Free Printable Months of the Year Worksheet Packet!

Are you looking for some free printable months of the year worksheets?

Learning the names of the months and their correct order can be a little daunting, but with the right materials, it can be a blast!

Luck for you, this isn’t your average packet – it’s packed (pun intended!) with exciting activities like cut and paste, word searches, and fill-in-the-blank fun!

Whether you’re homeschooling or in the classroom, this packet is perfect for kindergarten kids (or older!) eager to explore the months of the year in a playful way.

So fire up your printer and get ready to journey through the calendar with this hands-on, engaging packet!

****Don’t worry! You can print there interactive worksheets in no time flat. At the bottom of this post you’ll find *super simple* directions to download and print today! No email required 🙂

Check Out Your Months of the Year Free Printable Worksheets!

Months of the Year Worksheet 1

This months of the year cut and paste worksheet is a great way for your kids to practice the order of the months.

To complete, have your chid cut out the circles at the bottom of the page. Good fine motor skills work!

Have the student paste the correct month of the year on each caterpillar.

Provide as much support as needed. For example, read the month names to the child and/or sing a months of the year song together to discover the answer.

Months of the Year Worksheet 2

If this is your child’s first time learning the months, this handwriting worksheet is just the thing for your lesson plans.

Talk through or sing through each of the months and then have your child trace each word.

This is a great visual to keep posted in your classroom area or bulletin board. Allow your child to use it as a visual aid or reference whenever they get stumped.

You might also point out here that the months start with capital letters because they are names.

Months of the Year Worksheet 3

This months of the year activity is a fun way to practice the order of the months!

Have your student cut out each of the rectangles. Talk to you child about the symbol for each month. 

Associating each month with special events is a great way for your child to nail down the somewhat abstract concept of time. 

Point out that these months of the year vocabulary words correspond with fun events – winter snow, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, spring flowers, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, summer fun, the start of school, Halloween, Thanskgiving, and Christmas!

Months of the Year Worksheet 4

There are various activities you could use this simple worksheet for.

You could have your child glue down their months of the year rectangles in order on the sheet.

You could also place them on the sheet out of order, and then have your child put them in the correct order.

The month cards could also be used as flash cards for quizzing on the next month’s name.

Last, you could laminate the activity and use it for extra practice or independent work.

Months of the Year Worksheet 5

This is a similar worksheet to the above set, but it doesn’t have the help of symbols.

To complete, have the child cut out all 12 of the strips.

Then tell the child to glue them onto a piece of construction paper in the correct order.

If your student struggles with this activity, I would encourage you to sing a months of the year song with your child. Further down in this post, I will share the song I use with my own kids!

Months of the Year Worksheet 6

This simple worksheet is another chance to sharpen calendar skills.

To complete, have your child use the word bank at the bottom of the page to fill in the blanks.

Depending on how well your child has grasped the material, provide one of the previous worksheets/visual aids for support.

****Don’t worry. Your child will not be in high school and still forgetting the months of the year. It will come with time and repeated practice. 

Months of the Year Worksheet 7

This is multi-step worksheet that works on critical thinking, spelling, and the order of the months.

Tell you student to look at each jumble of letters and work to unscramble them. Write the correct name on the line.

If needed, have one of the previous visual aids nearby to help with spelling. 

Last, have your student take those months and write them in the correct order on the last column.

Months of the Year Worksheet 8

I used to not be a fan of the word search style activity, but I now see that it can be helpful for learning spelling words.

Give your child a pencil (or a highlighter for extra fun!) and have them hunt for each of the months.

If needed, teach your child a little strategy for solving the puzzle. Instead of scanning the whole puzzle for a word, tell your student to go row by row.

Methodically search for the first 2-3 letters of the word you’re trying to find. This may seem like a slower way to go, but it will be the fastest method (and least frustrating) in the long run.

Months of the Year Worksheet 9

Of course I provided an answer key so that you can easily help a kid who is struggling.

I also like handing out answer keys so that kids can check  their own work. 

My Favorite Song For Teaching the Months of the Year!

I mentioned several times in my above notes that you should practice singing the months of the year with your child as they do these calendar activities. 

Music really is one of the easy ways to help kids memorize – and retain – lists like this. 

You could make up your own catchy song, but I wanted to share the above link that I use in my own homeschool.

My kids *still* sing this song on occasion to remind them of the order of the months as they solve more complicated math problems. 

Take time to watch the video a few times with your kid, and then practice singing it on your own.

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Click Here For Your Months of the Year Printables!

Months of the Year Worksheet Pin

Click the above image link/text link to get your months worksheet packet. A new window will open with the printables in PDF format.

Terms of Use: These free worksheets are for homeschool use, classroom use, co-op use, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler free educational materials are never for commercial use.

I hope that you and your littles enjoy this calendar worksheet packet!

It is a wonderful resource to teach the months, their spelling, and their order. As your child gets older, consider coming back to some of these pages to teach deeper concepts.

For example, teaching that March is women’s history month.

Or teaching that every month is associated with a number (1-January, 2-February, etc.). This is very helpful for learning to write and read dates in the higher grades.

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