Free Apple Coloring Pages For Kids: Easy Print!

As a homeschool parent, I always have one eye open for any inexpensive, discounted, or free educational options for my kids. 

One of my favorite finds is free coloring pages that I can easily print. They’re not just a great way to keep hands busy – they also offer a fantastic opportunity to teach various concepts like fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Well, with fall upon us, what better coloring theme to explore than apples?!

Today, I’m excited to share this delicious collection of free apple coloring pages that is perfect for your homeschool curriculum, classroom, or living room! You will find high-quality images with simple outlines that are perfect for little hands.

These black and white pictures include smiling apples, baskets of apples, a dancing apple, apple pie, caramel apples, and more. Let’s dive into how these coloring pages can be both fun and educational for your little learners.

****Psst! Don’t panic. You can get your printable pictures in no time – no email needed! At the bottom of this post, you will find *very simple* instructions to get your free download today!

Check Out Your Free Apple Coloring Book!

Apple Coloring Page 1

This first big apple has a smiling “emoji-style” face that your young children and even older kids will love!

Remind your kids that not all apples are red apples. Encourage your student to try different colors – like yellow, green, pink, or a mix.

Then get those fine motor skills going, and start coloring!

Apple Coloring Page 2

This fall coloring page showcases a basketful of apples. 

Somebody must have gone apple picking!

Tell your student that apple orchards often grow many different types of apples, so all of this tasty fruit likely didn’t come from the same apple tree.

There could be a red delicious apple, a green apple (Granny Smith!), a pink lady, a gala, and more! Use different shades of red, pink, green, and yellow to show the varieties of apples in the basket.

Apple Coloring Page 3

Uh-oh! It seems took a big bite out of this juicy apple!

Maybe offer some *crunch* sound effects to remind your kids what a bite out of a crisp apple sounds like. 

What color is the inside of an apple? Is it the same as the outside? What color should the stem and leaf be?

Help the student find dark brown and green in their crayon box for some color recognition work!

Apple Coloring Page 4

Oh, dear! This large basket full of apples has toppled over! It must have been too full.

Can your student count all the apples on the page? Asking your child to act out what happened is a great way to have a little extra fun with this coloring sheet.

Fill up a basket with socks, cotton balls, legos, or whatever you have on hand and make up all kinds of scenarios for what happened. 

Was someone just walking along and they tripped? Did something jump out and scare them? Did they see something really exciting and drop the basket?

Your kids will love acting it out over and over – and of course, coloring it!

Apple Coloring Page 5

One look at this page and your child will likely want to get out a real apple and start stacking too!

It might also be a good time to get out a much-loved favorite book – 10 Apples Up On Top. This Dr. Seuss classic tells the hilarious tale of three animals friends balancing more and more apples on their head.

Have a bag of apples on hand to practice stacking! Of course, it’s difficult to stack any irregularly shaped 3-D objects, but it’ll be fun trying!

Apple Coloring Page 6

This apple pie coloring page is a great way to introduce all the different things that can be made out of apples!

Applesauce, apple turnovers, apple muffins, apple fritters, apple crumble – what is your child’s favorite?

Apple Coloring Page 7

Has your child ever eaten and/or made a caramel apple? 

This candied apple coloring page is a fun way to introduce the food! If your child is unfamiliar with it, consider showing them a picture or video of carmel apples to help him color it the correct colors.

Your child could of course color these apples in any rainbow of colors she likes!

Apple Coloring Page 8

I don’t care if you’re in 1st grade, middle school, or even high school – a dancing, happy apple is fun!

It adds a touch of whimsy to these free apple theme coloring pages!

What song would an apple dance to? Stand up, turn on some music, and do an apple dance with your kids!

Apple Coloring Page 9

First grade students and older students will love coloring this sweet squirrel holding an apple. Will he bury the seed somewhere and grow an apple tree?

If your kids loves animal drawings – check out this free packet of free cute animal coloring pages!

Apple Coloring Page 10

Lastly, here is an apple coloring page with a squiggly worm!

We don’t want to find a worm in our apple – yuck! Have your little one color it green, pink, brown, or whatever color they like.

Integrating Your Coloring Pages into Your Homeschool Curriculum

apple coloring pages on apple background

Now that you have a variety of apple-themed coloring pages, here are some ideas on how to integrate them into your homeschooling routine:

  1. Daily Warm-Up: Start the day with a coloring activity to help your children transition into the learning mindset. It’s a gentle way to begin the day and can serve as a warm-up before diving into more structured lessons.
  2. Themed Units: Use the coloring pages as part of a larger unit on apples. This could include reading books about apples, visiting an apple orchard, and even conducting simple science experiments like observing how apples turn brown when exposed to air.
  3. Storytelling Prompts: Encourage your children to tell a story based on the images they are coloring. For example, what adventures might the dancing apple have? This can enhance their creativity and narrative skills.
  4. Art Projects: Extend the coloring activity by incorporating other art materials. Use glitter, stickers, or even pieces of fabric to decorate the coloring pages. This can make the activity more engaging and help develop their artistic skills.
  5. Cooking and Baking: As mentioned earlier, pair the apple pie and caramel apple coloring pages with a real-life cooking activity. This hands-on experience can make the lesson more memorable and teach practical skills.

Click Here To Download Your Free Apple Coloring Page Packet!

Apple Coloring Pages Pin

Click the above text link/image link to get the PDF file for this collection of apples coloring pages! A new window will open and you can download and print today.

Terms of Service: This free colouring book is for non-commercial use only. Homeschool, classroom, co-op, occupational therapy, distance learning, and personal use is appropriate. Thank you!

I hope you and your younger students really enjoy these interactive coloring sheets full of delicious apples!

They are perfect for morning work, independent work, early finishers, indoor recess, or family fun after apple picking. 

And if your kid just loves coloring – free printable coloring pages are always a win. 

This collection of free printable apple coloring pages is just the thing to transport her to her own apple orchards. Print, color, and enjoy!

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