The Best Virtual Activity for Kids!

Our whole world was canceled (with no refunds) in March 2020.

Goodbye sports, scouting meetings, homeschool co-op, piano lessons, and swimming lessons.

Hello sitting in my house with three wild kids, literally trying not to catch the plague.

Fast forward 6-7 months and blessedly some activities are up and running again.

We have cautiously signed up for a few things, but I am being very careful this school year to make sure that I have fun virtual activities for my kids that will keep rolling no matter what.

Why Kids Need Planned Virtual Activities Now

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As much as all of us (homeschooling or not) want to get back to our normal lives, nobody (especially the people on the news) seems to know when this science fiction nightmare is going to end.

Parents need to be prepared with high quality virtual activities for their kids because:

1. All in-person activities for kids could be shut down again


There is a looming possibility that whatever non-contact sports are going on right now could be canceled.

The pod co-op could fall apart if there is another stay at home order or someone in the group gets sick.

Whatever lessons or activities you have carefully planned (and paid for!) could fall through due to the ever irritating powers of ‘Rona.

2. Someone in your family could test positive and your whole family will have to quarantine for two weeks

I know several people who have had positive tests with no symptoms (or mild symptoms) and the whole family still had to stay indoors for two very long weeks.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a top-notch virtual activity already lined up for your kid if this happens?

Something they love and look forward to doing already?

3. Your kid will have to miss planned activities when they get a runny nose or slight cough of any kind

This is probably the one I am most concerned about.

Every fall and winter, two of my kids struggle with the dry air and their allergies. Occasionally they get a slight cold….like all humans.

I do not want sideways glances from parents every time my kid has an allergy flair.

I also do not want my kid missing activities we paid for because they have a common, harmless cold….but that is the world we are in now.

Having a regular virtual activity lined up means that my kid will not miss everything when this happens.

4. Masks and social distancing are a huge pain for kids…and parents

kid wearing face mask who wishes he had a virtual activity to do









I don’t know about you, but my kids struggle to wear the masks and their short attention span makes it difficult to remember to stay apart.

My daughter has an outdoor playdate tomorrow with her best friend, who has immune system issues. I am sweating bullets hoping she doesn’t get closer than 6 feet and that she doesn’t hug him like she normally does.

I feel like I’m going to have to be the social distancing playdate cop – ready to jump in at a moment’s notice and separate them.

The stress of enforcing these rules is taxing on both parents and kids.

Virtual activities for kids gives you a break from all the anxieties associated with following all the new rules.

5. Winter is coming

All of this playing outside and meetings outside is going to get old pretty quick, once the reality of winter sets in.

A lot of the current COVID solutions for letting kids meet up and do activities outside is going to decrease as the temperature drops, the wind picks up, and the snow starts to fall.

6. The emotional toll of COVID on our kids is high

As parents, we are struggling with the stress that all of these changes have put on our shoulders, but our kids are struggling too.

Child experts are coming out and talking about kids having increasing rates of anxiety and depression.

That is so scary for parents to hear, but makes sense with all the changes and restrictions we now face.

Having a regular virtual activity lined up is not 100% prevention or a cure, but it will be a huge help as we face the rest of this season of our lives.

Planned Virtual Activities for Kids Can Help!

little girl hitting ball during virtual activity

You need to be ready with an ace up your sleeve to survive the harsh possibilities during an unpredictable novel virus, an election year, and just how awful 2020 has already proved to be.

Your kids need interaction, continuity, and physical activity.

Lucky for you, I just happen to know about the best virtual activity for kids!

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The Best Virtual Activity for Kids: Virtual Recess Club!

Recess Results Logo - online homeschool co-op option







Virtual Recess Club was started by Recess and Results – a faith based company that ran recess programs for kids with certified fitness instructors.

When COVID hit, the company had to pivot and they came up with the brilliant idea of taking their recess program virtual.

They run a robust calendar, full of super fun things for the whole family, and my kids are loving it!

What We are Loving About Virtual Recess Club

1. My Kids are Super Into the Live Fitness Classes!

My kids are all about doing Virtual Recess Club! They get so excited to set up their obstacle course a different way every time. They also love the structure and leadership of the instructors guiding them through games and challenges that are way more fun than something mom would come up with 🙂

2. It’s Rain or Shine, Cough or Sore Throat

Unlike the sports and other outdoor activities we are doing this year, Virtual Recess Club does not get canceled for weather or the arrival of funky symptoms.

It doesn’t matter how hot, cold, or wet outside it is, my kids will not miss this activity! And even if their allergies give them a cough or other symptoms, we can still enjoy everything on the Recess and Results Calendar.

Like paper plate ice skating through our classroom!

virtual paper plate ice skating activity for kids

3. It Wears My Kids Out Without Destroying My House

There is some real fitness going on here, Homeschool Mama. My kids are using their energy in a positive, fun way…and my house doesn’t look like a disaster when it’s over – woohoo!

4. Legit P.E. Supplement

I’m a big believer in doing a focused P.E. with my kids. Physical activity is not the same thing as physical education.

I love that Virtual Recess Club has fitness professionals leading exercise, demonstrating stretches, and even pointing out the names of muscles.

girls stretching during virtual recess club warm up

5. Virtual Recess is Faith-Based

It is such an added bonus to me that Recess and Results (the parent company of Virtual Recess Club) is run by Christian women.

