5 Easy Ways to Celebrate School Work at Home

Do you remember in your school days, when you would bound off the bus to show off your art project or A+ paper?

How about when you took your parents to Open House and they saw all your stuff hanging on the bulletin board and the teacher said what a treasure you were?

Maybe your parents attended an awards assembly and saw you recognized for something notable.

For the homeschooled kid….those things are not likely to happen.


Homeschooled kids are working with and being taught by the same people they would want to proudly show off their work.

It can be a little anticlimactic to hold up your work when your mom or dad was the one who helped you complete it.

A work of art, an A+ writing project, or an outstanding spelling test can easily get lost in the shuffle of a busy homeschool day.

That is going to happen, but you do want to have some things in place to recognize and highlight the truly exceptional work your homeschooled children put forth.

Looking for simple, fun ways to recognize your kid's outstanding schoolwork at home? Check out this 5 easy ways to showcase and highlight your homeschooler's projects, schoolwork, and achievements! It's a great way to motivate and encourage your kids through the homeschool year!


Recognizing your kid’s work in fun, creative ways is a sure-fire way to:

  • Motivate your homeschooler to do their best work

  • Give them pride in what they have accomplished

  • Help you keep their projects organized

  • Make sure you have a way to hold onto and treasure their most exceptional school work

Those are some pretty high goals!

Let me show you how we reach for those goals in your house.

5 Best Ways to Celebrate School Work at Home!

1. Display school work in a prominent place

wall sign to celebrate homeschoolers work at home










This is the easiest and fastest way to your kid’s heart!

Proudly take their assignment and have them run it to dad (if he works from him), display it on the fridge, on a bulletin board, or a magnetic whiteboard.

I especially love the “Look What I Did!” signs.

I found one by accident at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with it!

It is hanging in our kitchen and my kids get so excited to hang up their newest work.

Side benefits are that it displays things neatly without tape, magnets, or holes in the wall (well except for the two nails to hang it).

The sign is also great for letting paint/glue projects dry in a safe place.

2. Always keep fun stickers on hand

Maybe a worksheet isn’t that pretty to look at…but your kid worked really hard on it!

I love telling my kids to slap a few sparkly stickers on a math worksheet or a writing project.

You could also add a checkmark or smiley face to the paper to show your approval.

It’s a great way to reward their hard work and recognize them for their achievements that day!

3. Video call grandparents/family members

grandparents encouraging homeschool kid about schoolwork










“Do you want to call grandma and show her this?!”

For big moments (and small ones), we have definitely pulled up the grandparents on video chats to let our kids share their accomplishments.

They get excited to show off the new curriculum they graduated to, a new concept they learned, or a completed masterpiece.

I find that family is always more than happy to “oooo’ and “ahhhh” over my kids and encourage them on their educational journey.

Because family doesn’t live near us, it also seems extra special to my kids to talk to their grandparents and get praise for a job well done.

Definitely encourage your kids to share their work with close family members and friends – its a wonderful way to stay connected!

4. Go around the table at dinner and discuss what each child worked on

homeschool family sitting around table and talking about schoolwork










This is an easy thing to keep up with every day!

While your family is sitting down to dinner, allow each kid to talk about what they learned and what they did for school.

If they can’t remember, you can gently remind them (because you were there).

Once my kids get going, they usually want to hop out of their chairs and grab a workbook, library book, or other things to explain to my husband more of what they’re talking about.

They get excited to show off what they learned, and my husband loves finding out what we’ve been up to all day.

5. Keep Binders with Their Best Work/Projects of the Year to Look Back On


This is a must.

Your kids are going to make so many things that you’re going to want to treasure.

It will be painful to throw them away or figure out where to keep all the things.

I struggled with this during my first year of homeschooling, so I decided to come up with a solution!

I have a binder for each child full of page protectors (you can get them in bulk for cheap here). When my kids make or do something particularly notable, I just slide it in their binder so we can look back on it later!

I think of it as a “highlight reel” for the grade they’re in.

My kids love adding things to their binder and looking back on all of their hard work!

It’s also a great way to showcase work to grandparents and other family members when they visit!

Recap How to Celebrate School Work at Home

There are so many ways to celebrate school work and achievements at home – I’m sure this is just scratching the surface!

The most important thing is that your kid is motivated to work hard because they know their work is going to be seen – not unceremoniously dumped in a trashcan after a reasonable amount of time.

Your kids will appreciate any and all efforts that you make!

Are you already celebrating your homeschooler’s school work?

Drop a comment below and share what you’re doing!

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