10 Best Day of the Week Worksheets for Kindergarten: Easy Print

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Looking for some free days of the week worksheets for your kindergarten students?

Learning the correct order and spelling of the days of the week is an important skill. 

And thankfully, it can be done in a fun way!

Below you will find 10 printable activities that will slide perfectly into your lesson plans. You may not need the whole set of worksheets, so feel free to pick through them. The rest can be saved for review at a later time. 

At the bottom of the post, you wil find simple instructions for downloading the pdf files.

4 Strategies For Teaching The Days of the Week

How should you initially introduce this concept to your student? 

The concept of time is a very abstract thing to kids of this age, so I have a few different activities and fun learning ideas to help you out!

1. Display A Calendar


By far and away the best thing you can do is display a monthly calendar and work on calendar skills every morning.

If possible, display one that your child can interact with. You can find the calendar I use with my own kids in my list of Kindergarten Essentials.

At the beginning of the day, get in the habit of pointing out the month, day of the week, and year. 

Talk about what you did yesterday, what you’ll do today, and what you might do tomorrow. To keep things fresh, have the child start the day off by calling out the day of the week, etc. 

If this starts to get tedious, do it every other day or as often as needed.

Doing this calendar work on a regular basis will help your child tremendously to see time in a more concrete way.

2. Days of the Week Song

My two younger kids LOVE learning things through music. It has a special way of sticking in their mind without feeling like “work.”

We had much success with a months of the year song, so I ended up making up my own song to teach the days of the week.

I will not subject you to a video of me singing, but I would encourage you to think up your own song or check out the above video from The Singing Walrus.

3. Days of the Week Book


Another great option to reinforce this concept is a super cute book – “Cookie’s Week” by Cindy Ward.

The simple story goes through a week with Cookie as she gets into quite a bit of mischief on each day. 

I would highly recommend reading the book a few times and letting your child act out a short play based on the book. 

All they need to do is say the day of the week and act out what they or the cat would do. 

Perfect, hands-on learning fun!

4. Reinforce The Concept With Free Worksheets

After doing some or all of the days of the week activities, your kid will be ready to apply their new skill!

The extra practice is a great way to help solidify what they’re learning.

Check Out Your Days of the Week Free Printable Worksheets!

Days of the Week Worksheet - 1

This kindergarten worksheet goes over tracing the names of the days.

Depending on your goals, this will help your child recognize them as sight words and begin to learn their spelling. 

The spelling really shouldn’t be focused on until they are first grade students. But whenever you do teach the spelling, I would break each word into pieces.  

For example: WED-NES-day, SAT-UR-Day, etc. 

Days of the Week Worksheet - 2

This fun tracing worksheet will make kids smile!

Continue practicing their handwriting skills as they trace each of the names of the week. 

This might be a good time to point out the days of the week order puts Sunday first. 

But doesn’t Monday feel like the first day of the week. 

If appropriate, explain a brief history of why our current calendar is structured this way.

Here is a quick explanation you could use: Many countries today follow the same calendar that the Jews followed. The Jews celebrate their holy day (the Sabbath) on Saturday, so Sunday was the first day of the week for them. Today many people choose to worship on Sunday. So Monday can feel like the first day of the week, but it’s actually Sunday.

Days of the Week Worksheet - 3

This simple worksheet will have your student writing each day of the week without the dotted lines.

Encourage the student to sing the song from earlier as they copy the words.

Days of the Week Worksheet - 4

This simple activity will help your student practice the days of the week order.

They will write the specific numbers in each sun. 

Before they begin, have them practice singing the song one more time. Read the days to them as needed.

Days of the Week Worksheet - 5

This is such a cute activity!

After the child cuts out each circle, encourage them to place them in order on the caterpillar.

Only glue them down once they are in the correct order. Display it in your home or on a bulletin board for the rest of the week.

Days of the Week Worksheet - 6

This is another great review activity that will encourage your child to get hands-on!

Allow them to cut out each strip of paper (or use a paper cutter for more students) and put them in order on a separate peice of construction paper. 

Again, continue to sing that song as your child puts each day in place.

Days of the Week Worksheet - 7

I normally don’t care for word search puzzles because they seem like busy work.

But if you are wanting to drive home the spelling of each name of the day – this is a great option.

Days of the Week Worksheet - 8

And here is the answer for quick reference.

Days of the Week Worksheet - 9

This cloud worksheet is a great way to practice thinking about what the next day will be – not necessarily just saying the days in order.

Kids should not have difficulty spelling because each day is listed somewhere on the sheet.

Days of the Week Worksheet - 10

This is by far my favorite of the printable activities!

Kids can make their own days of the week chart by drawing the favorite thing they did each day.

I love that this helps them to see the passage of time and associate different things with different days. 

This interactive activity is another wonderful project to display.

Click Here To Download Your Free Printable Days Of the Week Worksheets

The above text link will take you to a new window where you can download your days of the week printables pdf file. Terms of Use: None of The Simple Homeschooler printables are appropriate for commercial use. Homeschool, classroom, co-op, and personal use are fine. Thanks!

I know these fun learning activities will be a great addition to your calendar lesson plan. 

I so hope you enjoy them and come back soon for more resources!

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