
  • Tunic tops are roomy, flowy, flattering, comfortable, BUT not sloppy looking.
  • It feels like you’re wearing pajamas all day, but you can open the door to the neighbor with confidence.
  • I feel like my life is together when I am dressed and teaching my kids.

Want to see what I wear?

I am a big Amazon fan and love that they offer so many clothes with free returns. I do not have time to go shopping leisurely for clothes when my kids are with me. I find I am rushed and make poor decisions that way.

I have sent a number of things back, but these were keepers:

These leggings are amazing!! They are inexpensive, so soft, and durable. I can wear them in any season and they come in a bunch of patterns if you’re into that.

I have bought cheap leggings from Walmart (and Amazon) before and have always been disappointed in how they wear over time. Buy these and you will not be disappointed! Check out the reviews to see the 11,000+ people who convinced me!

This tunic top is such a winner! I have it in two colors! The material is nice and thick – not see through at all. I have received a number of compliments when I wear them.

This top appears a little dressier, but is still just as flowy, comfortable, and inexpensive as the other tops. My husband loves it and makes a comment every time I wear it. Note to self, must order in more colors.

I love this top and I have been meaning to get it in another color, but will wait until the weather starts to get cooler. Very flattering!

This is my go to top for the summer hot months. So easy to wear and just throw on. Looks great over leggings or legging capris too! Also comes in a zillion colors and patterns.



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It is very easy to slip into wearing your pajamas or pajama like clothes when you are home a lot.

Don’t fall into that trap!

You are so incredibly blessed to be living in a time where leggings and tunic tops are in fashion and acceptable to wear just about anywhere.

Utilize this homeschool hack and take some time and look at your wardrobe and budget. See where you need to make some adjustments. It doesn’t have to be an all at once change – I bought mine over time so that it would fit in our budget (we’re kind of big on that).

I know you will love the freedom and ease that a “homeschool mom uniform” will bring!

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  1. Karen | 17th Jun 19

    Hi! I don’t see any links to the Amazon items you shared. (The leggings and whatnot.) Would love to see your “uniform”!

    • Lauren | 17th Jun 19

      Yikes! Sorry to hear that you can’t see the links, Karen. Maybe try refreshing the page? There are under the heading, “Want to see what I wear?” and there are 5 of them. Let me know if you still can’t see them and I’ll try and add them into the comments πŸ™‚

  2. Karen | 20th Jun 19

    It’s still not working in Chrome, but I got it to work in Safari! Maybe it’s because they’re showing up as images that Chrome doesn’t like them. Perhaps just adding the links at the bottom as just text links would help? Thanks for responding so quickly though!

    • Lauren | 20th Jun 19

      Glad it worked out Karen πŸ™‚ Will look at adding some text links too!

  3. Leah | 6th Aug 19

    Hi Lauren,
    I love this idea! And I basically do this, too. My question is about the tunic length top from Zulilly toward the bottom of the post. Do you have this one? I have been contemplating this exact shirt for over a month. But I have a typical clothing item budget of $20. Is it worth spending more than I typically would for this top?

    • Lauren | 6th Aug 19

      Hi Leah, I own all the shirts that are in this post and I would recommend them all to my best friend. I send a lot of clothes back to Amazon if I don’t love them as soon as I put them on. I’m not sure which shirt you’re referring to though. My Amazon account doesn’t show that any of them are the Zulilly brand and all of them are under $20 right now. You might be seeing an ad for Zulilly from my ad network. If that’s the case, I’m so sorry that I can’t give you more info on the top πŸ™

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