Free Letter B Coloring Page Printable Packet!

Are you looking for some fun letter B coloring pages for your young learners?!

Well, you’re in luck! Today I’m doing all things letter B!

Now, why the letter “B,” you ask? Well, “B” is for butterfly, balloon, and even brownie! (And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good brownie!?)

It’s a letter that’s b-b-buzzing with potential and b-b-bursting with fun! From the bustling “B” of a busy bee to the bouncy “B” of a basketball, there’s no shortage of inspiration here.

Your little one will absolutely delight in bringing to life a beautiful butterfly or a bright blue balloon. 

Whether your kiddos are budding artists or just love to scribble outside the lines (I won’t judge), these letter B coloring pages are the perfect way to blend learning with creativity.

Children will be working on their fine motor skills, letter recognition, letter sounds, and hand-eye coordination as they color each of the following sheets.

So grab those crayons, markers, or even glitter pens (if you’re feeling brave), and let’s bring this letter to life!

****Psst! Don’t stress! The *super simple* directions to download all of these fun coloring pages is at the bottom of this post. And guess what – no email address is needed! You’re welcome! 🙂

Check Out Your Letter B Coloring Sheets!

Letter B Coloring Page 1

Lowercase letter and capital letter B are both represented on this first coloring page.

Older kids (such as late kindergarten and first graders) will love pointing out all the items around the letters – bear, boy holding balloons, box, basket, and bell!

If your younger kids don’t recognize the items, say the name while really emphasizing the first sound. For example, b-b-box, b-b-book.

Letter B Coloring Page 2

This second coloring page has a large capital letter B bubble letter.

Consider encouraging your child to color interesting patterns on it in b-b-blue and b-b-brown.

After the letter is colored, have your student name and color all of the items around the letter – broom, bread, baseball, bee, banana, bed, and butterfly.

To take this educational activity a little further, ask your child if they can think of anything else that starts with a B!

Or name a few random items (i.e. cat, pizza, baby) and see if your child can recognize the word that starts with the B sound.

Letter B Coloring Page 3

This bird coloring page features a lowercase bubble letter b. 

See if your student can name and color all of the other letter b items around the letter. They should notice the bird, bubbles, bus, boat, and bat. 

After the activity, consider b-b-blowing some bubbles together or playing a pretend game of baseball!

Letter B Coloring Page 4

This bee coloring page also features a lowercase letter b.

A beehive is hanging from a tree branch and cute bees are darting around the page. 

If age-appropriate, ask your child to try and trace the bee’s path with a crayon. For more line tracing worksheets, check out my free line tracing worksheet packet.

Letter B Coloring page 5

This butterfly coloring page is perfect for the butterfly lover in your home!

Encourage your child to use their best coloring skills for the detailed patterns in the butterfly’s wings.

If you would like more butterfly activities, check out 27 Butterfly Activities and this Super Easy Butterfly Craft!

Letter B Coloring Page 7

This balloon coloring page is a great way to use every color in the crayon box!

Tell your student to color the balloons and letter B.

When complete, consider playing a simple game with a balloon!

Letter B Coloring Page 5

The last of these printable pictures is a bear coloring page!

It features a capital letter B with bear print paws above it and a cute beat below.

Ask your child if they can think of a color to color the bear that starts with the b sound. If they are stumped, consider doing a little riddle. 

What is the opposite of white? B-b-black!

What is the color of tree bark? b-b-brown!

Click Here To Download Your Free Printable Letter B Coloring Pages!

Letter B coloring pages on a balloon background

Click the above text link/image link to download your letter coloring pages. A new window will open for you to download your free printables. No email address is needed! 🙂

Terms of Use: These free coloring pages are for homeschool use, classroom use, co-op use, and personal use only. The Simple Homeschooler alphabet coloring pages are never for commercial use. See privacy policy for more details. Thank you!

Kids of all ages will love coloring the second letter of the alphabet in the above free colouring book!

The black and white pictures and easy outlines offer a fun way for kids to dive into letter b.

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Happy coloring!

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