20 Holly Jolly Christmas Bingo Printables: Free!

Get ready to jingle all the way with these delightful Christmas Bingo Printables!

Whether you’re roasting chestnuts by an open fire or decking the halls with boughs of holly, these festive game boards are here to add a sprinkle of cheer to your holiday season.

Picture this: laughter-filled gatherings, hot cocoa in hand, and a fun Christmas bingo game that brings the whole family together.

From twinkling lights to snowflakes gently falling, these cards are adorned with all the things that make your heart sing during this magical season.

So, let the merriment begin as we mark off Santa’s sleigh, candy canes, Rudolph’s red nose, and more. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, these Bingo cards are the perfect way to make your Christmas festivities even more unforgettable.

There are simple directions at the bottom of this post to download, print, and get the jolly competition going! 

Your Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards Include:

Christmas Bingo Mock - Up

  • Complete Bingo Instructions

  • Calling Card

  • 20 Different Bingo Cards – All Completely Unique!

Check Out The Calling Card – Full of Christmas Spirit!

Christmas Bingo Calling Card Sheet

This call sheet is included in your printable game.

Below there are instructions on multiple ways to use it.

I would suggest putting them in a Santa hat or Christmas cookie jar for a festive flair to the game.

And as you can see, there are so many fun things for people of all ages to discover! 

Everything from Mrs. Claus, snowflakes, ice skates, snowglobes, angles, mistletoe, icicles, letters to Santa, and more!

To avoid any confusion, the name of each item is printed in the square.

Here Are The Christmas Bingo Instructions:

Christmas Bingo Instructions
This instruction sheet is included in your printable packet!

Your young children will easily be able to understand these traditional bingo rules.

Calling Card: You have two options for the calling cards:
1. Start by cutting out all of the pieces off of the calling card. Once you have them all cut up place them in a bowl to call out the tiles in the game.

2. Use the Calling Card as a mat and place a marker such as a coin, candy, or scrap of paper to cover when you call out the tile in the game.

How to Play:

1. The leader of the game will hand out all of the Bingo Cards to the players and use the calling cards to announce the tiles being drawn.

2. The players will search their own bingo cards for the tile that has been called.

3. The first player to have five tiles in either a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal order, they yell “Bingo!” and win the game!

To make it more complicated you can hand out multiple Bingo Cards to each player and they will be required to have a winning row on each card before being able to call Bingo!

Each of the Bingo Cards is 100% unique, no tiles are repeated in the same location on any of the cards so everyone has a fair shot at winning!

And Here Is A Sample Bingo Card

Christmas Bingo Card - 3

As you can see, the printable card is 5 x 5 with a free space in the middle square. 

The above instructions are pretty clear on how to play, but if you’re looking for an even more challenging Christmas party game, consider blackout bingo!

The first player to cover their entire board wins!

This makes the game a lot more exciting than just making a diagonal line or a straight line.

And don’t forget that your free download includes 20 unique cards. None are the same! 

Best Ideas For Bingo Markers

Christmas Bingo Mock Up with Cards 2

Your group is going to need some fun markers for these adorable Christmas bingo cards.

If you don’t have enough classic bingo markers or bingo chips (or you think they are boring), there are definitely some outside-the-box options that will be so much fun to your game!

Many of these tiny things can easily be found at your local Dollar Store.

  1. Mini Christmas Ornaments: Use tiny plastic or foam Christmas ornaments as markers.
  2. Peppermint Candies: Use colorful peppermint candies as edible markers.
  3. Snowflake Stickers: Decorative snowflake stickers can be used to mark the spaces.
  4. Jingle Bells: Small jingle bells will easily fit in the squares.
  5. Miniature Gift Boxes: Tiny gift box trinkets or cutouts can serve as markers.
  6. Holly Leaves: Artificial holly leaves can add a touch of Christmas greenery as markers.
  7. Star Stickers: Use small star-shaped stickers.
  8. Mini Wreaths: Small artificial wreaths or wreath-shaped stickers can be used as markers.
  9. Pom-Pom Balls: Christmas colored pom-pom balls can be a suitable choice.
  10. Christmas Tree Stamps: Stamp small Christmas trees using washable ink.
  11. Red and Green Buttons: Use small buttons in traditional Christmas colors.
  12. Gold Chocolate Coins: Use gold-wrapped chocolate coins as edible markers.
  13. Christmas M&M or other pieces of candy
  14. Red and Green Dot Markers

****For best results, remind little kids (and older kids) to avoid jostling the table. Markers could shift and spoil the game. Also, keep a close eye on little ones who might put markers in their mouth. 

Click Here To Download Your Free Printable Christmas Bingo Game!

Christmas Bingo Printables Pin

Click the above text link/image link to get your Christmas printables. A window will open in a new tab and you can easily download and print it today! And good news – no email address or other personal information is required.

Terms of Use: This fun activity is for homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use. The Simple Homeschooler printables are never for commercial use. Thank you!

Christmas party games are such a blast and an easy way to get people talking, laughing, and enjoying the season.

I hope that you and your family, your kid’s class party, co-op, or church group enjoy adding this free Christmas Bingo game to your holiday party plans!

It works for the whole family, small groups, large groups, and everything in between!

You can easily have Christmas movies or Christmas songs playing in the background as the caller yells out the characters. 

No strategy or too much stress for anyone – just a fun game.

Let the laughter flow, the excitement grow, and the memories glow as you play and celebrate.

If you’re looking for another fun Christmas activity, check out the below post for some simple ways to create holiday cheer with your young kids!

And if you need a few new books to share with your kids, check out these fresh, fun Children’s Christmas books

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