Free Alphabetizing Worksheets: ABC Order Made Easy!

If your little learner has mastered all the letters of the alphabet, then it might be time to learn how to put those letters in the proper alphabetical order.

Learning alphabet order is an essential skill for students of all ages.

No, kids don’t need to learn how to skim a phone book for a last name these days. But an understanding of alphabetical order is an important skill for everything from dictionary skills to organizational skills to even problem-solving skills.

It still needs to be taught, learned, and mastered.

In the below alphabetizing worksheets, 2nd grade and 3rd grade students will go through a progressively difficult list of words to put in order.

All of the necessary alphabetizing skills will be covered.

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Alphabetizing Worksheet 1

This first worksheet is a very basic introduction to ABC order. It would even be appropriate for a first grade student.

To start, have your child look closely at each group of words.

More specifically, have the child tell you the first letter of each word. Ask the student which of those letters comes first in the alphabet.

Provide a visual aid or sing the ABC song together to help your child find the answer. 

Lastly, write the words on the lines in the correct order.

****Psst! It wasn’t an accident that the alphabet is literally at the top of the page. Encourage the student to use it as needed.

Alphabetizing Worksheet 2

This second worksheet is slightly more challenging.

All the words start with different letters, but each word list now contains 4 words instead of 3 words.

This is a great way to make sure your child solidly understands alphabetical order before moving on to more challenging lists.

If your child seems overwhelmed, guide them to look at the first letter of the first word. In alphabetic order, should it come before the other words in the list? 

Continue from there with the skills taught in the last worksheet.

Alphabetizing Worksheet 3

This printable is very similar to the previous worksheet. 

Each group of words now has a theme. For example, the pencil, eraser, crayon, and glue are all school supplies.

The circle, triangle, rectangle, and square are all shapes.

Can your child identify the theme of each group of words as he puts them in order? If your child is not a fluent reader yet, help them with any sight words they are unfamiliar with. 

Alphabetizing Worksheet 4

This next worksheet is definitely going to kick up the difficulty level. 

Have your child look at the first letter of each word in the first row. Uh-oh! Some of the words start with the same letter!

One of the best ways to teach kids to organize these types of lists is to cross out letters.

First, start by noticing that cat and cow have to come before deer and dog. 

Cross out the initial letters (letter C) and look at the second letter in each word. The next step is to figure out if letter a or letter o comes first in the alphabet.

Well, that means the first word on the list should be cat, followed by cow. Do the same with deer and dog.

Then let the child complete the rest of the sheet with whatever support they need.Alphabetizing Worksheet 5

This last worksheet is an alphabetizing doozy!

The first letter of each word is the same…AND the second letter is the same too.

Tell your child to take a deep breath – they’ve got all the skills to do this!

Have them cross out the first and second letters of each word, and focus on the 3rd letter of each word.

Take those individual letters and put them in order – just like with the first worksheet. Too easy.

For example, in the first row, the child would cross out the letter f and letter r in each word. That would leave the student with the alphabet letters o, e, a, and u to put in the correct order.

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I hope you and your students find these worksheets to be helpful and fun! 

The different types of exercises will help your student feel confident with their alphabet skills.

If your student is resistant or frustrated, spend time showing your child what an important life skill this is.

You could show them how order of letters is used to do things like organizing library books, searching an index, or looking for the definition of new words in a glossary. 

With time and encouragement, they’ll get it and use this skill regularly. 

For more alphabetic order support, check out the below Missing Letters Worksheets!

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