We Craft Box Subscription: An Honest Review

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Looking for a (hopefully) honest We Craft Box review to help you decide if this subscription service is right for your family?

Well, we have just finished up our first box and I have to tell you – I have a lot to say!

First of all, I am your typical, busy mom and my kids LOVE to make crafts! 

But I am super lacking in the creativity department…and the planning department…and the remembering to pick up supplies department.

Can you relate?

You’re so not alone. 

The busy parents of the world need some help!

But we also don’t want to break the bank while trying to be parent of the year either.

We Craft Box is definitely the budget-conscious choice and I am excited to share my experience with you!

Keep reading this complete We Craft Box review to find out:

  • How this craft box is different from the others
  • What comes in a box
  • What we loved about it
  • What we didn’t love about it
  • Whether this craft box is right for your family
  • Whether we plan to get another box…or not


What is We Craft Box?

We Craft Box Logo

We Craft Box is a family-owned business that was started by a busy mom who was trying to do it all with her kids.

Betsy Wild wanted to make whimsical, creative memories with her kids – but just couldn’t find the time to make it happen. And she actually has an art degree! (Doesn’t that make you feel better about yourself?)

Today We Craft Box is a monthly subscription service that allows parents to have all the supplies, planning, and fun mailed to their house every month!

The crafts are kid-tested and centered around a theme for the month. All you have to do is open up the box and start crafting with your kids!

We Craft Box is designed for kids ages 3-9 (younger children will of course need more help).

You can choose the month-to-month option or you can pay for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months in advance to get a cheaper price.

How is We Craft Box Different from all the Other Craft Boxes Out There?

two kids painting pirate treasure chests

Upfront, I wanted to make it clear that We Craft Box has four things that set it apart from all the other craft kits we’ve tried (Kiwi Crate, Raddish Box, Kids Art Box, etc.)

1. Same Price for a One Time Box

Normally, a subscription service will charge you more (an extra $5-$15) if you only want to buy one box. The company wants to incentivize you to opt for the subscription – and hope you never get around to canceling it.

We’re using the service because we’re busy, so the chances we’ll remember to cancel the subscription before it renews is slim. Haven’t we all been there? 

I was so surprised that We Craft Box allows you to handpick any themed box you want – and the cost is the same as a month-to-month subscription! They even still give you free shipping!

That allows the hesitant parent to try out the box without the stress of making a decision before the next box is shipped.

****FYI – If you go the single box route, I’ve heard their Outer Space box is their most popular craft kit. 

2. So Many Crafts!

When I pulled out the instructions for We Craft Box, I felt like the list of crafts just kept going!

There was more than enough to keep my kids busy for the month. Other popular boxes we have tried have half the amount of crafts for a similar price!

3. Enough Materials for Two Kids

This is how you know We Craft Box was designed by a real mom.

Every box comes with a ton of crafts – and enough supplies for TWO kids!

This is a huge savings! Many families don’t do subscription box services because they have multiple kids and the cost gets out of control. 

4. It Tells a Story! 

We Craft Box Themed Story

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the front of the instructions had a themed story to go along with the crafts!

It was well written, funny, and my kids loved it!

They really enjoyed that the crafts were tied to the story!

We Craft Box Review: Exactly What You Get in a Box

We Craft Box Supplies

Alright, let’s dive into my first box and talk about everything you can expect!

As you can see from the above picture, we received the Mermaids & Pirates themed box. There were enough supplies for two of my kids to make 6 different crafts. 

Everything was included down to crayons, paintbrushes, a plastic cup to hold water, reusable containers to hold “fizzy paint,” and even the tissue paper and “gold doubloons” to stuff the pirate treasure chests!

Enclosed is an instructional manual with step-by-step photo directions for each craft. It was bright, colorful, and easy for my kids to follow – even my 5 year old! 

What My Two Kids Made with One We Craft Box

We Craft Box finished projects

Ever had a Pinterest fail?

Then you know that not all crafts end up the way they were intended.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the We Craft Box creations actually looked like they were supposed to!

In the above picture, you can see that my crafty kids were able to make pirate hats, pirate treasure chests, pirate ships, jellyfish paintings, mermaids, an ocean scene, and “process art” sea creatures. 

We Craft Box Review: What We Loved!

1. You Get So Many Crafts in One Box!

As I said earlier, you get a lot of crafts. With other subscription boxes we have had, my kids have blown through the entire box in an hour. 

The fun is over, my money is gone, and my kids are annoyed they have to wait another month for crafting fun. 

With We Craft Box, we did two crafts at a time which seemed to work really well with their attention span and energy level. 

