Best Wobble Chairs for Kids Who Can’t Sit Still

Does your homeschooler have a difficult time sitting still during lessons?

Are they constantly rocking back in their chair?

Sliding down their chair and climbing back up…again?

Maybe even climbing onto the table to sit every now and then?

Are you exhausted from telling them over and over to sit down on their bottom?!

Trust me, that is the story of my mom life, Homeschool Mama!

Blessedly, some genius (probably a mom with kids who couldn’t sit still) invented a wobble chair!

Benefits of Wobble Chairs for Kids

Do you have a squirmy homeschooler, who won't sit still for school work? Tired of telling them to be still or to get back in their chair? You need a wobble chair for your school room! They are such a fun way to help kids burn excess energy, stay focused, and keep you sane!

The first time I walked into my daughter’s kindergarten classroom (before we started homeschooling), I noticed right away that there was something different from the classrooms I had grown up in.

All the kids had small balance balls instead of chairs!

I thought that sliding around on a ball would be pretty disruptive in a classroom full of kids.

Turns out that working to balance while you’re sitting (aka active sitting) has a ton of benefits for students:

  • Increased concentration and focus (especially for ADHD and Autistic kids)

  • Improved posture

  • Movement that doesn’t distract other kids

  • Movement that burns off excess energy

  • It’s fun! Who wouldn’t want to come to the classroom table and sit on a wobble chair?

Years have passed since I was in that classroom, but a friend of mine recently started talking about the benefits of a wobble cushion for kids.

Not long after that conversation, another friend mentioned that she had started putting her kindergarten son in a camping chair that had a slight swing to it.

She was so pleased with how the chair helped him to stay put and he was able to concentrate better on his virtual lessons.

I began to think that there just might be something to this wobble chair hysteria and I started looking for the perfect fit for my squirmy homeschooler.

Are All Wobble Chairs for Active Sitting the Same?

Definitely not.

I found that out pretty quickly as I started doing some research to upgrade my own homeschool classroom with these trendy chairs.

I found that there are dozens of companies that make them.

There is an option for just about every color palette, design, and budget out there!

I am excited to share with you the top five wobble chairs for helping your child focus to their best potential!

Top 5 Wobble Chairs for Kids!

1. Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Children’s Balance Ball

These colorful balance balls are the perfect way to incorporate active moving…without slipping onto the floor!

The little legs help to stabilize kids so that they are safe, but they still have enough movement to balance.

The balls come in several different colors, sizes, and even have silly

faces on some options!

****Be sure to follow the directions when you inflate these!

2. Kore Kids Wobble Chair

I personally love these sturdy, brightly colored stools that don’t take up very much space around a table.

They are a popular brand among schools and come with a lifetime warranty!

Along with the rainbow of colors, you can also pick sizes for toddlers to pre-teens.

****When measuring, be mindful that you want your kid to be able to comfortably work at a table, and still touch their feet to the ground to balance.

3. Trideer Inflated Wobble Cushion

I bought this wobble cushion after it was recommended to me by an occupational therapist friend.

This cushion is a great budget buy if you don’t want to invest the money or space for a separate piece of furniture in your house.

The cushion is inflated with an air pump and has stayed well inflated, despite my kids being rough with it.

I like that I can throw it on any chair in my house, and my wiggly kid thinks its fun to sit on it during her lessons!

Another option for using this cushion is to put it on the floor and let your kids move it around with their feet.

****I have found it is better to underinflate this cushion, or my kid’s legs cannot comfortably fit under our table when she’s sitting on it.

4. Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

This balance chair is a little bit more pricey, but definitely a nice addition to any homeschool desk.

Of all the chairs I’ve looked at, this one is by far the most sophisticated looking.

It would also be appropriate for many different ages.

****This chair also comes with specific instructions about how to inflate the ball. Make sure you follow them for the best fit!

5. Storex Wiggle Stool

This adjustable wobble chair is my top overall pick!

It comes in eight color options.

The big selling point is that you can adjust it!

This is perfect for growing kids and using the stool at different table heights.

It would be a shame to buy a stool and then have to replace it when the kid outgrows it.

For another added bonus, this wobble stool can get tall enough for an adult to use!

I read the reviews about this chair helping adults with back pain, so I tried it myself!

I was impressed at how it changed my posture and did take strain off my back. 

All my kids have fallen in love with this stool and I will definitely be buying more of them and replacing our normal classroom chairs!

Recap Wobble Chair for Squirmy Students

Wobble chairs have so many benefits for kids and are a great addition to any homeschool.

You will love your kid being able to concentrate longer and your chairs getting a break from all that rocking!

Do you already own a wobble chair?!

Share your experience and recommendations in the comments – I’d love to hear about it!

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