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Veritas Press History: Independent History Curriculum for Your Homeschool!

I personally love teaching history to my kids. 

It was one of my favorite subjects in school and just came very easily to me. My kids enjoy the read alouds, the discussion, the hands on projects, and timeline building.

History really is a highlight in our homeschool week!

But as the years have gone by, I’ve started to find it more and more difficult to carve out the time to do age appropriate history with all of my girls. 

My littles need me every minute for reading, math, and writing, and my oldest will tire of waiting for me to get to her. 

I want to do ALL the things…but I also don’t want to do school for 25 hours a day.

Can you relate?

Are you worn out with teaching all the core work and find it difficult to find the energy to make history fun and exciting? 

Do you have a bright, independent learner who is ready to soar with more autonomy in your homeschool?

Veritas Press History might be the perfect thing for your homeschool!

What is Veritas Press?

Veritas Press History Pin

Veritas Press is a Christian online homeschool curriculum that offers self paced classes for history! 

These are NOT your stale, prerecorded lessons that you have probably seen before. 

Veritas Press offers a dynamic media presentation that will engage your kids through historical characters, games, and songs!

Here is what the Veritas Press Website says parents can expect from their self paced history classes:

– Have one less subject to teach

– Don’t have to grade any assignments

– Can see their students progress at all times

– Have kids that are excited to learn

– Free up more time in your day

– Have so much fun they don’t know they’re doing “school”

– Can work wherever there is internet access

– Progress at their own pace

– Enjoy review that is as fun as a video game

– Will master what they are learning

How Do Veritas Press History Lessons Work?

history puzzle piece

First, you need to pick from the following Veritas Press History options:

Old Testament & Ancient Egypt

New Testament, Greece, & Rome

Middle Ages, Renaissance, & Reformation

Or these US History Options:

Explorers to 1815

1815 to Present

Veritas Press recommends that you start with Old Testament & Ancient Egypt in 2nd grade and then continue through the curriculum to 6th grade.

But you can absolutely start wherever your child is interested, and your child will definitely be engaged and challenged.

Second, you will need to buy the Veritas Press Flash Cards that go with the course you chose.

That is the only physical item that is essential to the course from day 1. There is an option for a digital download of the flashcards, but they have a watermark on them and would be pretty expensive to print.

Third, set your kid up with their account and let them go!

Expect the lesson to be around 30 – 45 minutes. There are enough lessons to fill 5 days a week for 32 weeks.

Is Veritas Press History Really Independent?

Kid on Laptop Doing Veritas Press History

Veritas Press History is as independent as you and your child will let it be.

All the lessons are taught for you and all quizzes/tests are graded and recorded for you.

But you know your child best. Your child may want you to sit with them, read through some questions, and discuss the lessons. 

I’m kind of crossing my fingers that is true with my kids!

Veritas Press History is Probably Right for Your Homeschool If…

  • You have multiple kids to homeschool
  • You have a wide range of ages
  • You want extra time in your homeschool for other subjects
  • You want your kids to take on more independent subjects and become more independent learners
  • You have a busy schedule and need more time in your day
  • You want your history taught through a Biblical Worldview
  • You want your kid to have a solid foundation for elementary level history

Veritas Press History is Probably Not Right for Your Homeschool If…

  • You are not a Christian homeschooling family
  • You have plenty of time in your homeschool day
  • You don’t want your kids to become independent learners
  • You don’t have internet
  • You are a ball of homeschooling fun and have no problem making history engaging for your kids
  • You don’t have any other things in your life you need more time for right now 

Don’t Miss This Veritas Press History Promo Code!

Veritas Press History Learner

Veritas Press is running a HUGE sale right now!

All their self paced courses are $100 OFF, but only till August 30th, 2021!

Click Here to hop on over to the Veritas Press Website to grab this deal!

I have commitment issues too when it comes to buying curriculum in a hurry, Homeschool Mama.

Rest assured that Veritas Press has a rock solid 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

So you can take advantage of this sale, test drive this curriculum in your homeschool, and still return it within 90 days if you don’t fall in love with it.

But I don’t think that will be an issue! 

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