I would recommend letting the kids pick which two crafts they want to do from the instructional manual and then putting the rest away till next week. 

That keeps the craft fun rolling for almost the entire month!

2. We Craft Box Comes with Everything You Need

I opened a science kit from Amazon with my kids one day and quickly found out that I could not do a single one of the activities. I didn’t have the right size glass jar on hand, a medium-sized funnel, and a bunch of other stuff.

My kids were disappointed, and I was mad. 

For that reason, I am always a little suspicious when a box says it has “everything.” Does it really?

We Craft Box almost over-delivers with all the good quality things they had smashed into that box. I was impressed. 

3. Crafts are Simple and Actually Manageable for My Kids To Do

This is huge for me. 

As I said, we have used a lot of craft boxes over the years. Many times I have had to do almost the entire craft for my kid because it was too complicated for the age bracket it said it was designed for. As I sat down to look through the instructions, I felt like I was about to put together a piece of IKEA furniture!

We Craft Box has simple crafts that even my 5-year-old could immediately dive into. For the first time, I was able to completely step back and allow my kids to create! My job was to manage mess and change out the dirty paint water. That’s it!

My kids were so proud of what they made because they actually made it themselves!

4. I Felt Like a Good Mom

I’m just going to be honest here – because that’s what I do – and say that I felt like a really good mom while doing this with my girls.

Crafts are not my strength, and I always find myself “too busy” to do things like this with my kids. I love to read books to my kids all day long and take them out to Starbucks and park trips, but this was different.

It was nice to do something together and have it all planned out for me – and it was much cheaper (and healthier) than a weekly Starbucks date.

We Craft Box Review: What We Didn’t Love

don't know emoticon

1. The project instructions were a little light at times

There were one or two crafts where I wasn’t exactly sure what my kids were supposed to do. 

We looked at the pictures and read the short blurb of instructions, but we were still a little confused. Thankfully, It still worked out fine, and we were able to make some beautiful things. 

Maybe it was just us, but we could have used just a little more detail.

****UPDATE: So apparently many of the boxes have video tutorials now to make it even easier to go through the steps. Thanks We Craft Box!

2. Paint Was Not Washable

Kid mixing paints

Our box had this really cool “fizzy paint.” You put a little paint tablet in a plastic cup and add two droppers of water to it. The paint fizzed as the water turned color – my girls loved it!

For some reason, I thought this meant it was a watercolor – which would mean it would wash easily. I quickly found out that I would need to wipe the table quickly of spills or my light oak breakfast table would stain.

Yes, I should have put something down, but haven’t I already said crafting is not my thing?

No real damage was done at all, but I wanted to mention it.

We Craft Box is Probably For You If….

Stacks of We Craft Boxes

  • You are a busy mom 

  • You are a working mom

  • You are a homeschool mom

  • You are a mom

  • Crafting is not your thing, but your kids love it

  • Crafting is your thing, but you just don’t have time to plan it out

  • You have more than one kid

  • Your kids are in the age group 3-9

  • You want an easy way to do creative activities with your kids

  • You would love more budget-friendly, screen-free activities for your kid to do every week

We Craft Box is Probably Not for You If…

Betsy Wild and her boys doing a craft

  • You are not a busy mom

  • You love crafting and have plenty of time to plan, organize, and shop for your next project

  • You aren’t interested in crafting with your kids

  • Your kids hate crafts and making things

  • You already spend plenty of screen-free time with your kids

Will We Do Another We Craft Box?

King of the Pond We Craft Box

I had to think about this for a bit. I mean, I am a homeschool mom and we already have an art curriculum.

We also go to a co-op that offers great nature crafts. 

Is it overkill to get a monthly craft box too?

For this price and for how much my kids loved it, I decided I had to get another box.

We Craft Box truly is an inexpensive way to spend time doing something intentional with my kids every week – way better than going out to eat, sitting on the couch, or watching on the screen.

And in case you’re interested, I have my eye on the King of the Pond Box!

We Craft Box Review Recap

We Craft Box Logo

We Craft Box is definitely among the best craft subscription boxes out there and is a great way to do art projects and spend quality time together – without all the hassle!

Remember, your first order can be stress-free if you just want to try out the box without committing to a full subscription. 

Be warned though, your kids will fall in love with the themed boxes, seasonal crafts, and fun they have with you!

Also, keep in mind, you can purchase gift cards or individual boxes as gifts. My girls immediately wanted me to order a box for their cousins!

They were all about sharing their new skills and creative projects!

As you can see, We Craft Box was a big hit for our family and it’s a great price. 

Have you used We Craft Box? Or is another monthly kids subscription box close to your heart? 

Drop a comment below and tell us about it!

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