Scripture and Biblical values are woven throughout everything they offer. My kids haven’t been to church in many months, so it is nice to have another authority figure teaching them truth again.

6. Helps Moms to Be Silly and Fun With Their Kids!

Sadly, all the work and effort you put into homeschooling does not fill your kid’s “love bucket.” Kids still want quality time with mom and that can be challenging for the busy, tired mom at the end of a homeschool day.

I love that Virtual Recess Club helps me play silly games, have fun, be active, and make memories with my kids.

During the Family Fun Night on Friday, we were all running around my living room trying to pop balloons tied to our feet…and my kids loved it!

It was a huge step up from Netflix and pizza! 🙂

family playing balloon game with virtual recess club

7. Offers Social Interaction with Kids from Across the Country

There is a “Snack + Social Time‘ on the virtual activity calendar.

Your kids can grab some munchies and jump on a zoom link with kids from all over. The fun session is facilitated by one of the fitness instructors, who asks questions to get kids talking.

My kids really enjoyed the laid back nature of this social meet up – especially compared with the more structured format of other classes we’ve done over Zoom.

8. Spiritual, Physical, and Social Self Care for Mom

Virtual Recess Club went the extra mile and made sure there were a couple of things on the virtual activity calendar just for mom.

They offer a Monday morning “Soul Care” session, which is a 7-minute yoga session to get your mind focused on Jesus and ready to take on the week – who doesn’t need that on Monday?!

There is also a “Mom’s Night In” scheduled every month to help moms relax, learn about something cool from a scheduled speaker, and meet other moms in the Virtual Recess Club.

Moms are often way too tired or can’t go out at night, so this is a fantastic way to still connect with other people!

How Exactly Does Virtual Recess Club Work?

skeptical mom unsure about signing up virtual recess club

So you probably have some questions (I did too), and I’m going to clear those up for you!

What platform is Virtual Recess Club on? Skype? Zoom?

When you register for Virtual Recess Club, you will be admitted into their private, members-only Facebook Group.

Instructors will stream live video for all recess sessions and Soul Care. This is super smart because you can easily replay the session anytime (in case you missed them or you just want to do it again!)

A zoom link is posted in the private group right before “Snack + Social Time” and for “Mom’s Night In.”

Can People See In My House When I’m Doing This?

Anything that is a live streaming video in the Facebook Group will not allow anyone to see you.

No worries about sprucing up the house or making your kids behave on camera!

Do I Need To Buy Any Equipment for Recess?

Not really.

The day before recess, a list of materials that you’ll need will be posted in the Facebook group.

It is usually things that you would have on hand, such as paper plates, towels, pillows, etc.

How much does Virtual Recess Cost?

It is $27/month for everything that Virtual Recess Club offers and you can cancel anytime.

****Don’t miss the promo code for a free month at the bottom of this email!

This is an amazing value, so I don’t know how long they will keep the price so low.

$27 is less than half the price of what Outschool charges (and they charge per kid!)

$27 is also about what I would spend on a last-minute fast food meal for my kid.

$27 is LESS than any one piece of sports equipment I have bought for my kids (have you seen the price of a lacrosse stick?!).

It is just a crazy value to think of all the virtual activities your kids can participate in every week!

I would definitely jump in now, while the price is so much lower than their competitors.

How Do I Get Signed Up?

It’s a super easy process.

All you have to do is hop over to the Virtual Recess Club webpage and click “Register.”

You will walk through the steps and be prompted to request to join the Facebook Group.

An admin will approve you and you’re in!

Virtual Recess Club is For You If…

  • You have kids between 3 and 11 years old

  • You have a Facebook account (or you’re willing to get one)

  • You love that your child will be learning Biblical values and truth

  • You want a virtual activity “ace up your sleeve” in case the world goes sideways (or more sideways) again with COVID

  • Your kids need an outlet for their energy and need to be more active

  • You would love someone else to plan fun games and challenges for your family to do together

  • You could use a physical, social, and spiritual outlet for yourself

Virtual Recess Club is Not For You If…

  • Your kids are not between 3 and 11 years old

  • You don’t have Facebook and you have no intention of getting it

  • You don’t want your child being taught Biblical values

  • Your kids get plenty of physical activity rain or shine, blazing hot weather or blistering cold

  • You don’t need any help being silly and having fun with your kids. You do it all the time and it comes naturally. Your kids never ask for more time playing with you.

  • You never feel isolated as a homeschooling mom and aren’t looking for any help with self-care

Recap Virtual Activities for Kids + Promo Code

Keeping our kids active, socially engaged, and having fun is more important than ever as we slog through this pandemic.

Having virtual activities lined up is a huge way that you can be prepared for anything else 2020 has to throw at us.

If someone in your circle tests positive, you have to be quarantined, there is another stay at home order, or the weather turns ugly in your area – you can STILL keep up with all the stuff at Virtual Recess Club.

That part of your kids’ schedule will stay the same.

As an added bonus, I am so happy that I was able to get a free month for my readers to try out this super on-trend product for their kids – risk free!

All you have to do is hop on over to the Virtual Recess Club and use my exclusive Promo Code –  THEFREE

Want to save all this info for later?

Totally get that. Just pin this to your favorite Pinterest Board and definitely share it will all your friends and followers!

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    1. Hi Leslie, I’m sorry you’re having trouble with it, but thanks for reaching out. If you contact the owner, Beth, at info@recessandresults.com, I’m positive she will take care of whatever the glitch is. Please let me know if you have any other issues.

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